Another Lost One Part 2 - The first one there

Another Lost One Part 2 - The first one there

A Chapter by CorvinPr

I finish my meal and stood up to follow father to his car.


“When you coming back today?,” sister asked.


“Before 6,” I replied.


“Right,” she says.


I catch up to father who was adjusting his tie. He walks towards the garage as I put on my shoes while skipping to keep up with him.


“This is the last time I’ll say this, when I walk in the kitchen I should already see you quietly sitting at your seat. Do you understand?,” Father commanded.


“Yes Father,” I replied.


I watch the outside the as father drive out of the garage and to the road. I look at father to see if he has anything to say but his body was directly sitting still and facing in front. I then saw a small picture frame spinning at the rear view mirror. The five of us were so happy back then. I came back to watching the outside. The whole drive was silent as ever. Even I’m not this quiet. The beautiful outside was replaced with a static black background. Then I can see a crumbling hellish world.


“AAHHHH,” people cried.


The whole world was shaken by the wailing of demonic voices. The sky cried out red hot liquid. Boulders jump out from the grounds and explode like flowers made of fire. I look down at the hot floor I’m stepping in to see myself caged in bones. I was speeding from the lands inside something dead. The whole thing’s put together by fleshy parts. The roof’s dripping with blood water.




As my face was dripped with red water, a giant boulder crashed at the middle of the path. I turn the skull-like wheel in front of me. I drifted to the side and sped forward, with one of the wheels hitting the boulder. The car skid to the side of the path hitting another boulder from the side.




I slow down at the side. Then I hears several demons flashing before my eyes. I barely caught what they looked like. Before I knew it, they were already at the next turn of the path.




Just as I heard it, a white horse flew from the sky and crashed in front of me. I fell to the floor and saw a skeletal figure being crushed by the horse. I reach out his hand and took a small horse skull out of his neck and threw it front of me. I looked at it and stared at his eyes. With one last blink his bones rot from white to black. The strong bones that built his body cracked and became black glassy rocks.


I picked up the small skull. It was so white, it reflected the red glow of this crumbling world. I enter the bony cage that I was barely able to enter. I tie up the small skull at the rearview of the car. The shining bones that made the car turned dark glossy silver. The whole thing was covered with thick flesh plates. Then the red water was sucked by the flesh.


The whole car started to heat up like a microwave. My skin almost glowed as red as this world. I stood up to not get blisters from the heat, but the car jerked me back to my seat.




I look at my back to see large puff of smoke building up at the back of the car. The car shook more violently.




As the hissing got louder, the car got hotter and it was now jumping.




As I slowly get cook like a popcorn, a figure with black bone armor and a hooded figure with skulls all over him are squishing a group of small devil looking rats inside a cart. They eventually pop the cart and together with the little rats in it. Their body turned to small rocky pebbles that roll all over the ground.




I hear the hooded figure stopping his gigantic bike in front of the dead horse and slashing it’s skull with a giant axe.




He stepped on the guy who gave me the small skull and crushed it.




The sound’s getting louder. He hunched over and ducked to peek inside my car. He touches the hood like his bones aren’t being dissolved. I turn my head awkwardly to catch his eye. I crookedly smile while the car still shook like an earthquake. I only needed a second to see his abnormal skull head to be full of dents. His rotten and broken fingers also peeked inside to see me.




As a second passes, my car jumped 8 feet up the sky, way over the guy’s reach. That should allow me to escape. I land hard on the ground and I was then 100 meters far from the guy. I look back to see him crawling to his gigantic bike with a large new dent at his eye.


“I’ll see you next time,” I yelled.




Before I even saw his annoyed face, he was at his bike and right in front of my face. How�"Not even hell could possibly allow this type of physics! Questions flowed through my head as I was spinning in the air.




I crash in the middle of the path. I see him walk to me and lift me by neck.


“You should really wake up and get out of here,” the guy said.


He constantly slapped me in the face. As I open my eyes, I see myself being shined with the light of the bright sun. Right in front of my face I see a familiar face.


“You look like you got beaten up really bad,” he says.


“Kevin? What are you doing here?,” I asked.


“I’m here waking you up. Your dad realized I’m one of your classmates and told me to wake you up fast. *whisper* He said it in a scary way. I don’t want to look as dead as you so I beg you to crawl your sleepyhead out of there,” Kevin said.


We both glance at father to see him creeping his pupil at us and we immediately jumped out to the road.


“Oh yeah, she wants to talk to you quickly,” Kevin said.


I look at the distance to see a girl Kevin’s pointing at. I don’t think I’ve seen her before. What does she want?


© 2021 CorvinPr

Author's Note

Please be as precise and specific as possible, otherwise, anything goes.

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Added on June 9, 2021
Last Updated on June 9, 2021
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