Another Lost One Part 3 - Come in

Another Lost One Part 3 - Come in

A Chapter by CorvinPr

As soon as we landed, father sped up and rode off like he was never there.

I turn to see this girl and we slowly walk towards her.

"Relax. Relax," I whisper.

"You good? You look like that time when you failed all your grades last year," Asked Kevin.

"It'll totally help to remind me of that. Please continue reminding me of my worst memories," I said.

This girl I've never met before kept looking me in the eye since we were still close to the car, have I met her before?

"Did she say anything else?" I asked Kevin.

"Nope. Only that she wants to talk to you," Kevin said.

"Do you know her?" I asked.

"Did you forget? She's part of the friend group I was hanging out with," Kevin said.

"Friend group..huh," I mumble.

I walk in front of her as I inconsistently try to decide if I should keep eye contact or avoid looking. Kevin just creeps to my side with a big grin on his face.

She stood upfront when we come close. She was barely taller than half my height, so she had to look almost straight up. She had a glass skin, I don't think anything could stick to that. She had a big ponytail up top, most of her hair was surrounding her face. It was the moment I truly saw a masterpiece. 

Why is she wearing clothes so formal? With my hands inside my pocket and a far distance from her, I was undecided whether to look at her eyes or avoid awkwardly looking.

She on the other hand seemed to focus on every part of me, specifically in my course hair. 

"Hey, I don't think you've seen me before so my name's Lucinda, you can call me Lucy. Uh, so I and my friends were talking about it and we want to invite you guys for a school party. It's gonna be this weekend. I'm gonna be really happy If I could see you guys there, " Lucy offered.

She hooked us with her smile. Her voice was like a child's. It was comforting, yet it felt...crusty. 


She was standing as stiff as wood. She wouldn't move any part of her body but her face. However, it's obvious she's resisting something because I can see that she would occasionally flinch her hands. I wonder what would make her restrict her own movements.

"Hold up, I've gotta have some private conversation with my guy here," he says to Lucy. "Okay, I think I know what your reply is, but you've got to go to the party," Kevin said to me.

"What? You should also know why I don't go to parties and what happened the first and last time I'll ever go to one," I said.

"Are you really gonna say that to her? Can your heart really handle saying that? Don't you also think she's really cute?

"A party? Hell yeah, we're going! No way am I gonna miss this. Right, Ralph?" Kevin said while smiling.

A party? Hell no! Not in a million years, I would rather be stuck in the other world than go to a place even half of a small party! But, Kevin... And though it's my first time meeting her, she asked so nicely.

A cute girl talking to me so nicely and asking me to attend a party, yep I'm convinced, I'm definitely inside. How come I can't do anything in here though. I also can't get out.

"Uh, no thanks. I got some things to do for my dad. I won't have any free time for a month," I said.

The most glorious smile immediately turned to the saddest frown ever when I just started talking.

"Are you sure? You have to come," Lucy said desperately.

"Hey, hey, it's not like you're not gonna anyone who's gonna go. You're so nice and the fact that you're even doing a party, I'm sure you'll get at least a dozen. Why are you so sad, you look like you're about to cry," I said comfortingly.

"Well, I'm not really asking everyone to join. We're just sending invites. I'm personally asking people to be VIPs," she said.

I'm not liking where this is going. But Kevin, he's jumping so much he almost tripped.

"Wait, wait. You're personally asking us, me, to be VIPs for a party!?" I asked surprisingly.

"I'm gonna be a VIP. Hell yeah!" Kevin screamed.

People, and a lot of teachers, glanced at us with disgust. I stuck my eye straight at Lucy this time. Into more important matters though, why would anyone even put me close to a very important person?

"Well, all the VIPs are to perform at the party. Besides the exclusive service at the party, we're also giving a 1-month 50% discount to the venue. My dad owns the place so I can give a lot for the party," she said.

That's it, this is definitely not real. Attending parties make me sick, performing in one horrifies me.

"Yeah, I'm gonna have to practice if I were to perform. I'm really sorry�"," I said.

As I was speaking I stare at a black rotten leaf as it drops to the ground. When it lands, the ground slowly turns black and creeps towards a nearby group of flowers. A triad of flowers, which used to be beautiful, turned black as void from the stem up.

"Uh sorry. Yeah, but I just can't, I'm really sorry. I'm gonna go for the bathroom for now," I said.

I move a bit forward and lean down. I only peeked into her eyes for a second, yet she managed to stare back at me and commanded my whole body to stay alert and pay full attention to her.

"It was nice meeting you, by the way, Lucy. I hope we could meet again soon," I said with a smile.

I pull up my hand to shake her hand. In those few moments, all I could focus on was her smirk.

"Oh okay. Maybe next time. Now, Kevin, you have to perform a 2-man perfo�"," she said.

I look at myself in the mirror, staring blankly at my eyes. What do I do? I feel guilty for some reason. Maybe it's because no one even thought to invite me. Did she say Kevin needs to perform with a partner, was I supposed to perform with Kevin? I need to get out of here.


As I say that, a black mist flows in the bathroom. Soon enough, the whole bathroom was flooded with black mist. I was eventually drowned in the black mist.

© 2021 CorvinPr

Author's Note

Please be as precise and specific as possible otherwise, anything goes. Thank you.

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Added on June 11, 2021
Last Updated on June 11, 2021
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