Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

A Chapter by Cre8nFrmWithn

It's time to move...


Chapter Eighteen


 2 Thessalonians 3:10

 "He who does not work shall not eat." 

All the mitigating in the world didn’t make the graveled roof comfortable so I stood and rubbed at the pocks made through my clothing, into my skin.  I ached in places I didn’t know I could ache in.  I stretched with a subdued groan that should have been a celebratory bellow.  It felt good but wasn’t soothing.  I was still exhausted.

I quietly walked to the edge of the roof and gazed out, into the sunrise.  The sun was just casting it’s orange-ish glow behind the buildings, making the skyline quite pleasing.  It was probably a good time to get off the building.  Once the sun rose, the things would be about.  Problem was, Shawna was still asleep. 

I made my way to the other side and noticed that the buildings were pretty close.  Close enough to leap our way to safety.  I wondered how far the block ran and if it would get us a good way from the crowd that camped out below.

“Shawna, I’ve got an idea!”


She didn’t move much, just moaned and repositioned.  I shook her awake and explained my plan.  She gave me a blank stare for who knows how long before she sat up.  “Okay”, she said.

We ate a bit and drank before packing up. Our reserves weren’t much but we had to make them last.  We’d have to be on the look-out for extra once on the road.  If we could find a vehicle that ran well, four-wheel drive, we could easily get miles away from this place.  To just be away from this building was enough. 

 I looked below to make sure nothing stirred about.  I didn’t want the Nasty’s seeing us leaping over their heads, attempting to follow us.  The whole point was to escape their clutches, not land in them.

“So you think we can handle this?”  Shawna came appeared beside me, looking to the next rooftop. 

“Yes, I do.  I don’t like that there’s not as much room to build up a ton of speed but as long as we’re fast and jump from the lip there, we can do it.  Let’s also hope that there’s a fire escape on the one we have to stop on or we’ll have to go inside the building in order to get out.”

“Yeah I hear you.  Uh, aren’t you a little too old to be jumping roofs?”  She smiled and looked over at me.

“Oh, so we got jokes do we?”  I laughed lightly.  “You ready to do this?”

“Let’s do it.”


We agreed that since it was my idea, I should have the honor in jumping first.  I didn’t want to but I figured I could lead by example.  I tossed the backpack across first.  I didn’t like throwing a gun in a bag but they did it in the movies, right?  I emptied the chambers to prevent unwanted discharges and then walked to the edge of the roof.

I gave a few heavy exhales before I braced myself for the leap.  I looked over to Shawna who watched me with great amusement.  I almost thought she wanted to see me fall but knew that it was untrue.  If I died, she would be alone and that was not something she wanted.  Neither did I.

“Okay, I’m getting ready for take-off.”  I focused and took a sort of runner’s stance.  I had no clue if I’d make it but I was going to get as much steam as I could manage before taking flight.


When I began running, I felt my body building speed.  It felt good.  I was going to do it.  When I got to the edge of the roof and pushed off, I appeared to soar through the air like a child’s kite on a blue, cloudless day.  I smiled to myself as I touched down on the other side.  I mitigated my touchdown by tucking into a roll that slowed and ended with me in a crouch.  Feeling exhilarated, I stood and dusted myself off.

I’d completed a super hero landing and was feeling great!  I looked over at Shawna and smiled as I saw her pumping her arms in the air, silently cheering my action!  I waved back and grinned from ear to hear.

“That was awesome”, I told myself.




Shawna and I leaped until we finally reached the end of the neighborhood.  Turns out we hopped from roof to roof for almost an hour.  On the final building, we stopped and took a break. 


Our knees were on fire and tender while our hands were scuffed from the landings.  Once Shawna landed and crashed into one of those low profiled turbine vents.  It was kinda funny to see her bang in the aluminum ventilator- though she failed to see the humor.

We were fortunate enough to not attract any attention from the monsters below.  I checked all sides, alleyway first in case we needed to use it and saw no dead walking.  This was excellent. What wasn’t excellent was our building had no fire escape.  We would have to descend the one or two stories from the inside.

I loaded the shotgun and put some shells in my pocket to make sure they were easily accessed while under attack.  We took another break before going inside.  Shawna was rubbing her ankle and wasn’t ready to hit the stairs.

“I’m sorry I was a problem.  I guess I acted like a brat for a while.”

“Sure did.  I didn’t hold it against you though.  This is a lot to take in”, I said while waving towards our surroundings.  “It couldn’t have been easy dodging dead people walking.”


She didn’t speak for a minute but when she did, it was slow and shaky.  “I saw some very ugly things.  I saw people being attacked, eaten by those things.  They were dragging and screaming into shadows.  I saw people missing meat, walking about as though nothing was wrong.  It was horrible.  Then you came, with no name and that …stupid, little car.”

“Yeah”, I concurred.

“What is your story?  Where are you from and why are you so sure that God is the reason behind all this?”

“Well, I don’t think God did this, He just allowed it.”

“But why?  Why would God do this to us?”


I didn’t want to start up a new argument with her but I felt this was my opportunity to witness to her.  I began to swoon and feel a little light at heart.  Was that a heart palpitation? 


I looked at Shawna and knew that she needed Jesus.  She was running away with her boyfriend, defying their parents to be together.  She probably had pre-marital sex too but that wasn’t a judgmental thought- just a guess.  I gazed into her eyes and saw genuine interest there.  She carried the curiosity that was in every Kindergartener’s eyes when they got to go to the library puppet show.


“Do you really want to know what I think?”  I asked her, wondering what I was getting myself in to.

“I, I guess so.  My family didn’t go to church.  When you started talking about God making all of this happening, I got mad.  I apologize.”

“No, don’t feel bad.  If I have to argue about God then it’s a lost conversation.”  I smiled at her and when she reciprocated, I was encouraged.


What better time to strengthen her spiritually, the respite offering a bit of conversation time.  She seemed truly interested in what I had to say and that was a huge change from previous mention.  I had nothing to lose.  I cleared my throat and looked off into the distance.  Where did I begin?

I closed my eyes and searched my soul, asking the Spirit to guide my words in a way that she’d understand and not take offense.  This is my time, I thought.  I have to get it right.


“Before I explain, let me first ask that you don’t get mad.  I know that you don’t believe anything about God but it’s only because you don’t know.  I want to help you know, you know?”

Shawna stared at me.  She was hard to read and I didn’t like the feel of it.  I whispered a small prayer and began speaking.  When I spoke, I felt as thought the words were not my own but coming through me.  Within me, I felt a flicker ignite.  Every word I spoke gave me renewed faith in our situation and confirmation that I was doing the right thing.  I knew that I was growing and Shawna would grow as well.


“Shawna, we were all born into sin, thanks to Adam and Eve.  When they broke the only rule they had in the Garden, they hurt us all and that’s just for starters.  It was ultimately written that Jesus would die for us sinners, and that there would be a day of judgment, where Jesus would return, taking those who were saved and died and those who are saved and living.

“When Jesus has raptured us, the time of Tribulation is to begin.  That’s when Satan has his way on this earth before being banished to Hell forever, along with his followers.”

“So you think this is this, tribulation time?  That when the devil is finished, you get a chance to go then?”

I shook my head but was a little saddened.  I didn’t get to go during the first round draft pick.  I began to wonder if I’d get to go before it all came to an end.  “I just want to do the right thing, so when He does come back, I can go too.  Both of us.”

“So why didn’t you go the first time?”

“I don’t know”, I said sadly.  I looked at her, “Maybe I was kept here for you.”

Shawna laughed. She stood and wiped the bottom of her jeans.  “I don’t know about that but I can tell you that I don’t want to die.  If this is the way the world is supposed to end, I’ll happily go anywhere than stay.  You ready to go?”


I wondered if my words did any good.  I was kinda vague; I didn’t go into bible verses and didn’t have her ask for forgiveness!  As I watched her I received an impression; I was on the right track.  I sensed that I was never to confident in witnessing but I was going to get this girl saved, whether I liked her or not.


We opened the door to the roof quietly and listened before descending the stairway.  We heard nothing but our heartbeats.  The smell emanating from the few floors was appalling, revving my gag reflex.  I did my best to hold back and silently led Shawna to what I felt was safety.


We made it to the second floor when we heard the rustling of feet behind the door.  I didn’t want any part of what could be there so I kept walking.  To me, the sooner we got to the first floor and away from areas that would have us trapped, like in the candy store, the better.  Shawna, on the other hand,  stopped and pressed her ear against the painted metal. 

As I hit the second set of stairs that took us to the first floor, saw her eavesdropping.  I forcefully whispered her name but she didn’t move.

“Shawna, if something is in there, let’s leave it be!”

“I just wanted to make sure-“ A loud bang jolted from her ear down to her toes and moved her away from the door.  Her eyes were cue balls- again I wanted to laugh at her facial expression.  I nodded my head, telling her to follow me and we hit the last set of stairs.  Now both of us were looking like deer in the headlights with our hearts hammering against our rib cages.


“Okay, I’m going to peek inside the lobby before we walk through.  Watch my back, or my front really.  Okay?”

“Yeah”, she said.  “I’m ready.”


I took a few deep breaths and placed my hand on the knob.  I then decided to listen through the door, as Shawna had upstairs.  When I heard nothing, I pressed down on the Stuttgar stainless steel leverset, feeling for the soft click.  I waited briefly and then cracked the door open two inches.

I pulled the door towards my head as I laid my forehead into the opening.  I didn’t want to open the door all the way, giving anyone opportunity to snatch it from me.  I checked the area to my right first.  I looked along the wall and outward, seeing nothing and no one.

I then looked as far as I could to the left, not seeing too much because of the door.  I was looking into the elevator hallway.  On both sides of the area were two sets of elevator doors and a long, black and gold striped rug.  To the left was light from the lobby about eight feet away.  Our salvation awaited us around the corner.

I looked back to Shawna and gave her a Cheshire smile.  “I think the lobby is off to the left.  It looks all clear so we can see the condition of the lobby and head out of here.”

“Okay, let’s go”, she said.

I nodded agreement and turned back into my peep-view, right into the milky eyes of a Nasty.  It took about six seconds to register what I was seeing, then the thing’s breath hit my nostrils.  I felt bile rise in my throat.  I fought it down while simultaneously shouting and leaning back from the door.

As the thing reached into the door to open, Shawna reared back and kicked the door right in its face.  The quick hit and force of the kick knocked the zombie onto the floor.  It rumbled in frustration and probably shock.  I was impressed to see Shawna whisk past me, jump over the Nasty’s arm as it swung out and then brought down the aluminum bat.  It was down for the count in one swing.

I stepped from the doorway and patted Shawna on her shoulder.  “Great move girl, you really took care of him.”

“Yeah”, she said breathing a little heavily.  “I guess I did.”

“Thank you.”





The lobby was to the left.  It was so quiet it was spooky.  There were tall Sago Palm plants in every corner, one of those Feng Shui bamboo plants on the desk to keep the air healthy.  The décor was modern, stainless steel frames with black leather.  It was quite nice but the doors were a problem.

The door was a large, glass turnstile with glass on both sides.  The rest of the walls were black and provided shelter from the outside.  Someone had placed a black and silver chair in the opening of the turnstile, preventing anything from sneaking in but it showed way too much of the lobby room.  If we weren’t careful, we’d have a crowd at the door!


The soulless bodies walked in a mindless state; they had nowhere to go and didn’t seem to really pay attention to anything particular.  They sometime bumped into one another while wandering about.  Others sat in the shadows hiding, probably waiting to ambush.  I wasn’t quite in their field of view but when I stood in the entryway to the lobby, they didn’t look to me.


I decided to try out a theory.  “Stay here”, I whispered and slowly walked in total view of the turnstile and smaller windows along side it.  None of the Nasty’s paid me any mind.  I moved a little more but at a snail’s pace, gliding my feet across the floor.  Nothing from outside.


I glanced over my shoulder at Shawna.  She was there, holding to the wall.  It looked like she’d pull a chunk of the plaster from the wall with her hands, she was so tense.  I winked at her and made my way slowly to the right side of the lobby.  Once to the wall, I reached for the floor to ceiling drapes and so slowly I thought my blood would congeal, I walked them to the panes of glass outside the turnstiles.


It took me a total of twenty-five minutes.  I knew because I watched the battery-operated clock on the wall.  I had no idea if the Nasty’s would notice anything when I began but when the lobby was half sheltered, I felt comfortable the plan would work.


I slowly began to cross the opened panel of glass beside the spinning doorway.  I was sweating profusely, the sweat tickling me as it ran down my neck and back.  I saw Shawna peeking, mousily around the corner.  She was barely viewable but I knew she was there.  She wouldn’t come out until I had the place closed up.

It took another fifteen to twenty minutes before the place was darkened.  The blinds weren’t thick but they hid our movements.  I tested it by jumping up and down madly, trying to catch the attention of the dead.  They didn’t respond.

The lobby was small but had enough space for us to sit on opposite sides of the area and not feel our personal space was invaded.  We ransacked the few drawers to the receptionist area.  We found nothing worth using.  We still had our bat and the shotgun.  I figured we’d be using them later tonight or tomorrow.  For the time being, we needed real rest.





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