Issue 2:The Rookie Meets The Samurai

Issue 2:The Rookie Meets The Samurai

A Chapter by Joshua James

A new transfer joins the South district police of the city Tailow.

A long day has past and Steve was well rested and was ready for the second day has planned for the rookie.

Entering a now familiar place the South district police station. Entering the main hall a random overweight police officer approached Steve and told the rookie that the captain would like to see him. Steve then heads to the elevator keeping his bag over one shoulder heads inside presses the button for the top floor and heads up to see his captain all before he could change into his uniform.

Once on the top floor. It took time for Steve to remember where Adam's office was located. Walking slowly Steve passed many doors to other offices with names he yet does not know. Till finally located at the far corner was the wooden door he was looking for. Adam Owens name was printed on the glass window and underneath his name it said South district police captain all in large letters.

Before entering Steve knocks on the door knowing it was the right thing to do and waited for a replay. A few seconds after the knock Steve heard the deep voice from his captain to enter his office.

Steve opens the door and enters the captain's office. He spots his captain sitting behind his desk Adam's large figure was looking down at the papers that covered his entire top desk. Mumbling to himself Adam did not see Steve sitting down on the opposite side of his desk.

Steve waits and watches his captain scribble on a peace of paper that Adam was writing on. When Adam had finally finished writing and dropping his pen on top of the finished papers. that was reason that the large captain noticed Steve sitting there opposite from him.

` Ah Steve Lad. I am happy you came to see me. How long you been sitting there`

Adam said welcoming Steve with open arms.

Before saying anything else the large captain searched through his desk trying to find the letter. Adam cursed from under his breath while Steve just waited trying his best to not enjoy watching his captain struggle with the search.

Finally finding the small white letter after throwing some latter papers to the floor. Adam hands over the letter to Steve so he can read it. Adam remains silent while Steve reads the letter.

Steve continues to read the letter while Adam sits and waits patiently behind his desk. The letter was from the higher ups the Chief of Police the big dogs. And his captain's boss.

` A try out`

Steve questioned after finishing reading the letter.

` That is correct `

Adam replied folding his large arms.

` But don't worry lad. The try outs is just to test your skills. Just like it was in the academy just slightly more difficult. All the captain's will be there from each district will be watching to see how all the new signings are`

Adam finished.

` So I can still lose my job`

Steve asked.

` Nothing to fear lad. You will always stay with the South district. Just show up and show me that I did not made a mistake. You don't have to become first. You can even finish last. Just complete the try out with the rest of the new signings. Trust me lad if I see what I saw yesterday. You are safe `

Adam told Steve.

` It says if all the police districts have any new signings. They will be apart in this year's try outs. And will also be joined by the other forces with there own new signings`.

Steve said reading a part of the letter out loud so the captain could hear.

` That's correct. The try outs is not just by the police is also joined by. The fire rescue district. Many of the fire hero's are known to have Water magic powers. Then it's the Sea rescue district. Mostly of them can swim under water faster than a flying jet by double its speed. Some can breath under water or can talk to any under water creatures from a small fish to a large whale. And some from the Sea rescue are like half and half. I was saw one member from that district who was like half shark and half human. And the other a frog girl. And the last one are from the Sky Rescue district. All can break the sound barrier on there own. Some have there own gadgets to fly the skies. Or some have Angel like wings they are incredible.`

Adam finally finished explaining the other districts to Steve.

Taking the taxi was the only way to travel around the country. Since the trains and buses have been stopped for a few days after the attack on the x32 bus. The taxi comes to a stop and a young man steps out of the taxi and pays the driver giving him the tip for a vary long drive that took almost over a hour to get here from the airport. The taxi leaves to find anymore paying customers. Leaving the man on his own.

Once the taxi was gone Akira Nakamura. Stood and watched his destination. He held his bag over one shoulder that held his belongings. And tied neatly on top of his bag was his thin sword his family katana that's been with his family for generations. His hair was jet black tied in a small pony tail. He wore his fancy clothing as he always do. His skin was tanned and was in his mid twenties. Excitement filled his body after traveling all the way from his home back in the eastern sea country to the western country of Janman in its capital Tailow. Akira was told to rest a day or two once arrived at his new home. But Akira could not wait to start. Akira looked at the police station of the South district. Akira was a transfer police officer from the eastern sea country. And was pleased to be here to help people in a country where the crime is a all time high. With a smile Akira Nakamura walks towards the police station.

Taking the elevator the way down seemed longer than usual to Steve. While going down Steve could not stop what the letter in his hand said. He knew that Adam said he was safe no matter what. But what if Steve messes up like really bad. And even Adam will say he is no good he made a mistake goodbye lad. But there was something else on Steve's mind. It also said all captain's from all districts will be attending. Does that mean he will be there.

The elevator finally gets to the reception the main hall and the double metal doors open so Steve can walk out. Not paying to much attention to his surroundings Steve walks head down and waits to see where his legs will take him. Steve was just thinking of one man. The legend himself the captain of the North district police. Who has been giving so many medals for bravely. And has been named the world's greatest hero and police officer ever. The same man who rescued Steve and his grandfather from the murderer who killed his family. And he is showing up in the try outs. If he does well will the North district police want him. Steve wonders.

In his own world in a day dreaming state Steve continues to walk forgetting his surroundings. But was shot back to reality when he accidentally bumps into someone. Steve falls backwards landing on his back. When Steve sits up straight he saw that a man who looked at the same age was still standing looking down at him.

`keep your eyes open `

The person told Steve.

The young mans accent was strong. And Steve knew right away he was from the Eastern sea country's. But still had a really understandable English.

Steve takes his time to get back up and wipe the dirt away from his trousers before looking back at the young man. He was dressed vary smartly while Steve only wore jeans and a shirt with a black jacket.

Steve waited for the young man to say something but he didn't. He just stood there holding his back over one shoulder that held a vary thing sword on the top.

` Hey look. I am vary sorry. It was my fault `

Steve said.

` Next time. Don't be so clumsy `

The young man said with his accent and walk past Steve without saying another word and heads towards the elevator.

` You know. It's not nice to call stranger's clumsy `

Steve told the young man. Who kept his back towards Steve and presses a button to call for the elevator.

`what's your name `

Steve asked in a threatening tone.

The young man looks at Steve over his shoulder waiting for the elevator. His hand slowly moves towards his family katana.

` I do not like the tone of your voice. The names Akira Nakamura. And if you don't mind i don't have time to play childish games. And need to do grown up stuff `.

Akira turns around to face Steve with his hand on a firm hold on The handle of his katana. While Steve gets ready to click his fingers.

The parking lot inside the South district police station was almost empty with just a few cars can be seen. It was five cars inside the parking lot all including the one that has just entered the parking lot. Once stoped two female officers steps out of the dark police car Maria and Ivy shift had now ended.

` Today was peaceful. Just one robbery `

Maria said after closing the driver seat door.

` Half the city centre is still closed after the two attacks yesterday `

Ivy replied.

` My powers are getting so much stronger and a lot more easy to control with each crime we stop `

Maria told Ivy

Maria opens both of her palms. And glowing over her hands where two white orbs first in a size of a tennis ball then they grew to a size of a football. Maria looked smiling at her ever growing power.

` Just imagine how big I can grow them. Without them exploding on us. I can make them as powerful as a nuclear bomb if I concentrate enough `

` Give it a go `

Ivy said.

` But Maria. Don't over do it. You will end up destroying this vary building we are all in `.

Maria looks at Ivy. With a large smile before coming a lot more serious in what she is going to do.

Maria begins to grow her floating orbs in her both hands. To the point it was the size of two football's. But before Maria could grow her powers even more a odd sound distracted her.

Maria stops her magic the orbs now completely gone. Her and Ivy looks towards where the odd sound came from that came from behind the door the two officers where looking at.

The noise sounded like if two people where fighting down the steps heading towards Maria and Ivy. Thinking it could be too serious Maria and Ivy heads towards the door where the fighting noise was coming from and it was getting louder vary quickly.

Suddenly the door slams open nearly breaking from its hinges. And storming towards the parking lot jumping past Maria and Ivy to a safe distance from the door was Steve.

His well known golden sparks surrounds Steve's body.

` Steve what the hell is going in`

Maria questioned.

And to answer her question. Steve points towards the open door. And walking out from the open door and towards the parking lot was a young man dressed vary smartly. Holding a thin sword that Maria knew it was a katana.

The young man looks past Maria and Ivy ignoring the two female officers and looked at Steve. Katana in one hand and his bag in the other.

` You are a bit of a a*****e `

Steve said.

` And you are a bit of annoying `

Akira replied

Steve Kevins the rookie was the one to make the first move. With his immense lighting speed. Steve was already up close and personal before anyone could blink an eye. Steve throws a lighting fist hook. But Akira reflexes where on inhuman point. Akira sidesteps the lighting hook in a professional boxing move. Steve's lighting fist slightly touches the chin of Akira leaving Akira untouched from the move. Steve quickly steps back and delivers a quick spinning back lighting kick. But Steve was left shocked and Akira was able to dodge Steve's none human speed yet again. But ducking under Steve's lighting kick. Akira then slides between Steve before the rookie could make another false move. And with two palms Akira pushed Steve away from him to a safe distance.

Steve was pushed by great force from Akira. And he lost his balance and fell but continued to roll further away from Akira. After a third roll Steve used both of his feet to stop and lands on his knees. Steve looks at Akira going up on one knee getting ready for another attack.

` Fighting me in a hand to hand combat won't work for you`

Akira said putting down his guard.

` I have learnt every martial arts known to man `

` But now. It's my turn to go on the offensive. So get ready `

Akira finished.

Akira had finally dropped his bag. And removes the thin sword from it. His family katana was shown to everyone in the parking lot. When he removed the sword from it's cover.

` That sword i seen it before `

Maria said after suddenly stepping in between Steve and Akira.

Maria turns to face Akira Nakamura and eyes his family sword.

` This katana had been with my family for generations. It is known as the samurai King. It saved many lives through its generations. Defeating many foes with many holders including my father have never lost a single head to head combat. It protected my country for many years before being passed down to me `

Akira responded.

` That's right the samurai King. The sword that can cut through anything. Even magic I hear `

Maria said.

` You know your stuff `

Akira said relaxing once again. Smiling towards Maria and picks up his bag and puts it over his shoulder.

` So you must be Akira Nakamura. The new transfer from the eastern seas`.

Maria said.

` I am. And it's great to meet you all and have to use my blade to protect the innocents here in Tailow as a South district police officer. `

First Akira bows to Maria then to Ivy who was still standing in the side lines. And even Steve he bowed to without a second thought even at a second ago they where ripping each other throats out.

` I still want you to say sorry `

Steve was still on his one knee ready for anything especially a fight.

` And I will never`

Akira replied.

` I am really starting to really hate you `

Steve slowly gets back up to his both feet. And starts to walk towards Akira who begins to slowly goes for his family sword once again.

` What's going on around here!`

The shout came from The second in command of the South district police. Thomas Holmes who was still in his normal clothing and came to the parking lot to see where all the noise was coming from.

Thomas Holmes stood behind the team after showing out of nowhere and walks between Steve and Akira so there could be no more fights around while he is around.

` Maria`

Thomas called looking at Maria with a cold stare.

` How many times. Do I need to tell you. To never use your Time bomb magic for a test run. While in the police station. You could of killed everyone while at the station. If you ever wants to be the South district police captain. I think the first step is to grow up don't you think `

` How did you know `

Maria asked with sadness in her eyes.

` That is always the reason why you are late to see the captain `

` And you two `

Thomas said looking at Steve then at Akira.

` What the hell are you two playing at. This is not a playground or a football stadium where you can just pick fights like childish adults. You are police officers `

` But sir`

` I don't want to hear any more crying. You hear `

Thomas interrupted Steve before the rookie could finish his sentence.
Steve looks away from the second in command who was to embarrass to look at Thomas in the eyes. While Akira accepted the telling of and bowed his apology to Thomas Holmes.

` How about we make a deal `

Thomas asked the team.

` Since you all like to fight so much. Or test your growing powers. I will allow a light spare right here in the parking lot. Play nice then I might not tell the captain. Who is by now wondering where is team is at `.

Steve, Akira , Maria and Ivy looked at the second command while he still continues to talk. And where happy that Thomas's anger is now completely gone.

` Steve and Akira. You two will team up against Maria here. Since the two of you are still learning and need to get along if you want to stay with the South district police. And don't worry you two if Maria gets too far Ivy here will heal all you wounds you will get `.

` Alright samurai. Watch me work `

Steve said with a smile. Steve was the first to step up clicking his fingers if like he was a thug ready for a street fight. Before clicking finger with his thumb that activate his powers golden electric sparks surrounds his entire body. While Maria watched on and just summoned one of her time bomb magic in a small size of a tennis ball.

` Oh more more thing`

Thomas said before the first round could begin. And also checking his watch.

` I don't want to see any of our cars destroyed you hear. Each car you destroy is a week of cleaning the entire parking lot.`

Not wanting to wait any longer. Steve dashes towards Maria with incredible speed that can't be seen in a human eye. Maria stood her ground and waited for Steve to reappear. As he did up close and personal. His one right fist turned golden when all of his sparks moves all towards his fist to make one massive spark. And with that one right fist. Steve delivers a mighty blow the quickness in that punch was nearly enough to break the sound barrier with that one punch alone. But even with that great speed. Maria easily saw the punch coming since she been dealing with move a like this for six years now since joining the South district police. Maria was able to duck under the fast lighting punch thrown by Steve. Before Steve realised what just happened Maria have already made her move with her small time bomb magic. She throws it to the stomach of Steve Kevins. It was like if Steve was hit by a fast car or something because Steve was thrown across the other side of the parking lot. Back first Steve crashes to the door of the police car bending the door completely and lost the air in his lungs. Steve slowly slides down of the bent door and falls to the stone ground of the parking lot out for the count.

` Vary impressive. I learnt a lot just by watching you Steve.`

Akira called over with his strong accent.

` Shut the hell up. It's your turn`

Steve replied coughing out his words. And was unable to get back up to his feet no matter how hard he tried.

` Did you hear what I just said. No destroying our cars `

Thomas shouted towards Maria looking at her with his eyes with a warning to not do that again.

` Akira Nakamura. You are up show us what you got`

Thomas called once again looking at his watch.

Akira drops his back and kicks it away to a safe distance with his foot. And takes his time to remove his fancy looking black cost folds it neatly and places it on top of the roof of the police car. Akira then bows towards Maria who in response loads two more of her time bomb magic in both of her open palms both larger than the one she used on Steve Kevins. After this. Akira was finally ready holding his family sword in both hands in a professional samurai stance.

For a few moments no one moved and everything went vary quite just the sounds of breathing from everyone in the parking lot. Akira stayed where he was waiting and keeping his great focus exactly how he was trained by his family. But Maria lost her patience and quickly threw both of her time bomb magic towards Akira. Akira smiled when seeing the two glowing orbs were heading towards him. Knowing this was the time he was waiting for the blade of his katana started to glow in a white light. Then with one fast move Akira cuts Maria's time bomb magic in two the time bomb magic explodes behind Akira in a small impact that would not never destroy anything if it was near. Akira goes back to his samurai stance ignoring the small shockwave coming from the small explosion that pushed his hair forward. Akira kept his eyes on Maria and waited for her next move.

` Have you already forgetting what my family sword can do to even magic.`
Akira told Maria.

Knowing he was right. Maria was a dame fool to forget what that sword can do. It can cut through anything it can swing at and that includes magic like her Time bomb magic. With no other plan Maria gets out the police baton from her belt and presses the button on the metal handle. A strong electrical aura then surrounds the hard metal pole that's designed to knock someone out no matter how strong they are.

For the second time since the spar continued Maria was the first to make a move. Moving forward with a world record dash Maria sprints towards Akira who remains still with the katana in front. But when Maria was close enough Akira strikes like a snake with the katana. Normally the strike was for the throat but for today Akira went for Maria's chest so he doesn't hurt her all to much. But the quickness from the female police officer shocked Akira. She was easily able to dodge the blade by ducking under the thin sword with the blade just missing her hair on her head. Maria quickly gets hold of Akira`s wrist while he was still in the middle of his swing of his katana. Akira could not react fast enough when Maria got a firm hold on to him and threw him to the stone ground with a perfect judo throw. Akira was now on the floor with Maria standing over him. Akira tried to get back up but found a hard elbow from Maria to his noise. A big crouched followed after the shout of pain coming from Akira when his noise was broking. Blood poured down Akira`s mouth covering him in his own blood.

Since she was not told to stop Maria planned to deliver another hard elbow to Akira. But from the corner of her eye. She caught a golden spark. Maria quickly turns her attention away from the bloody Akira. And turns around with open palms summing her time bomb magic. Before she could react any further a electrical sparking fist was just inches away from her own noise. Steve looked on keeping his smile but with a mix of anger after from before. The reason why Steve did not hit Maria's lights out was because. One of Maria's time bomb magic was seconds away from Steve Kevins chest that could of easily blown him away again. And the reason why Maria did not use her magic on Steve and risked on getting hit was because. She felt a cold tingle on her neck where Akira`s family sword was placed on her neck where Akira had somehow gotten back to his feet and has his katana on Maria's neck. Turning this to a classic Mexican stand off.

` Okay that is all the time we have `

Thomas called looking at his watch.

` Ivy can you please check on Akira`s noise for me please `

And just like that Thomas turns away from everyone and walks away leaving the parking lot.

` Good match. Both of you `

Maria told both Steve and Akira before following Thomas back inside the station.

Ivy heads over towards Akira to check on his broken noise. After checking it out. Ivy hands started to glow a strange golden aura and places both her glowing hands on the broken noise of Akira.

` Please stay completely still. It won't hurt a single bit `

Ivy told Akira when her magic was in use. Akira did as he was told and stood completely still while Ivy was fixing his broken noise by her incredible abilities.

Steve started to walk away himself without saying a word. Hands in his pockets head down and walks towards the closet door he can find that will lead him back in the station. In his mind he was repeatedly telling himself that he will become a better police officer for the South district and become a true hero. And the next time he steps up to Akira and Maria he will not lose.

In the South district police station in the middle floor was a gym where the police officers can work out if they wanted too. But today was a quiet one just like how he likes it. Adam was covered in his own sweat boxing gloves on. And was ready for another round with the punching bag. The large captain hits right hooks left hooks. Jabs and uppercut. To finish up his work out Adam lets out a monster of a roar and delivers a powerful right hand. That sends his large fist inside the punching making a massive hole. And the punching bag shoot out of its chain and flew in the air by the power of the South district captain.

The sand from inside the punching bag went everywhere when it finally landed on the gym floor crashing with a loud bang. Laughing to himself for making a mess in the gym once again. Adam gets a hand towel and wipe the sweat of his face. Then checks the time in the clock from the wall. Seeing it was eleven in the morning.

` I wonder. Where the new transfer is `

© 2020 Joshua James

Author's Note

Joshua James
Issue 2 is the latest of my weekly comic script series called Raid Heroes. I hope you enjoyed the issue. Please leave a review. I would love to see your thoughts.

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Added on November 15, 2020
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Joshua James
Joshua James

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Hi my name is Joshua James. And I am a writer. I mostly do write comic scripts. And I dream for one day that my scripts can be a real comic. Hope you all enjoy my coming works more..