Chapter 2: Flashback on How it Began

Chapter 2: Flashback on How it Began

A Chapter by A Drawer of Paper Roses

A friend of Loretta call hers up. And this friends so happened to be the reason the Earth changed. Why is she calling though? Find out what happened five years ago.


The bright sunlight filtered weakly through the blackened curtains; but still enough to wake him. Grant pushed himself up, groaning, one hand rubbing his sore jaw. It had been around a month since he last been here. He was in town and needed to escape from life for awhile. He surveyed his surroundings; her house was small, no tiny, like a shack. The furniture were barely usable anymore, already broken and feeble. The entire house seemed that it had lived thousands of years, uncared for. Walking over to the shattered window, he brushed aside the dusty curtains. She lived in the middle of nowhere, large trees, scattered about, close to one another, leaning over, blocking the sky.

A loud yawn was heard, followed by shuffled foot steps. Loretta stumbled down the stairs. The moment she reached the couch, was the same moment she knocked out on it. Grant studied her; after all she was different from other women he met. Her face was delicate and smooth, perfectly heart shaped. She had; the eyes of the southern princesses: large eyes that were glistening emeralds, eyes lids that fell enough to give her s seductive look, lined by long thick lashes . She had beautiful, womanly curves. Which he noted, her large bosom that the large robe she wore wasn’t able to hide cleavage from. Her silky, thick raven hair could touch the ground as she walked tall with her smooth step.

Loretta opened her eyes, finding the irritating man right in her face.

“Did I die and go to hell, because there’s one f*****g ugly demon in my face.”

“I’m sorry, did you see your reflection?” he shot back

This went on to a long string of insults. Anyone who was in the woods had left, hearing the wide use of profanities and swears erupt from nowhere. Even the sailors were shocked by their foul language.

“At least I don’t pick up random girls from the streets!”

“Hey! You’re the one who let me in your house!”

“Yeah, because, obviously, you were desperate for a house, mutt!”

With that he scowled in anger, obviously he did not liked to be pitied. Unfazed Loretta got up and headed towards the kitchen. Anyone could still tell that she was angry as she yanked out a frying pan fro the pantry and slammed it shut, the noise of dishes clattering. She nearly, slammed everything she was holding: the pan unto the stove, the oil bottle, the bacon. It’s a surprise her house wasn’t broken by now. With the heat cranked high, the sound of grease exploding with the bacon, filled the room.

Annoyed, Grant yelled at her to stop being such a cry baby and suck it up. This earned him a fresh, scalding hot, bacon strip (which was still dripping in oil) flung right at his eye. Loretta enjoyed the screaming and cursing she heard, lapped it up like a dog who found water in the desert.

“Enjoy your breakfast mutt.” She chuckled. He dashed to the bathroom to wash his eyes of boiling, cooking oil. This only made it worst, knowing oil and water don’t mix. More curses and screams erupted. After a while, Grant was able to see again. He looked into the mirror, finding a red-eyed man staring back at him. Marching, back into the kitchen, he flung the same bacon strip into her hair.

“Learn to cook, woman, this stuff takes awful.” He said with the grim smile set on his face.

She scowled as she fished out the food from her hair. She muttered something as she passed him, to got rinse out her hair. While she was busy, he causally sat himself on the kitchen counter, pulling out a few bacon strips. They tasted good, he just hated that woman. Then the phone rang. Loretta couldn’t hear it, because the rush of water filled her ears as she washed her extremely long hair. Grant looked at the phone for awhile, debating if he should pick it up and yell into it or if he already did enough. He decided that the damage had not been done. With the phone at his ear, he couched one or twice before answer

“You’ve reached the house of a b***h how may I help?”

It was silent on the other line

“Hey, punk is this a prank call” now he glowered

No one replied

“You’re really starting to piss me off.”

More silence

“Is anyone even there?”

Finally there was a breath


An earsplitting scream exploded from the silence. Now he regretted picking up the phone. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!!!!!!!!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE!!!!!!? I’M GOING TO FREAKING MURDER YOU IF YOU BREAK ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he dropped the phone and the person on the other line keep screaming

That voice was all too familiar. Hearing the ranting from kitchen, Loretta ran into the kitchen and snatched the phone. Holding the ear piece away but yelling into the other end.


There was a pause. “…Hi Loretta long time, no see, how are you doing?” the raging, venomous voice had transformed into a soft, happy one.

Loretta mentally slapped herself “Hey, Diane.”

“So first thing first” she took a long breath. Loretta immediately shot the phone to Grant’s ear “WHO THE FREAKING WEIRDO IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!?”

Grant felt that his ears were going to fall off soon. Loretta retracted the phone back. “It’s a doggy, Diane, a doggy.”

“You have a talking dog?! Cool!”

Sometimes she didn’t know if she was trying to piss her off or just playing. “Yeah, whatever.”

“How’s sci-fi fantasy land?”

“You’re the reason why this entire world is messed up remember? Any ways every one still looks…confused.”


It was about five years ago when this chaos of confusion happened. People gathered around the supernatural force. It was a portal that ripped through the atmosphere, reflecting dark colors. People stood around, either scared or amazed, but both drawn by curiosity. Suddenly, it flickered, thrice, bright lights flashing. The crowd shielded their eyes. Then, a tall lady emerged from the portal. She wore leather slacks, and spiky, metallic black armor that covered the upper portion of her body. Her hair was tied into a bun with to strands in the front reaching past her shoulders. She scanned the area with lavender eyes, gripping a black whip that seemed to have a life of its own. A man, frightened by her apparel and sudden appearance, whipped out a loaded gun and pulled the trigger. With the flick of her wrist, the whip followed, stretching out like an anaconda and spilt the bullet in half. Before he could fire again, she flicked her wrist once more and the gun was taken from his hand. The crowd murmured backing away from the lady.

“Seriously, resorting to violence, how nice to greet a stranger.” She said hinting the slightest bit of mockery. Reaching into her pocket, she retrieved a white device.  It was two triangle discs, hovering from each other with a holographic screen in the middle. She typed at a furious speed, virtual screens appearing and disappearing at the same moment. After a good minute a screen of Washington D.C. appeared.

“Register…to…places…in…Earth” she slurred, entering the information. Then she returned back into the portal. People could hear shouts.

“Okay we got it!”

“Are you sure?!”

“Yeah, locations, planet, city and everything!”

“Remember if you left anything there you’re going to be stuck there for awhile!”

“Whatever! Just fix the stupid thing!”

And with that, the portal closed. The crowd whispered to one another, wondering what was that all about, or if aliens exist. Suddenly, particles appeared in the air, vaporizing, then solidifying. It was the same girl. Instead she wore a knee long floral skirt with a white blouse tucked in. She patted her skirt then finally noticed the crowd of confused people. First thing she saw, girls in low cut tops, short skirts and men with cocky looks on their faces.

“OH MY FREAKIN�"I’VE LANDED IN ONE OF THOSE COUNRTY!” she gasped melodramatically. Now the people were stunned “Oops! Forget that last comment, forgot my manners. I am Princess Diane of Riqus; may I request a meeting with your leader please?” she bowed low, hands at side

Their first impression of her: alien. The paparazzi arrived, flashing cameras in her face. Blinded and confused, she pushed her way out bumping into the FBI agents

“Come with us.”

“Oh, so you’re my escorts?”

Thus she followed them, not knowing they were going to question her. Luckily, being the smart-a*s she is, she played dumb but once she got to the white house, she jumped out. Everyone screamed, watching a girl jump from a car window and into the streets. Stranger for them, she causally walked. Diane passed through their security easily, she was trained and lived in stealth. At the president’s office, she held out the white discs again, or what she called a Teleporter. With that a man appeared out of thin air.

“Here’s the main T.V.” Diane said to the man. He was shorter than her by a few inches with short brown hair. He had red eye piece hooked to a band on his head and camouflage clothing. Words popped up from the red window over his eye.

“This won’t take, long. If anyone comes in, hold them for a minute, just not the president.”

“About that, I didn’t see who the president was.” She bit her lip “Sorry, Lance.”

“Now I know why Blake’s always trying to find someone else to babysit you.” he muttered. As she retorted he unplugged the giant screen. Easily, he separated wires, added new ones and basically changed the entire T.V. in ten minutes. “I’ll log on, Miyako should be ready. You know what to do right?”

Diane nodded. Taking a few paces back she lunged towards the window. It didn’t break, instead her entire body changed. Her entire body was cover by dark shadows and she went through the window. As she fell, her hand shot out, and caught a ledge. When a guard passed by, she slipped unnoticed into his shadow. And that’s how she traveled, shadow to shadow. Finally, she arrived at the presidents. Now if you become a shadow, and can slip into other people’s shadow, you can control them; that is, if you’re a master. The president was shocked as his entire team of guards, passed out. Diane emerged fro their shadows

“Hey, Mister President! If you don’t mind I have to show you something.” Diane grabbed his hand and fled. If the president hadn’t read the secret files about supernatural or alien forces then he would’ve fainted like other people would if they saw a girl come out from their friend’s shadows. “Sorry, but you don’t really have a right now sir, this is really important!”

At the president’s room, several men were unconscious on the ground.

“Just because I’m smart, doesn’t mean I’m weak.” Lance stated, sitting the red chair.

The screen blinked once or twice before an image emerged. Through the T.V. was a grown woman, sitting at the head of the table with other people. Her wavy, orange hair cascaded down to her hips. She had elegant cat-like eyes that were dark brown and a smooth, ivory face. “Lance, where’s Diane?”

“Coming, ma’am”

On cue, she and the president burst though the doors.

“What the hell is going on here?” he finally asked. Lance and Diane moved towards the Television.

“This is our leader, Queen Miyako sir.” Diane spoke

He stared at he, anger mixed with confusion.

“Don’t worry; you’re not the only one.” With few seconds of typing several pictures appeared. They were through video camera, all the leaders in the world accompanied by a strange each. “As you see, these area all the leaders of the main countries of this world. The person with them is another leader part of our team. See the same woman talking in the leaders of Australia and Britain or man talking with the Korean leaders, there are all there for the same reason as us.”

The president watched with interest as the world leaders conversed with each alien person.

“Sir, I am here to make a preposition.”

He turned to the screen, Miyako staring back at him. “What is this preposition?”

“Each one of our leaders will talk to those of other countries. As you probably figured out by now, we’re not from here.”

“President, sir!” a group of men came rushing in.

He dismissed them we one hand wave “It’s alright. This is important right now.” The guards stood by unsure, watching Lance and Diane for any suspicious movement. Noticing their glares, Diane staring making faces at them.

“Tell, me who, where and what exactly are you people?”

“We’re from another dimension; if this seems too false you can forget for now and make up any other assumptions you want.”

“No, I do believe in a way. One of your friends did come through a portal.” He replied gesturing Diane, who was still taunting the guards.

“I do hope she hasn’t caused any harm. Anyways, our preposition is that we can be allies, since there are new powers out there, for you to be on our side.”

“I thought you said those other people were your allies.”

“They are, but their different governments, each one of us was offered an Earth country to communicate with. We promise, if you accept this, we will keep your country from harm and provide your needs.”

“What happens if I don’t?”

“Then you don’t get this.”

He paused for a moment “How strong are the governments and people of your government.”

“So far, we are the strongest, aside from the world government.”

“How strong?”

Diane and Lance looked towards the screen, eyes pleading for permission. Miyako nodded in response. Lance went first. The instant he snapped his fingers, thousands of lasers shot across the room. Everyone was to afraid to move, knowing that their own security system was meant to vaporize anything that moved.

“If you give me thirty seconds I can easily turn your defense against you.” He snapped his fingers again and the lasers disappeared. Leaving weary and angry soldiers glaring at him.

Now it was Diane’s turn. She walked up to the window, closed her eyes, and went right through it. Her body had materialized itself into a shadow. And as she walked in midair, her black walkway would stretch with her feet. When she turned to them, rematerializing back to normal, she smirked. Flicking her wrists, she brought her arms out in front, a giant boulder following the motion. Slowly, she moved her arms out, the boulder shifting from the motion. The further she moved the more the rigid rock shook. It vibrated violently, as if were about to exploded. Then with her arms, spread out, she opened her hands, and the boulder burst into fine dust. Her arms fall to her sides and the dust to the Earth. Smiling brightly, she walked back through the window from her black pathway.

“Would you believe me if I told you majority of us would be what you consider, super humans?” Miyako spoke, bringing all attention back to her. Some people however still gapped at what they just saw. “I’m only going to make this deal once; you can be our allies, or our possible enemies.”

Seeing what had just happened before the president reconsidered “If there is any possible outcome of your government, against ours, I wouldn’t want to jeopardize our country. I’ll look into it.”

“This even means, some of your enemies will need to become your allies because they are under my powers or under another one of my allies' powers.”

“Like I said before, we will look into it; we first need approval from the Senate, then the people.”

“Wise decision.” And the monitor blacked out. Lance and Diane following, teleporting back.

It was a hard decision or the Untied States of America to make at first. Most people didn’t buy their acts, but when some “aliens” appeared, sighting seeing as tourist, the people were able to find how strong they were. Some of them could move the earth, others could control fire. Too soon, the ninety percent of America had voted with the prepositions. Outnumbered, the Senate gave in. And America had become part of the Shadow Council.

Things changed after that, the people were influenced by these ‘aliens’. In a way, they became more respectful, most standards became higher. It felt like it took a step back, into formal dress and classical music all mixed with the modern day. Even the Shadow Council changed, their culture and ethnic variety expanded, bring new ideas, ways and inventions. Overall the change was good. But in some places, the ones who refused were to easily overwhelmed, reverting back to the Dark Ages.


That’s were Loretta lived for now. No matter how badly she wanted to leave, even though it felt like this place was going to die taking, that people treated her nothing more than their spit, that she was having the time imaginable; she had to prove she was strong, just like her brother did, and he suffered more and still is. One silent tear escaped her eye.

“Hello? Loretta? You didn’t fall asleep on me again right? Hello?”

“Hey! Woman!” Grant shook her shoulders, trying to get her attention. “Woman! Loretta! Snap out of it!”

Loretta’s eyes fluttered before realizing she was back at reality. Still holding the phone to her ear. “Oh, sorry. Fell asleep.” She said. But she was unaware that she had cried. Grant stared at her as she reverted back to talking on the phone. Had he just seen her cry? He was taken out of his thoughts by a sharp shriek.


“Ouch, you screamed in my ear! I said I was coming over!”


“Ouch! Never mind, I’ll meet you at that one castle place you work at. Bye!”

And before Loretta could protest, Diane had already hung up. She ran up stairs right after, screaming and swearing. Grant’s eyes following in confusion. Then he heard the sound of furniture being tossed about. Later, followed by a screaming Loretta who had changed, running around the house and then bolted out the door!

“What the hell?” he stood there for a minute or two. Then he remembered her magnet for bad luck “WOMAN, YOU GET YOU A*S BACK HERE!” and her darted after her.

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