Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Amund Schofield

Rory groggily opened his eyes, to see the sun setting behind the horizon. "How long did I sleep?" Rory snuggled against Izy.
"Three hours." Izy pulled Rory closer.
"It was wonderful." Rory breathed in Izy's scent.
"I'm glad... it's almost dinner time for me," Izy said getting up. Rory stretched and laid back onto the blanket. "Would you like to come over?"
"Meeting the parents... isn't that a bit soon?" Rory sat up and grabbed his shirt.
"Not really... I mean my Mom is pretty cool." Izy said as he pulled his shirt on.
"I'll ask my mom." Rory grabbed his cell phone and called home. "Hey Ma.. yeah the date ended a while ago... It was fine... I had a really good time... no we didn't have sex!" Izy laughed as Rory's face went red. Rory shot Izy a look that made the hunk try to stifle his laughter while he put on his shirt. "Hey Mom, remember Izy... yeah he wants me to go over to his house and play video games... yes I realize it's late... spend the night?" Rory whispered.
"My mom won't care if you spend the night." Izy leaned forward and whispered, "She knows you and me are dating." 
"Ok Mom, I'll just spend the night then." Rory hung up the phone. "We just had our first date... and you're taking me home for the entire night?"
"It's not like we're going to get it on or anything." Izy stood up and handed Rory a hand.
Rory pulled himself up using Izy as leverage. "I know.. but it's really soon."
"Want to call your mom back?"
"No. I want to come over... it's just sooner then I thought it would happen." Rory sighed.
"Don't worry about it." Izy hugged Rory, and kissed him. "We're a good thing, and I won't let anything ruin it."
"OK... I trust you." Rory looked into Izy's eyes and felt warmth. The boys packed the picnic away, and made their way to Izy's home. Izy lived in a quiet part of Willow Hunt. The houses were very old, and some needed repair. Even still, the old homes held their glory of the past with pride. Rory wished that he could have lived here, instead of the modern home he lived in.
Izy's home was three stories tall. The dark red paint had began to chip, and the side walk was a little worse for the ware, but he felt a comfortable vibe from it. It was like the old grandmother, you could see her age, but she still held you just as tight.
"Well, what do you think of it?" Izy asked as he led Rory to the front door.
"It has certain charms," Rory said as he noticed the stained glass windows.
"My mother intends on fixing it up. You know, painting it and such." Izy opened the front door which let out a squeak. "She also wants to replace that hinge."
"I would to." Rory said as he entered the home. The interior was painted a warm friendly yellow. The floor was a dark rich wood. The amount of shine it had told Rory that they had recently refinished it. Izy led Rory into the main living room. The far wall was covered in family photographs. The younger ones had a Mother and Father holding a small child, or sometimes playing with him. There were a few pictures of Izydor holding a hockey stick, a few others of the boy in a karate robe.
In the middle of the room was a larger coffee table, covered by a black cloth. In the center was a rather large clear ball. It looked like one of the crystal balls Rory had scene on the Madame Cleo shows. On the side of the ball was a small wooden box. The couch in front of the table seemed weathered and yellowed from age. Though the red throw pillows seemed new.
"Hi mom," Izy said as an older woman  walked in from an adjoining room. The Mother's hair was dark and curly, flowing down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were the same golden color as her son. She wore a simple white shirt, with a flowing dark floor length skirt.
"So... this is your date I assume?" She looked at Rory with a warm smile.
"Yeah, this is Rory," Izy said as he gave Rory a slight push toward his mom.
"Hello." Rory extended his hand toward the woman.
"I'm Akila Ramesh, and I welcome you to my home." Akila firmly shook Rory's hand.
"Thank you... Ms. Ramesh." Rory smiled.
"Please, call me Akila." She smiled and then looked at the boys. "Well, I guess we're getting pizza."
"What happened to the roast?" Izy blinked in confusion.
"Well, someone was supposed to go to the store, but completely forgot." Akila smile deviously at her son.
"I'm sorry." Rory immediately said.
"It's all right Rory. My son knew when he had to be home." She produced a phone out of her pocket and sat on the couch.
"Mom... I was on a really good date," Izy cried as he sat on the old couch, beckoning Rory to join him.
"Yes..." Akila stared at Rory for a moment as he sat next to her son. "So Rory, what are the good pizza shops in town?"
"My Parent's usually go with Summer's Pizza. It's a little pricey but it is family owned." Rory answered as he shifted a little.
"Well, we'll go with that." Akila stared at Rory again, which made him shift a bit more. "The number dear?"
"Oh!" Rory jumped. "It's eight five four, six five six four."
"All right, what do you boys want?" She asked as she dialed the number.
"You pick." Izy put his arm around Rory.
"I like pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, bacon and chicken." With Rory's answer the Mother called and placed an order for two.
"So, how long until it arrives?" Izy asked
"They said forty minutes." Akila sighed, placing the phone down. "So Rory, how long are you planning to stay."
"Well..." He looked toward Izy, who smiled softly. "If it's all right with you, I'd like to stay the night."
"You're parents don't know you're dating my son?"
"No... they don't know anything."
"Well we do have a guest bedroom." Akila shrugged.
"It doesn't have a bed yet." Izy stared at his mother.
Akila looked at the two boys. "No sex." She pointed at the couple.
"I'm not ready for that." Rory replied instantaneously, extremely red.
"I know you're not... I was talking to my son." She leered at her boy. "No sex." She said through gritted teeth.
"No sex!" She repeated.
"I wasn't even thi-"
"No Sex!"
"Fine, I'll sleep on the floor!" Izy rolled his eyes.
"Good." Akila said with a smile.
Rory couldn't help but giggle.
"What?" Izy squeezed Rory affectionately.
"It's nothing." Rory snuggled closer to Izy. "Did you order pop?"
"S**t." Akila spit in response.
"MOM!" Izy stared at his mother.
"I swore, get over it." Akila stared back at her son. "And no, I didn't... Izy you're gonna have to go to the store."
"All right... can I borrow the car this time?" Izy asked as he rose, leaving Rory on the couch.
"I suppose... my keys and cash are in my purse." Akila pointed to a large brown leather bag hanging on the wall next to the front hallway.
"All right, you coming Rory?" Izy asked as he dug into the purse.
"He can stay here with me." Akila answered for the red head.
"I'll be OK." Rory smiled at his boy-person.
"You planned this." Izy leered at his mother.
"And if I did?" Akila shrugged with a smile.
"Just... just don't scare him off." Izy begged before leaving the house.
"My son seems to be quite taken with you," Akila commented as they heard the car pull away.
"He does?" Rory turned to face the mother.
"Yes. He doesn't date much." Akila leaned back in the couch.
"So... how many... suitors has he had before me?"
"Three, two boys one girl."
"A girl?" Rory squeaked.
"Yeah, she was a nice little tart." Akila ground her teeth. "Don't worry about that though... he's definitely gay."
"How do you know?"
"I'm his Mother for one. When he was with the girl, he was the one who got kissed by her. Any time it happened, he backed away. Once he backed away so violently he fell down a flight of stairs." Akila chuckled at the memory.
"Yeah. He really doesn't like girls."
"No.... I mean can mothers really tell?"
"Yes... I knew from the instant I had Izy that he was different. It wasn't until he brought Eric home that I knew just how different."
"So... my Mother..."
"Afraid to tell your parents?"
"My family is conservative, they watch fox news a lot," Rory shrugged and looked away.
"Ah... One of Izy's ex's had that same problem."
"What happened?"
"He came out, got kicked out. Then he stayed with me for a month. Then out of the blue, his family shows up at my door step, ready to grill steaks and have a party."
"They brought a confetti cake with rainbow frosting... with a picture of Burt Reynolds on it... I still have nightmares about it." Akila shuddered.
"Yes... wow."
"Do you think my parents would be ok with it?"
"With the cake?"
"No.. well I don't think anyone would be ok with that." Rory giggled. "I meant would they be ok with me?"
"I don't see why not."
"They watch the Oreilly Factor."
"Do they watch Glen Beck?"
"They find him appalling."
"You'll be ok."
"How do you know?"
"I know." Akila smiled, and squeezed Rory's hand.
"Is it because of that?" Rory pointed at the crystal ball.
Akila burst into a fit of laughter. "I'm... I'm sorry Rory... but no."
"So its just for decoration?"
"The crystal ball is, the cards aren't." Akila reached out and opened the small wooden box.
"The cards?"
"My tarot cards." Akila picked a thick deck of oversized cards. 
"Do they work?" Rory said as he slid closer to Akila, studying the deck. The back was black, covered in an intricate silver curving lattice.
"Yes, they do. Would you like me to give you a reading?" She started to shuffle them.
Rory looked at the deck. Questions about his future popped into his head. He had never really thought about what his future held until now. "I'm sorry, but I don't think I want to know." Rory shook his head and looked away.
"That's all right," Akila said as she put the deck away. "Sometimes it's better not to know."
"Why is that?" Rory turned his head to look at Akila.
"Well... why work for something, when you know it's going to happen?" Akila shrugged.
"I think I get it." Rory sighed and looked around. "So.. do you guys have cable?"
"Yeah, we just had it installed today. The TV is in there." She pointed to a large entertainment center. Akila then rose from the couch and walked over to center. "I usually keep the doors shut. I only watch it on Thursdays. I can't miss an episode of Amazons," she explained as she opened the doors to reveal the TV. It was a larger box TV. "It's not HD, but it gets the job done."
"Well, you don't need HD to watch Amazons. That show is amazing on my little TV at home."
"Yeah, it's pretty kick a*s." Akila smiled as she returned to her seat.
Rory gave Akila a second glance when she swore. "Well... lets watch something while we wait for my son to get back."
"So... want to watch the Food channel?" Rory asked as Akila started flipping through the channels.
"What's on that?" She asked as she opened the cable guide to search for the channel.
"A lot of cooking shows... along with cooking contests." Rory explained as Akila found the channel.
"Oh, this is a good one!" Rory bounced as he recognized the show's logo. "It's called Iron Blade. these people are competing to get their own restaurant."
"All right, lets watch this." Akila smiled as she placed the remote down.

© 2011 Amund Schofield

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Please tell me when update

Posted 3 Years Ago

Awww.... This was so cute!!! '^^ Tell me when you update!!!! :D Thanks!!! '^^

Posted 10 Years Ago

wow!! I loved this story, I can't begin to tell you how love it! I laughed so hard. I just simply....well you get the point,::giggles:: please tell me when you update :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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