Of Sins & Fathers (Part Two)

Of Sins & Fathers (Part Two)

A Chapter by Danger

The second issue.


Issue #2

Page 1

PANEL 1: Yet another Splash page.  The car's still flaming.  Two lines of dialog run without bubbles along the bottom of this and every panel following until I mention that they've stopped.
Continued narration: “Yeah, I exploded.”
Eric: “―I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry―“
Continued Narration: “I thought I had killed her.”

Page 2

PANEL 1:  Farther view of the flaming car.
Continued narration: “Truth is, if we'd been anywhere else, I probably would've killed a lot of other people.”
Eric: “―I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry―“

PANEL 2: Close on Amanda from over Eric's shoulder.  He's on top of her because, well, it was prom night.
Continued narration: “But she was completely unharmed.”
Eric: “―I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry―“

PANEL 3:  Similar shot.  Eric over Amanda.  But they've stopped screaming.
Continued narration: “It took us a minute to realized that.”

PANEL 4: A long shot of the flaming car and surrounding area.  They are parked at a “make out point” type of place.  A tree on one side and a bush on the other.  The scene over looks the city. 
Continued narration: “My car was never that same, though.”

Page 3

PANEL 1: Same picture, but this time, Agents of The Facility are repelling down from helicopters.  The wind from the helicopters should be displacing most of the flames.
Continued narration: “This was the first time they really made their presence known.”

PANEL 2: Close shot of Eric, robed, facing and with his hand on a glass window.  He looks sad.
Continued narration: “We were rounded up.  They had seen what happened and brought me in to determine the specifics.”

PANEL 3: Same angle, but further away from Eric.
Continued narration: “Apparently, my powers had arrived.”
Continued narration: “With Gusto.”

PANEL 4:  Same angle, but even further.  Two men in lab coats are visible as what Eric is watching.
Continued narration: “But they hardly cared about that.”

PANEL 5:  Same angle, but we now can see that Amanda is on an examination table.  She is what the Lab technicians are observing.  She's clothed in a hospital gown.
Continued narration: “They were way more concerned with Amanda and how she made it through unscathed.”

Page 4

PANEL 1: Close of Amanda's knee and a doctor hitting it with one of those reflex mallets.
Continued narration: “They examined her.”
Doctor: “Hmmm . . .”

PANEL 2:  Amanda's torso behind a stand up, super x-ray machine.  We see her bones.  The same doctor from previous panel is visible.
Continued narration: “They x-rayed her.”
Doctor: “Hmmm . . .”

PANEL 3:  Amanda lying on a couch.
Continued narration: “They questioned her.”
Doctor (OS): “How do you FEEL?”

PANEL 4: Three identical doctors face the same man in black who told Eric of his origin.  They all shrug.  The man in black is displeased.
Continued narration: “In the end, they found little.”

PANEL 5: Eric is still watching Amanda on the operating table.  She's getting up.
Continued narration: “The way it was explained to me was like this:”

Page 5

PANEL 1:  Close on Amanda's leg.  She's sitting and pulling her pants on that leg.
Continued narration: “The human body is extremely adaptive . . .”

PANEL 2: Amanda is standing.  We see her from behind and only up to the waist.  She's buttoning her pants.
Continued narration: “ . . . But certain people have higher potential for that adaptation.”

PANEL 3:  Amanda is seen putting on her shirt.  The shirt covers her face (and, of course, her breast.  We're keeping this as clean as possible).
Continued narration: “In short, freak accident combined with prolonged exposure to my latent powers . . .”

PANEL 4: Rest of page.  Amanda is tying her shoes.  Her face is obscured by the higher panels.
Continued narration: “ . . . gave her the ability to survive me.”

Page 6

PANEL 1: Splash page.  Amanda smiling over her shoulder.  She's looking at Eric, who is behind the camera.
Continued narration: “She is my opposite.”

Page 7

PANEL 1:  Top forth of page.  Establishing shot of a large campus, housed within a large hexagonal wall.  Like only the outer wall of the Pentagon, but with six sides.  The “obvious government owned building” from issue one should be visible.
Continued Narration: “We were enrolled in the government's program.  The Hexagon known as The Facility.”

PANEL 2:  Right half of half of the page.  Eric is sitting on an operating table, engulfed in flames.  One of the same Doctors from before is examining him.
Continued Narration: “I would learn to create heat and light.”
Doctor: “Okay, now try just your hands.”
Continued Narration: “Fire.”

PANEL 3: Left half of half the page. Eric is in a Safe Room. The Safe Rooms resemble racquet ball courts, but are reinforced after any incident that damages it.  He is naked and covering himself, embarrassed, with bit of smoke around him. The floor around him should have scorch marks. A number 3 is visible on the wall.  An agent of the Facility is speaking to him.
Continued Narration: “Controlling it would be a little harder.”
Agent: “Can't you do this without burning off all your clothes?”

PANEL 4: Bottom quarter of page.  Amanda sits in her dorm room, with a glass in hand.  She's forming ice cubes above it that drop into it.
Continued Narration: “And Amanda would learn to steal heat energy.”

Page 8

PANEL 1: Top half of page.  Eric and Amanda sit alone at a large lunch table.  All the people surrounding glare at them.  Sam is one of them.
Continued Narration: “And we would be hated for it.”

PANEL 2: Bottom left eighth.  Close of a girl's face from the crowd glaring, still.
Continued Narration: “They set up this place for people like me.  ‘People who give the term gifted a new meaning,’ they say.  But aside from that ...”

PANEL 3: Bottom middle left eighth.  Close of a boy's face.  He's showing disdain.
Boy: “I can't believe it.”

PANEL 4: Bottom middle right eighth.  Close of another boy's face.  He's mad.
Boy: “Do you know who that is?”

PANEL 5: Bottom right eighth.  Close of Sam.  He's got a rubber band armed between his fingers, aimed at the camera.  He should look slightly menacing.
Continued Narration: “Well ... we weren't all that special.”

Page 9

PANEL 1: Sam and Eric.  Sam has fired his rubber band and it has struck and bounced off of Eric's head.

PANEL 2: Eric is pissed and in the forefront.  Sam is seen behind him, glaring, also pretty pissed.
Eric: “Who the hell did that?”
Sam: “What're you gonna do?  Kill me?”

PANEL 3: of the remaining page.  Close on Sam's face.  He's pissed, more so if possible. If you know FLCL, the shot where Amarou mentions Atomsk to Haruko and the face she make would be a good reference to the extreme nature of this shot and Sam’s fury.
Sam: “Finish the job your dad started?”

PANEL 4: Close on Eric's face.  He's not as pissed as he is genuinely confused.
Eric: “I don't even know what your talking about.”

PANEL 5: More extreme close up on Sam.
Sam: “Don't play dumb with me!”

Page 10

PANEL 1: Eric is pissed again.
Eric: “I'd say the same thing to you, but I don't think you can help it!”

PANEL 2: Sam.  Still pissed.  Extreme.
Sam: “You think this is funny?”

PANEL 3: Sam is on the right, in the forefront.  Eric is on the left, in back.  They've squared off.
Eric: “I'm telling you, you don't want to mess with me.  You don't know what I can do!”
Sam: “Try me.”

Page 11

PANEL 1: Top half of page.  Repeat of previous page, but Sam is missing.  Eric looks confused again.
Eric: “Uh . . .”

PANEL 2: Horizontal quarter.  Eric is standing alone.  A blur of blue and green (Sam) has traveled to the left.  Eric is looking to the right.
Eric's Narration: “He's fast.  I can't follow him.  I can't touch him.”

PANEL 3: Same as previous, but opposite.  Eric is looking left and the blur (Sam) has traveled right.
Eric's Narration: “A runner.  He HAD to be a runner.”

Page 12

PANEL 1: Eric is throwing streams of flame at Sam, who looks like he's in three places at one (Flash clones).
Continued Narration: “Of course, he's fast.  So I couldn't touch him.”

PANEL 2: Sam has connected a punch.  It should look like he's punched some fire off of Eric.
Eric: “Oof!”

PANEL 3: Eric has recovered.  Sam is waving his hand, extinguishing the fire from it.
Continued Narration: “And, of course, I'm hot.  So he won't be touching me again.”

Page 13

PANEL 1: Eric looks smug.
Eric: “Never fought fire before, huh?”

PANEL 2: Sam has a slight smile.
Sam: “Nope. But Burners can’t be too hard to beat. …”

PANEL 3: Only a blurred after image of Sam is left where he was standing.
Sam: “ … or else there’d be more of you around!”

PANEL 4: Sam appears as a blue and green blur, running in a circle around Eric, kicking up wind. Eric looks around himself, trying to keep up. Before this story is finished, this will be a very familiar scene.

Page 14

PANEL 1: Same shot, but now Eric’s flames have extinguished.
Sam (Each word coming from another place in the circle): “Feeling. It. Yet?”

PANEL 2: Same angle, but now Eric is kneeling, having trouble breathing.
Sam: “The. Lack. Of. Air?”
Amanda (OS): “Stop it!”

PANEL 3: Closer shot, but now Eric is obviously choking.
Sam: “Hard. To. Breath. Huh?”
Amanda (OS): “You’ll kill him!”

PANEL 4: Real close, now. Eric is no longer scared, in pain, but pissed, devilish looking. The flames have returned to his eyes and a swirl of smoke should be seen.

PANEL 5: Same shot, but now, Eric has had a foam dumped on him.
Unknown Voice: “I’d listen to the girl if I were you.”


PANEL 1: The source of the voice is revealed to be Daniel Clay, OS. Daniel is dressed in a black, buttoned shirt, with grey coming from the shoulders to a point on his chest, black trousers, and black boots—the uniform of agents of the Hexagon. He distinguishes himself with a tan trench coat (his OS designation should be partially obscured by the coat. He holds a gun that drips the foam covering Eric and should be seen from a low angle.
Clay: “Because you already know we’ve got ways of dealing with you.”
Sam’s Narration (colored green, to distinguish form Eric’s red): “Daniel Clay. Overall Specialty and Upperclassman Advisor. $#*%!”

PANEL 2: Sam is more sedate now, but protesting.
Sam: “Do you know who he is?”

PANEL 3: Clay stands over Eric, who is trying to stand under the weight of the foam. Clay speaks over his shoulder.
Clay: “Of course, how would you know if I didn’t?”

PANEL 4: Clay is facing the camera (Sam), now.
Clay: “Eric Johnson. Class Three Burner. Son of Hellfire, the only Class Six Burner we ever knew of.”

PANEL 5: Clay is helping Eric to his feet The foam conveniently covers his unmentionables.
Clay: “Though, after those readings we got, we may be upgrading him. You’re all lucky I was monitoring when I was.”

PANEL 6: Clay is helping Eric into a wheelchair.
Clay: “Are you okay, Johnson?”
Eric: “I’m fine, I guess.”

PANEL 1: Clay looks down at Eric in the wheel chair.

PANEL 2: Same shot, but this time, Clay has smacked Eric in the face.
Eric: “Son of a—“

PANEL 3: Clay is pointing an accusatory finger at Eric.
Clay: “You could’ve killed half the kids here! What the hell’s the matter with you?”

PANEL 4: Eric is in the foreground. He’s protesting while Sam smirks behind Clay.
Eric: “But he started it, I swear to—“
Clay: “That foam’ll make you weak for a while, but you can still wheel yourself to The Head’s office.”

PANEL 5: Reverse shot, with Sam in the foreground. Now, Clay faces Sam.
Clay: “And you can make sure he gets there. He wants to see you, too.”
Sam: “What!?”

PANEL 6: Clay does not look like he’s playing with Sam. Close on Clay.
Clay: “Do I look like I’m playing with you? Get!”

PANEL 7: Eric wheels himself left and is followed by Sam. Amanda is also visible in this panel, behind them.
Amanda: “Um …”
Clay: “You can wait for them outside his office.”
Amanda: “Thanks.”

PANEL 1: Eric still sits in his wheelchair. Sam sits to his right, with one chair in between the two of them. Both wear pissed off, “I can’t believe we got in trouble for this crap” faces.
Voice (OS): “Johnson.”

PANEL 2: Eric wheels his chair to panel right. Same, otherwise.
Sam’s Narration: “Great. He didn’t even know who I am.”

PANEL 3: Same.
Eric (OS): “He’s who!?”
Eric (OS): “HERE!?”

PANEL 4: Same, but now Eric is walking, angrily, back through the panel. He’s talking to himself and has on clothes. He’s ignoring Sam. Mostly.
Eric: “I can’t #^&[email protected]% believe this. I’m not even mad at him, I just can’t believe that they would do that!”
Voice (OS): “Powell.”

PANEL 5: Sam is going into the office. 
Sam: “This should be good.”

PANEL 1: Sam sits in front of The Head’s desk. The Head is speaking. He’s an older gentleman, wearing a light grey suit. About fifty. He wears normal, armed glasses. He’s got salt and pepper colored hair, expertly coifed (no matter what, he can not be bald). Sam is in the fore front, with the focus of the panel on The Head.
Sam’s Narration: “Dr. Smith. The head of Super-hero, or meta-human, or extra-normal affairs. Whatever you want to call us. Also the head of The Facility. We just call him The Head.”

PANEL 2: Closer on The Head.
Sam’s Narration: “He told me that, of course, my behavior was unacceptable, regardless of who I was fighting.”

PANEL 3: Reverse of PANEL 1. This time, we are facing Sam from behind The Head’s … head. Sam looks bored.
Sam’s Narration: “He told me that we had no reason to be carrying on our father’s feud. Yeah, Speed Agent is my dad.”

PANEL 4: Close on Sam’s face. Now, he’s shocked. Really shocked.
Sam’s Narration: “And then he told me what really happened to our dads.”

PANEL 1: Eric and Amanda are walking together. They’re leaving The Hexagon, a rather generic looking front gate. Sam is running up behind them.
Sam’s Narration: “I was trying to catch up to them, because The Head told me something deep. Something really deep. And as much as I didn’t want to, I had to let Eric Johnson in on it.”
Sam: “Eric!”

PANEL 2: Eric and Amanda have stopped, because Sam appeared in front of them. Sam looks rather bothered.
Eric: “What is it, now, Bart?”

PANEL 3: Sam, with a slight smile, and close.  He’s relaxed a bit, as Eric has approached him on something he’s rather familiar with. Sam is a superhero nerd.
Sam: “Right, I get it. Bart Allen, the old Kid Flash. Clever.”
Sam’s Narration: “Like he was going to listen to me.”

PANEL 4: Sam. We see him start trying to plead his case from behind Eric and Amanda, who walked past him.
Sam: “But, seriously, I’ve got something to tell you.”

PANEL 1: Eric, becoming upset, has turned around and is leaning aggressively towards Sam. Amanda clutches his arm, and looks around the area.
Eric: “And I should care about what you’ve got to say, why?”
Amanda (absently): “Eric …”

PANEL 2: Sam, still pleading his case. Eric is still being clutched by Amanda.
Sam: “It’s about our fathers!”

PANEL 3: Closer on Eric and Amanda, now. Now, she’s sort of pulling him away.
Eric: “Oh, you do not want to go there, right now, Speedy!”
Amanda: “Eric, do you hear that?”

PANEL 4: Eric and Sam both look to Amanda.
Eric and Sam: “What are you talking a—“

PANEL 1: Splash page. A giant monster smashes through a nearby building. He’s big, about 10 or 11 feet tall, and monstrously built, like, the Juggernaut. His skin is grey, his clothes ripped (no purple pants), his hair is balding and white. He also wears the remains of a lab coat. He’s screaming, or, rather, roaring. He hasn’t punched through the wall, rather he’s sort of run through it. He has syringes sticking out of his arms. We’re calling him Hyde, for obvious reasons.
Hyde: “RWAR!”

PAGE 22:
PANEL 1: Splash page. Our three heroes stand in the shadow of Hyde, looking up at him. They are so scared they, well, they’ll want to change their underwear if they get home.
Sam Thought Box (green): “ No way. We’re screwed.”
Eric Thought Box (red): “We’re so screwed.”
Amanda Thought Box (blue): “Why doesn’t anybody just listen to the girl!?”

© 2008 Danger

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Posted 3 Months Ago

That's going to be quite a challenge to put that lot into a comic strip! Illuminating though!

Posted 6 Months Ago

Oh I'm really beginning to like this! Please... when this becomes a comic book, I want first dibs on the first couple of copies. I'm feelin' this. :-) Keep it coming.

Posted 12 Years Ago

So is this to a be a comic book? Graphic novel? Interesting. Keep me posted on this.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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