Chapter 5 Leaving

Chapter 5 Leaving

A Chapter by A Drawer of Paper Roses

Typos! Blake comes up with a 'marvelous' idea on how they're going to escape the bar wihtout paying for the amount their alcholic friends comsumed. Also, the couple let's loose a hell in the kingdom.



Blake signaled the bartender over for a check. If the person was a girl, it’d be easier. If it was a guy, which it was, this was going to require more skill. He dropped his regular voice and picked up a street accent, the one he learnt from his many adventures

“Eh, what?!” he punched Grant’s arm “You see this guy?! He’s makin’ us gave more than two hundred buck!”

Grant was a surprised, but ready “The hell?”

Blake turned to the nervous bartender “Why you makin’ us pay so high?”

“B-b-b-ecause y-you’re friends�"” he started stuttering

“My friends what?” Blake cut him off

“T-th-they d-drank h-ha-h-half of my s-sup-supplies.”

Blake turned to the rest of them. Then glared back at the man “They got no part of me!” but he did a double take “Well, not that lass o’er there. It’s there them, soldier’s fault! See them sword they have? The same!”

Grant peered over his shoulder, any good blacksmith could tell the difference in those swords. The three had thin, one sided blades, the soldier had broad, double sided ones with intricate handles. The only similarity was that they all had black sheathes.

Only some stupid a*s wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

“Oh, u-uh sorry sir.” The bartender bowed his head

Grant pitied him poor stupid fool.

“Don’t you worry now.” Blake slung one arms in front of him, pointing to the bartender “I was gonna make yer tell them soldier, that their lil’ pawns blew it, but…” he drawled. He dangerous narrowed his eyes, corners of his mouth barely turning up. “Let us five go with half that we pay and I’ll tell them iron persons.”

The bartender quickly nodded in reply. Blake threw him the coins then hopped off the stool. Grant followed.

Bleak leaned down, just slightly, to enough to notice but enough for only Grant to hear him “Now, I’m gonna talk to that big, scary guy over there.” He voice was normal again “You go get Loretta. I’ll handle the other three.”

He settled Diane down on her feet and softly shook her shoulders. Slowly, her eye fluttered open. She furrowed her brows in confusion “Where am I? What happened?” she tried walking but tripped over air

Blake caught her in a moment’s notice “Easy there.”

“Oh man! Head rush.” She clung onto his shirt, watching fuzzy shapes and colors bleed in together.

“Babe, do you think you can push yourself, we’re kinda in a pinch here.”

The shapes were getting clearer “Uh, yeah!” then everything snapped together “What the hell?! I fall asleep and you’ve already got yourself in trouble?!” she rested her weight on one leg and crossed

“Look babe, I’m sorry. But if you can I need you to escape out of here with Kane on my signal. Grant you get Shawty.”

“Shawty? Who the hell is Shawty?”

“Loretta.” He turned back to Diane “Babe, come on! I tricked the guy so we only paid for a eighth. Will you do it? For me?” he pleaded, looked at her with soft, serene eyes

Diane remained unmoved “What’s in it for me?” she raise an eye brow, a playfully smirk on her face

Blake leaned over, his face hovering right above hers. “Anything. Anything you desire.” he kissed the tip of her nose. Then started tailing it down slowly down to her lips

Diane placed a finger against his mouth, in a tease “Anything?”

“Anything.” He tried closing the gap again. His arms wrapping around her waist, bring her close to him

Right before he kissed her soft lips a grim smile broke out on her face “Will you let me ride your precious motorcycle?”

Blake stopped right there. His eyes were shut tight in frustration, hands gripping her arms tightly. Was it worth it? “You…wanna…ride the…Phantom?” his voice was out stressed and slow

Diane nodded

With a sad smile, Blake nodded “…Okay…it’s…a…d…e…a…l…” it was painful to let those words come out of his mouth. He bit the inside of his cheeks as he watched her skip off with an evil look on her face. She had triumphed.

If I were him, I would’ve already hit that b***h by now Grant grumbled as he watched the towering man become so small because of a woman. Blake was currently in his own little atmosphere o defeat. But still, he mustered up what little pride he had left, and straightened up. Blake turned to Grant, who stared at him with a bleak face.

“Okay, so um, I’m gonna do what I gotta do.”

Grant shook his head as soon as Blake walked in the opposite direction. After another minute or so, he finally went to his designated spot.

Blake marched up to one of the officers, without a problem, he stood his ground right in front of him, he scanned him, then looked at him straight in the eye “You’re pretty, stronger aren’t you?”

The man had an eye patch over his left eye, a thin scar protruding form underneath. “You have a good eye, boy.”

Despite the noticeable height difference, the man had called him boy. Which means he’d be a tough customer.

Blake laughed “Well, that’s was not what he thought.” He jutted his chin towards a rather large man, a giant scowl on his face with many scars; playing with a knife in his hands.

“What do you mean?” the officer growled and glared towards the direction Blake had pointed out

“He thought you were weak.” This averted his gaze back to Blake, who raised his hands in defeat “Hey! I didn’t say it. I overheard him saying that h thought you were scrawny, so he was going to make you pay for his little followers over there.”


Blake pointed his thumb, behind his back and towards Henry’s, Kane’s and Raoul’s direction. “Them, they just drank have of this high class bar.”

The three were rolled over laughing hysterically with their flushed faces. The officer grumbled and cursed. “Hey, if you delivered this message, tell that b*****d that he can kiss my a*s, if he wants me to pay for his b*****s.”

Blake was laughing on the inside. “Sure thing, sir” All according to my plan

Strutting over, Blake sat himself down next to the scary man, holding a bottle of beer. “Damn those soldiers.” He slurred

The Scar man took small interest “What’s with you?”

Blake brought the bottle to his mouth, feigning to be drunk. “Them soldiers that’s what! Made me give up my seat!” he wiped the residue beer off his mouth. He paused then leaned over gazing over the Scar man “And, you that scary fella right? The one they was talking about? Yeah, you’re that one.” His face was bleak when he said this

“They said what?” now he was interested

“They said…what did they said? Oh, yeah! They said they was gonna make you pay for their drinks, since they was thinking you’re easy stuff.”

The Scar man got up right after this, mumbling. Stealthily, Blake rose too, to hide in the corner of the bar; watching the scene he had created. Diane was right behind Kane and Grant was trying to get Loretta to stand. The Scar man walked up to the officer, took his knife, and stabbed him with it. The officer fought back, unsheathing his sword and slicing the man’s chest. All chaos broke out.

Guess that’s the signal? Grant was still prying on Loretta’s arm “Come on, woman! Get you fat a*s up!”

Loretta stirred then started laughing again, intoxicated “There’s a fight.”

“Get up! We got to go! NOW!”

But Loretta kept laughing.

Grant eventually gave up. Swiftly, he scooped her up, one arm around her back, the other carrying her legs. Then dashed out the chaotic mess.

Diane carried Kane on her back. Blake had Raoul slung over his shoulder and carried Henry on his side like a football. They all met outside, seeing swords and weapons fly in the air.

“Is everybody here?” Blake he adjusted his hold on Henry

“Yeah, I got Kane.”

“I got the b***h.”

Diane glared at him. Blake chuckled “We’ll drop these three to the inn. Grant, all there’s left is to return Shawty safely home. Then you can go leave and do what you gotta do.” Blake set off into the night, moving through the streets like a ghost.

Diane gave Grant one last look. “Please be careful.” Then she too, disappeared into the shadows.

He stood there for awhile What was that all about? It puzzled him, the way Diane looked at him; like she saw what was going to happen in the near future. He shook it off, it was just him. Carrying the sleeping woman in his arms, he quickly made his way home, creeping as quiet as a mouse. All this time, Loretta seemed unfazed about the outside noises. She peacefully, slept and curled up in his arms. Grant went upstairs, the floorboards screeching under his every step. He pushed open the small door with his foot and found a small dainty room.

Unlike the rest of her house, this room was spotless. There were many pictures of her family around the walls. Posters of famous fighters. And a chest in the back corner. Carefully, he laid her down on the small bed; she curled up, tucking her knees in. This made him laugh. When she was sleeping, her face was so serene and delicate; she seemed like a fragile piece thin glass, waiting to break any moment. You wouldn’t have guessed she’d be a short temper, a*s-kicking woman. It reminded him how they first met; Grant thought she was a weakling in need of help. Now they constantly fought every minute they had. He had to admit, she was a good fighter. Maybe one day, she’ll even beat him

He laughed at the thought. Slowly, he pulled the blankets up to her chin. This insane woman was sleeping like a baby. As he walked out the door he paused midday way and chuckled “Good night woman. And try to keep your a*s out of trouble you crazy b***h.” leaning against the door frame, he looked at her peaceful face “I’ll see ya later Loretta.” He laughed once more. Then like a dream, he was gone


Loretta moaned when she frist woke up. For starters, she had a hangover. Secondly, mutt had left with half of her fridge again. Thirdly, she had work today; in other words another day of dealking with that small arrogant b***h and her parents. The steam of the shower helped calm her down. Then it rose again with the hassle of combinig her raven hair that reached the floor; she French braided her hair and with an intricate hair pin, she pinned her hair that looped around in a loose bun. The bottom layer of hair hung out of the bun in loose strands. Taking five more similar pin, she secured her hair in place, so that the giant mass wouldn’t fall out in the middle of work. Then one last pin, the one her God Father had given her, was placed in the center. It was a diamond cut into a orchid, with a green sheen. No one knew how much he spent on it, but he kept stating that she deserved only the best.

The wardrobe had only a few dresses left. She cussed under her breath for forgetting to do laundry; she chose the best one for these early stages of winter. It was a long black velvet gown with a slit at her right side. The problem was that it was strapless with a low cut. It didn’t help that she had two cup sizes under her mom. Today just wasn’t her day. She muttered as she pulls out a breakfast bar from the fridge. Wearing the jacket Diane had given her, she headed out the door.

Mentally she made her planner for today

Work today. Try not to murder the brat, nor her parents

Lunch break at one o’clock with Blake and Diane

Back to working with b*****s at 2 o’clock

Get off of work at five.

Visit friends at six

Cook dinner at seven

Curse about life at eight

Nine is for sleeping

The streets weren’t as packed as usual. Yes, there were some salesmen, which now looking over the stands of fruit didn’t seem so bad. When she was younger, she always thought those fruits were poisoned. Now they were better than a scrawny breakfast bar. Exchanging, Loretta dropped the silver coins into the old lady’s hands and carried the bag of guavas. The lady smiled, and told Loretta that she was very beautiful, a rare one to come around her little stand; the sweet grandma had given her the plumpest ones, in return Loretta had generously tipped the old woman, making sure she kept the money. Walking down the streets, she pulled out a fat guava from her bag. Inspecting it, it wasn’t overripe nor under, but right in the middle. Loretta bit into the sweet, green flesh of the guava. It’s been long since she’s had one. The juice was sweets and tangy, just like she remembered. At the gates of the castle, she tucked away the bag and entered the building.


“So…” Loretta drawled, moving her finger along the table. “…you need to talk to me about what?”

There she was. Sitting opposite of King George. His face was stern and his mouth pressed into a firm line. She knew he did not like her at all. Maybe it was the hidden fact the she was more noble than them. And also the fact she was better-rounded than all three of them put together. What can you say? Raised in a prestigious environment, you have to be at the top of your game. She rivaled the people’s favor against the queen, the knowledge and power of the king and the beauty of the Princess. Those were their categories to excel, not hers.

“Lady Ronan, I have some business concerning you.”

It’s going to be about that marriage crap isn’t it? “Yes your eminence?” Loretta strained herself to sound polite. Instead, it sounded like someone just stepped on her foot.

“Have you heard about the Dracona kingdom?”

“That one filled with a bunch of insane people running around like hell?” S**t! I slipped.  She kept her poker face straight.

The king eyed her suspiciously. “I belief so, not in such a childish manner you have presented, though.” He sipped from his golden wine cup “Well we’ve been dealing with them lately, and my dear Lady Ronan, it’s a very important issue that concerns you.”

“Did I do something wrong?” she thanked the acting classes she was forced to take. Her voice had some emotion in it, if not any.

“No, Loretta, it’s the matter of what you’ll do. I believe your current status is single, yes?”


“We’ve made a proposition with them, your hand to their prince in exchange for the better.” He deadpanned the subject

Wow. Not even asking if it was okay with me! “What happens if I do agree?”

“Then we’ll be at war with their Empire and you’ll hold full responsibility on it.”

It seems to me like you’re scared of them “I guess I have no voice in this then.”

“Exactly! Be glad I have informed you, ungrateful woman. If I hadn’t, my guards would be forcing you into this treaty at a late notice.”

“I understand you highness.” Understand you’re a wuss. I understand that your daughter of a brat passed this onto me! She pushed away from the table.

“You’re dismissed.” He waved his hand, turning to his side, no longer interested.

She was the same when she entered the room. Her face was apathetic but she dreaded it. Her heart shattered into a million splinters; it pounded with apprehension. She wanted to cry, to breakdown and scream on the top of her lungs. This is not how she imagined her life to end up. Her will to a demon. As soon as she was out of sight, she slammed her back against the brick wall and slowly slid down. The grip of her hands when she wrapped her arms around herself with hard. Leaving purple bruises in the shape of her fingers. Burying her head in her knees she started cursing her life.

After a while, she lifted up her head. The cool pacific breeze ran through her hair, Loretta stared ahead at the castle gardens, sighing. It was smaller, less colorful than the one she grew up with, but this was the closest she could get.

“Hey, Loser. Daddy broke the news to you? Is that why you're crying?” Charlotte strutted to her, acting like she was the center of the earth

Loretta stared at her apathetically “Crying?”

“You surely should know by now.”

“I should know what that so important?” Loretta sighed and gave the woman a pitied look.

“Let me spell that out for you. Since obviously you can’t hear right.”

Says the brat who can sleep through a fire alarm

“You. Are. Going to. Marry a. Demon.” She spoke to her as if she thought Loretta was stupid.

“And so?”

“Aren’t you upset at all?!” she crossed her arms in front of her chest. “It means you can’t marry you’re knight!”

Loretta stared at the girl confused “Marry what knight?”

“The hot one! With the wild red hair, gorgeous smile, nice body�"” Charlotte went on and on.

“Grant?” Loretta snorted “You can have him if that’s what you want?”

There was a pause “Wait, you don’t like him?”

Loretta laughed mockingly “Him?! No way! I’d rather push him off a cliff!” Charlotte gaped at her, Loretta chuckled “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to clean out that pig’s pen you call your room.” And she pushed passed the stunned brat


“Where are we going to eat?” Loretta asked

“Ask Blake, we’ve been wandering around forever, trying to find a certain place he wanted to eat at.” Diane’s long strides easily caught up with Blake’s “Isn’t that right dear? You know where you’re going?” the was sarcasm in those words

Her fiancé grumbled and turned away. He wasn’t the only stubborn one.

“You guys are lost aren’t’ you?” Loretta asked them



Diane clung onto Loretta. “He’s being an idiot! Take me away to somewhere with decent food!”

Before she had time to answer Diane had steered Loretta away; Wishing Blake luck on his journey in finding that one restaurant. After a minute or so he gave up his pride and started following them.

Loretta had led them, to a small café. She explained that they had the best drinks and pastries. Curiously Diane walked up to the small menu on the wall. Her eyes widen. Chai Latte, Mexican Hot Cocoa Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Shake, Shirley temples, Chocolate croissant, blueberry Danishes, cinnamon rolls, cream puffs, cheese cake. Immediately, Diane whipped her head around and told Blake what she wanted. He laughed at her childish expression. It was just…so adorable! He couldn’t resist her charm. He obliged and pulled the money out of his wallet; he paid for Loretta’s share as well.

“About the wedding, do you have any idea what we’re singing?” Loretta asked them.

“Nope, well, kinda” Blake shrugged “Zara and Vito are in charge of that, they’ll fill you in later; but we each put in one request.”

Oh great, I’m going to be working we Vito and he’s going to be my boss. “What songs did you request?”

He took a sip from his latte before answering “I chose My Life Would Suck without You, an old song from here. By a lady called Kelly Clarkson.”

“What about you Diane?”

She stabbed her fork and knife into the croissant “The same artist” popping the piece in her mouth, she smile after swallowing “It’s called Never Again

…Isn’t that song about revenge after a breakup? “May I ask why?”

“I’ve tried but nothing can get through her thick skull.” He tapped his knuckles against her head

“Hey! It’s a really good song!” she fought back

“For a wedding?”

“Well no�"but�"well�"um�"it good and�"um" She was trying to find a reason but gave up “You stupid!” she squealed

“I’ll stop bugging you about it if you kiss me.”

“Okay then! Just shut up and kiss me!”

And he did. Loretta tried her best not to laugh. They were the cutest couple ever! They were stubborn, spontaneous, funny, outgoing, they were themselves. After their lips broke apart, Loretta burst out laughing. She repeatedly hit the table with her arm. Breathing heavily. Five minutes later, she retrieved her breathe. She took of her jacket to cool herself off. Her face was red, and the couples stared at her with interest.

“What’s so funny?”

“You guys.”

She couldn’t wait to leave back home. Diane was going to talk to the King tonight ask for permission to let Loretta away for awhile. Of course, she told Loretta, to pack up and leave in about three days. Either way, Diane was sure to get her out. But she knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. Loretta left back to the castle to finish her job and when that was done, she left to visit her friends.

Meanwhile, Diane marched up to the castle. Passing the sleeping guards like a ghost, Blake trailing stealthily behind her. The corridors were dreary, vines rowing on the old stones. Blake sighed in utter disgust when she stepped into an old, rotting puddle of mud. Diane shrieked when a dead rat fell form the ceiling. The hallways were dimly lit, torches on either side, their flames dying out. Finally they reached the grand doors, tightly shut so not even a speck of light could get through.

With one finger, Blake opened the concrete doors. The royal family was surprised when the doors opened, revealing a tall, pale figure standing it the path. Dian emerged from behind him. NO longer was her eyes joyful, but there were serious and deadly. Her mouth was pressed into a grim frown, no longer retaining its blissful smile. Blake hovered to her side, his eyes narrowed, standing straight, exposing his full height; it was clear he reached over seven feet.

“King George.” Diane spoke softly, but there was an edge in her voice “Let’s chat.”

“Who are you!? And how dare barge into my castle in such a rude manner!” he rose from his chair, yelling, his big voice echoing in the halls.

That very instant he lost all his respect to her “Like you should talk George.” She addressed his name as if he was nothing but a speck of dirt “It should be me you fear.”

“You abhorrent, little swine!”

In a flash, Blake stood right behind the king, his breathe on his neck “Watch it! It’s not nice to treat a noble in Riqus like that.” He growled those words in a low voice.

The king stumbled away from, and fell down the stairs. Charlotte screamed. The queen ran up Blake with a knife, and aimed for his throat. With ease he dodged it, but barely in a tease. She was only ale to nick his choker, which fell from the contact.



She tumbled down on her knees. Fury ran through her veins How dare he humiliate me like that! She twisted her back to face Blake, but the fire was immediately gone in her eyes, when she realized she was staring at a demon. An earsplitting scream filled the room as she watched in terror. He loomed over her, black wings spread out as wide, a serpent like tail whipping back and forth; his eyes were black and emotionless a glint in his sharp fang-like teeth when he smirked.

“That’s enough Blake.”

Blake turned to his fiancé. Diane stood there like the fierce warrior she as. He obliged and retuned to her side. In panic, Charlotte clasped the dagger her mother had dropped and flung it at Blake. Quickly, a black razor edged whip emerged from Diane’s shadow; flicking her wrist, she deflected dagger. It soared past the king, leaving a long, slider cut across his cheek. With another flick, Diane cracked her whipped against the girl’s. Charlotte screamed out in pained, clutching her bleeding torso. But she felt little remorse. Diane knew from the start the monster inside the small girl; she knows when a demon lurks inside, she knows that Charlotte deserved it. Even if she was just a girl

Josephine rushed to her daughter’s side. The king stared at deadly duo, feared written all over his face “Who are you?”

“Blake Stone, offense in the Royal’s Militia Squadron X.”

“There is no Squadron X.”

“Because we’re kept secret under the government.”

George looked at Diane

“D.I.A.N.E, Princess of Riqus, otherwise Diane”

He gaped in amazement. “Diane, the princess of Riqus?”

“The one and only.” She stretched out her hand immediately dark purple strings flew from her and into the king’s shadow. “And we need to chat.”

“GUARDS!!!” Charlotte shrieked.

The doors poured with fully equipped soldiers, armed with machine guns.

“Aim at the girl!”

The obeyed her order. About every gun was pointed at Diane. Then they fired. The sound of bullets slamming against flesh filled the silence. Dust picked up and hazed the room, making it unbearable to see. Slowly, everyone’s vision became clearer; when the dust died down they were still standing.

Blake wrapped his wings, around his lover, holding her tightly to him. The bullets rolled around them, and off Blake’s skin. He let go and glared at them, a devilish smile paying on his lips “Bullet proof skin, it’s all a part of genetics and science.”

The men dropped their guns, and dashed the opposite direction. Only in about three steps, they collapsed to the ground, rendering themselves useless to the royal family. And there was Diane, her whip glowing, dripping in the blood of the thousand soldiers.

Once again, she face the king “I’ve come with a command.” Her left hand was still out stretched, connecting to the king. Diane was a puppeteer, and she controlled him. “I’d like you to let my friend, Loretta Ronan, off on vacation for awhile. She’s needed in her homeland. And if you reject, this definitely won’t be the last time we meet.”

The king was force to nod.

“Good.” Diane laughed at her sick joke of making him nod.

Blake came from behind her and wrapped his arms around her wait bringing her close. He leaned down and pressed his lips to her ear. Diane remained unaffected by his actions and kept her concentration.

“Once more thing.” He whispered

“Also, there one more thing for you to do.”

“Retta has bruises. Bruises shaped like fingers on her arms. Her fingers. There drivin’ her insane, to the point where see can’t feel any more pain, Dusk.” There was a sensation to his husky voice when he spoke her real name. they way she felt the words rumbles in his chest and roll off his tongue. “Fix it.

“I’ve seen that you’ve all have been driving her to her limits. I want you to be more hostile to her. This treatment now counts as a bust and I won’t tolerate it! Do you understand?”

The king own his replied “Yes” Diane lowered her hand, he saw this as his chance “But only if you answer my questions.”

“You can if you wanna.” Blake breathed in her scent from the top of her head.

“Go right ahead.”

“What do you mean, when you have said your name was D.I.A.N.E?”

Diane laughed “It’s my code name, that cover’s my real, full one. “

“What is your real name?”

“Dusk Ileana Eternal, or, Eternal Dusk,”

“I guess then you would mind if your enemies knew that then.” The king laughed out hard in triumph. He did it! He actually did it! And the woman was foolish enough to fall for his plan! “What are you to do now?” he mocked

Diane shrugged “Meh, nothing.”

“Why not?” the laughter stopped. Confused in her statement

“Because you won’t be able to remember it.”

Diane clenched her fist. Purple strings flew, from Charlotte, from Josephine, and from George. They pulled back to her in a flash. The three collapsed on the ground unconscious. Diane walked over to each, and began healing them of every injury she caused them; even the soldiers

Blake watched as she shoved the purple aura sphere into the king’s chest “You made sure you erased their memories right?”

“Yeah.” She moved on to Charlotte

“Everything crucial right? Your name, my job?”

“Yep.” She finished Josephine. “All they’ll remember is everything but that.”

“Man, we’re gonna have to tell Lance to make me another collar. I can’t walk around the streets here like this!” he gestured to his demon parts, it’d be impossible to hide, wide wing, a long tail and fangs

“Oh, don’t be so worried I go a spare.” Diane was close to finishing, speeding healing all the soldiers. She tossed him the black choker.

Blake caught it with ease.“Yeah, but we’re still gonna need him to make another one anyways.”

“He’s going to be pissed.” Diane chuckled, they were always causing his closest friend trouble.

“Then” he bowed and offered her his arm “, Shall we get going?”

“We shall.” She giggled and looped her arms through his.

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