Festival Preparing,Confusion Creating

Festival Preparing,Confusion Creating

A Chapter by HoneyHoneyMomo

Chapter 3 Of new Experiences,too tired i will continue later...



Shuun had been in the boys bathroom stall for half the first period class,he cleaned himself off and was just contemplating.All the other girls are just cute,normal teenage girls,when he fucked them it took hours to cum and all the other girls would just lay back,they did no such thing like what Ayuna did.


What the other girls did used to be exciting but now after what Ayuna did it really made him think.Ayuna's outward appearance is normal and bland but up close she is actually smoking hot and more than a woman.Did she do that on purpose?Does she have a split personality?or is she normally like that?but why,why did it have such and effect on me and the little me down there!?


The 2nd class period bell rang,the class will be outside in the front of the school working on floats and such for the Fall festival.Shuun got up after finally mulling over some of what happened and getting in cool mode.maybe she will forget or act like it didn't happen.Shuun left the bathroom and headed out to class.



He skipped first period and is late to help with the fall festival activities,he's such a slacker and wimp.Wasn't he the infamous Total Pro Player that i heard of so much?That all the girls from every class fawns over?I've seen nothing great about him.


And was it just me or did he cum?Oh well i shouldn't be thinking about him anyways.Doing what Ayuna usually does,she started working together in the groups and giving orders.At the corner of her eye she saw him,he was walking and joking with his friends headed to where everyone else was busy working at.Ayuna thought maybe she did too much to him.


It's not her fault he asked for it and the sex maniac in her and come out,how embarrassing!What was he thinking anyways?will he go and gossip about it to all his friends?nah he can't i think he had an accident that he won't forget too.

© 2011 HoneyHoneyMomo

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Bravo! She proved to be more than he knew how to handle!

Posted 7 Years Ago

You wrote a very good story. I have six sisters. Woman can be more powerful then most men realize. A very good ending. Thank you.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Still good, but yeah, Shuun did deserved it and Ayuna didn't go too far!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A Chapter by HoneyHoneyMomo

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