Inhaling Confessions

Inhaling Confessions

A Poem by GunMetal

Inspired by the way we communicate, and what we never really verbalize to each other.


Where is your desperate, Lover?

You left it in cartridges of ink

to be spilled

along with whatever else was

on the table by your bed.


You fit crooked in a picture frame of nostalgia

with your arms outstretched like traffic lights.

Stop-and-go affection.

I can feel the presence in your goosebumps.


Small talk is a water torture exchange between us.


I watch you as you speak to me,

while I listen for body language.

You’ll feel it when I taste your cheek

like matches to tobacco.


That is your flavor after all.

You kiss like a cigarette.

I have no idea why you want me this time.

We breathe smoke into each other

until we’re inhaling confessions.


At this point you stop and apologize.

You had not meant for this to happen.


And I neglect to tell you that you don’t need to apologize.

I’m hoping you’re watching me,

my posture telling you,

I know you’re not sorry.

Not really.


We are dreadlocked together.
A disaster growing from the scalp of some situation

close enough to touch its thoughts.

We can only love in knots.

Should knots.

Can knots.

Have knots.

Dread knots.


Dirty in our metaphor.

Unique in our present participle.

Simile like adjective nouns.

We could be anything.


We can speak clearly with our tongues wrapped around each other.

They taste like apologies.

They taste like a brilliant lack of commitment,

with way too much sympathy.


I might have loved you forever in a past life.

I might have told you that before.

One of my ghosts might have carved your dead name in a forest.

Maybe we’re haunting something somewhere,



We just can't be still for each other.
It's ok.


I can tell from your body, Lover,

you misplaced your desperate.

© 2012 GunMetal

Author's Note

"I don’t want to be the best lover you’ve ever had, I just want to be your favorite." -Derrick Brown

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I love your style of writing; it creates such strong images with every line. Absolutely wonderful!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I really enjoyed this.
There's a lot of imagery, and the emotion is clearly there. The descriptions are unique and unorthodox; in a good way.
Favorite stanza- "I might have loved you forever....."
It's beautiful really.
No other words.
Keep writing!

Posted 8 Years Ago

such lust, craving, such a great read, wow, I mean.. WOW! The last line, it made me feel like I had just finished the most amazing roller coaster and blushed from the excitement of it. I wanted to tell you what my favorite stanza is but there are just too many. I love the entire piece.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is awesome! I really, really enjoyed reading it! wow. just wow.

Posted 8 Years Ago

oh my goodmess i f*****g love it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I cannot even begin to express the emotions this took me on a true ride of twisted imagery, the kind that speelbounds you til you can almost break, a tear formed in my many great verses were used in this is one of my favs by far!!! And not only of yours but that I have read period.

One of my ghosts might have carved your dead name in a forest.
Maybe we’re haunting something somewhere,

I adore that thought...Awesomeness at its best!

Posted 9 Years Ago

i like how the narrator expresses emotions through these metaphors and similes. 'i might have loved you forever in a past life' rings true to every relationship i might've had. i like how the lover returns for absolution and the narrator assures them that it isn't necessary. like this is the routine between them. sounds like a very complicated relationship. excellent poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

great imagery here..I saw myself in this piece..your words.. my words, her emotions.. his emotions Body language can speak louder than words at times..This piece was filled with it, emotions. I would quote a favorite line but then, I'd be copying and posting it all.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Some people's relationships solely feed on sexual connection. But isn't that love is a language- a language, seemingly scathing and destructive if miscommunicated. Your metaphorical juxtaposition of the figurative tools in language was as brilliant as the vivid portrayal of the enrapturing imageries. Loved this piece, well done my friend.

Posted 9 Years Ago

You built this in my mind so well

Posted 9 Years Ago

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