Defensive Older Brother

Defensive Older Brother

A Chapter by Damac

A little sign of pain, can go a long way

Two Weeks Later...

It was Monday afternoon as Andrew arrived home from school. It had been a long day of boredom and annoyance. The only uplifting part of the day had come in Science when he and Nathan talked for most of the period, but that was it. Andrew had a free period during the last period of the day, and got home before everyone else.
"Oh, well your home early." Mrs. Smith said as Andrew walked in the door.
"Yeah, I had a free, I got out early."
"I see, do any of the other kids have this free?"
"I thought Luke did, but I guess not."
"Well, how was your day at school?"
"Fine, just fine." Andrew said.
"Well thats good, go finish up your homework now."
Andrew walked up to the boys room and pulled out his textbooks. He began to work through some of his homework. About half an hour later he heard someone rushing through the front door. Whoever it was, they were moving fast as they ran up the stairs and towards the boys room.
"Who's there?" Andrew asked.
"L-Luke." Luke said, shakily and quickly. He sat at the desk to the left of Andrew and pulled out his homework.
"You alright." Andrew said, turning to look at Luke. The right side of his face was dirty and his hair was a mess, but he seemed fine.
"Yeah, i'm... i'm fine."
"You don't sound fine."
"I'm fine." Luke said, continuing to not look at Andrew.
"Hey look at me for a second."
"Luke!" Andrew said standing up and moving to the other side, Luke buried his face in his arms.
"Luke look at me." Andrew said. Luke didn't do anything. "Luke now."
Luke continued to not move, Andrew put his hand over his curly hair and lifted up, revealing Luke's tear-streamed face, and a swollen, black, left eye.
"Who did this to you."
"Nikolai, who do you think?"
"He said that you made him look like a fool, and that he was going to get you back. That he was gonna hurt us all, and that he wanted to start with me."
Andrew backed away, "Finish your homework, I'll be back." Andrew turned and walked out the door, down the stairs, and out the front door.

Andrew began to walk back towards the school, he took his phone out of his pocket and called Nathan.
"Nathan, I need your help with something."
"What'cha need my man."
"You still at the school?"
"Ya, just about to leave why?
"Stay there, I need your help with a little bullying problem."
"Alright man, if this is what I think it is, i'm gonna get a few friends."
"You do that." Andrew hung up and continued walking. Soon he ran into Kyle, Andy, Tim, and Hallie walking towards him.
"Where are you going?" Kyle asked.
"Don't worry about it." Andrew said, shoving past the four, "Wheres JJ."
"Didn't show up to the group, thought he might be staying with a teacher or something."
"S**t." Andrew said to himself, he began to run and he heard someone, Kyle, following after him.

The two arrived at the school and began to head towards the Plaza.
"So Nikolai beat up Luke?" Kyle asked.
"Yup, and according to Luke he's trying to get all of us."
The two walked into the plaza, where they found Nathan and two others waiting for them.
"Andrew i'd like to introduce you to Luis and Johnny." Nathan said, Luis was a large kid, latino. He had a large build and big muscles. Johnny was smaller and skinnier, but seemed like he may be just as strong.
"By the way we heard somethings going on at da football field. I think we might want to try there."
"Good idea." Andrew said, the five walked towards the football field.

Sure enough a crowd had gathered at the center of the football field. In the center of the football field stood Nikola and a couple of is cronies, standing overJJ who was kneeling on the ground.
"Come on dumbass, talk!"  Nikolai shouted, he punched JJ across the face. JJ didn't say a word.
"What, you a retard or something?" Nikolai shouted, his friends snickered. JJ just continued to look down as Nikolai brought his foot down on his back.
"Stop." Andrew said, making his way to the center of the group.
"Well, well, well he returns. The boy who beat me up."
"You've hurt two of my foster brothers, and threatened my foster siblings. I don't take that lightly."
"Oh you don't take that lightly? Oh well i'm sorry, here let me back off." Nikolai spun around and kicked JJ in the cheek, knocking him to the ground. Andrew looked at Nikolai furious.
"Come at me." Nikolai said, he drew a short pocket knife as his three cronies lined up next to him. "I'm ready this time."
Andrew began to move forward, but Nathan put his hand in front of him, "It's not worth it this time."
"Oh what? You five gonna p***y out? Things to real for you?"
Andrew didn't say a word. He lowered his fists and moved to help JJ up. He and Kyle lifted him up, and began to walk away, led by Nathan, Luis, and Johnny as the five bore insult after insult from Nikolai.

The three of them, Andrew, Kyle and JJ, walked home. "You alright?" Andrew asked.
"Good, good to hear."

© 2011 Damac

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