Level 2.1

Level 2.1

A Chapter by Church

Jack alerts the horde.


Walking through the forest, Jim tried to slow his breathing. He could feel the blood pounding in his ears, hear it louder than the branches crunching under his feet. He knew he needed to calm down, at least so he would be able to hear anything coming after him.

He gripped the handlebars of his bike until his knuckles turned white. Lurching, he threw the bike to the side and fell to his knees retching. 

“No way... That... no,” he muttered as more bile escaped. His body heaved again, forcing him to place his hands down to steady himself. Shaking his head, he clenched his eyes shut. “This can’t be happening. Not like this...”

Another scream made him open his eyes. It was answered by another. Pushing himself up from the ground, Jim swore. Shaking, he grabbed his bike off of the ground and wiped his eyes. “Come on Jim... This is no time to break down... They’re coming. They know you’re here.” More screams answered the last, along with a sound that Jim hoped wasn’t rocks falling. 

Jumping on his bike, he began to pedal as fast as he could. Leaning forward, he refused to look back, even as the screaming got closer. He could hear the rustling of the leaves starting to catch up to him. 

If he was right, he would live. If he was wrong... He shook his head. There was no use in thinking about being wrong. It would all end out the same. Leaning as far forward as he could, he shifted gears, urging his bike to go as fast as it could even as more screams rung out behind him.

All of a sudden the forest ended and he was flying through the air. His front tire hit pavement and threatened to flip. Slamming all his weight back, he forced it to level out while still pedaling as quickly as he could. Weaving in and out of cars, he heard the thumps of bodies hitting the pavement. 

And the screams that followed. 

“God d****t, this could be an incredibly s**t idea...”

© 2010 Church

Author's Note

Wow has it been a while. And I am rusty. Let's hope it isn't too bad and that I didn't write myself into a corner.

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Added on December 17, 2010
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