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            They say for every thousand humans born a messiah is born. That was the estimate anyways; the obvious fact was that with the growing population, messiahs were more and more common. Before the humans knew it, the crystal-blessed infants had grown strong in both strength and numbers and taken over the society they established.  It happened so subtly and gradually that the humans never saw it coming until they could no longer defend themselves against it. After the humans had no fight left in them the messiahs build an Ark with a city inside it at the center of all society from which they ruled like gods.

            The messiah’s reign lasted long enough that the humans eventually came to accept this as the natural order of things. It wasn’t necessarily a bad reign, simply a demeaning one. No one likes feeling weak though, so beneath the messiah’s nose, who’d come to trust their servants as humans once trusted messiahs when they were in power, the humans gathered in secret and conducted experiments. With the power of a crystal, they created a life to mimic that of their oppressors, a man-made messiah. A homunculus.

            Homunculi were simple enough to make. Humans who worked in laboratories could get their hands on any synthetic parts they needed while the miners could steal crystals without getting caught. The hardest ingredient was obtaining a human vessel, and even that was easy. The humans tasked with disposing the bodies of those who died working had access to a giant dumpster of corpses. In just a matter of a decade, the humans had an army strong enough to rival the messiah kings.

            It was like a tidal wave out of nowhere when the humans rebelled alongside their man-made messiahs. They conquered areas one by one and their army growing by the battle. The messiahs weren’t ready for it, and their fight back was a wasted effort. With the uprising in one area came the uprising of another. Humans who had never even considered the idea of a rebellion quickly joined the cause in hopes of a better lifestyle. Messiahs turned against one another in the array of confusion and never ending attacks. After the Ark was taken, the war ended. Gods had never fallen so quickly. It was a victory for the humans that would be forever marked in history. Or so they thought.

            Shortly after the victory, as the humans celebrated and began to take position and power, the homunculi caught sight of the shift in power. They realized their fight had only resulted in replacing one supremacy for another. The homunculi shared the bodies of the human’s fallen kin but not their mind. Body aside, they were an entirely new existence altogether, and the thought of serving did not sit kindly with them.

            Before the humans could solidify their rule, the homunculi rebelled against their makers and took the Ark for themselves. Humans once again found themselves at the bottom of the barrel and were stripped of power once more. They fled to all ends meeting death and enslavement wherever they went. The bloodbath and treatment was worse than when the messiahs ruled. From that point on, humans decided to depend on nobody but themselves.

            Once again scientists found themselves huddled together for a solution and managed to create a haven for humans. They discovered an artifact that diminished the power of crystals and created a device to amplify its range. Within it, they created a home where humans could sleep at night without fear of being hunted. Purgatory they called it. A place only humans could walk.

            The war between homunculi and humans came to a halt. Any homunculi who stepped into Purgatory would die in an instant. Any human who stepped out of Purgatory would be enslaved into the world of the homunculi. Both sides forever plotting how to bring about an end to the other. And thus the Era of Rest came about. 

© 2012 Cynical_Art

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A very good opening chapter. I like the use of science, myth and tale to create a interesting story. I will read a few chapters. I'm real busy with work. Time is hard to find to think and read for one more month. Thank you for sharing the excellent opening chapter.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you, I appreciate it a lot. I know the burden of being busy. I myself haven't been able to wri.. read more
This is very good. I saw the whole piece as a reflection of the ever growing population vs. our savage use of our natural ressources... More eating less... Your Messiahs climbing on top and refusing to share. Makes for an interesting intro, we're already filled with interest and questions, well done!

Posted 9 Years Ago

The concept is great! It's different and i love how you take religion and twist it into your own creative idea. Looking forward to how the characters in the story will inhabit this world.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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