Sleepy, BYE!!!!

Sleepy, BYE!!!!

A Chapter by Some Random Person.

While we went back to the showers to change and wash off the Gulf's waste, me and Alex talked about school. She was glad to be the weekend, while she was also sad about the Olympiad being far over. 
"Why? I know you were nervous, don't deny it!"
"I was nervous, but it was fun. Now I'll have to wait another year until I get to compete in another one."
"Well, you know, since we'd won, we get to go to the state level."
"Yeah... But still-" I turned on the water and it drowned her talking with freezing cold, fresh water. "I don't know.
"Hey, you guys, will you please quit talking and get going with it?" My stepmother really was annoying me now. It was a good thing that the cold water was keeping me busy.
"Yeah, of course, Adri. It's freezing cold!"
"It's not that bad, Elizabeth!" Alex's voice came booming. 
"Well, I'm hungry again. Do we have any leftovers?" I asked my stepmother. 
"Yes, and as soon as you get out and into the car, you may eat them."
"Welcome" Then she walked out, presumably to the car. 

© 2011 Some Random Person.

Author's Note

Some Random Person.
Would you guys please come up with a name for this book?! I need one!!!! Thanks.

I'm not sure what next so, yeah.

Can you people help me for an idea of which to write more about this story? I've got nothing anymore. It's madning!

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Need to clean off the Gulf water. A very good chapter. A peaceful one. A good story will have places to make the people seem real and alive. A very good chapter.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Some Random Person.
Some Random Person.

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