Chapter 2: The Warning

Chapter 2: The Warning

A Chapter by HorrorMaster

This Chapter is about on how America be prepare for this hurricane to come to destroy them.

In June 3rd,2010


In Miami, Florida. It was 9:00am on a Thursday morning.  In the N.W.S, there were workers busy partying for some women birthday and not doing their job by trying to see any bad hurricanes out there. This young 25 year old man name Andrew work for the company. He decided to not to party and go check on his computer to see if there any hurricanes out there. He goes on his computer and check the signal hurricane radar. He saw a huge hurricane on the tracking radar. A category 20 hurricane coming near Bahamas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Maine. The entire state of America that this hurricane is going to destroy. The hurricane have gotten even stronger.  Andrew couldn’t believe what he saw and this hurricane is coming tonight. Everybody is not ready. All the news reporters have not reported this hurricane yet for a warning yet. No Hurricane hunters went out and test this big huge hurricane out. All thanks for this company and the workers for not doing their job. Andrew ran as fast as he can to his boss and told him about this huge hurricane while he was freaking out.
“Hey boss you couldn’t believe what I just found on the tracking radar. We are going to have a big a*s hurricane tonight. We not even ready and no warning out there. Everyone seem to don’t care about this job, so they in up partying. At least I go and check it out. We got to warn everyone about this hurricane.”
His Boss couldn’t believe it, so he walk out and told everyone to stop partying to do their f*****g job.      
“Hey you f*****g dumb a*s, you are here to f*****g work. Not to party, not to be f*****g lazy. Andrew just find out that we are having a huge hurricane tonight. A category 20 hurricane people and this is going to be  a very dangerous hurricane, so do you job or you all fired. I want everyone to contact the news reporters and everyone.”
Everyone in the company were freaking out and hurrying  up by contacting, warning everyone and the news reporters about this hurricane. They also name this Hurricane to be called Satan. They all print out and fax this warning note to everyone in the entire world.


Mean while kids were at school and adults busy working. They all too busy to turn on the news to see what is going to happen tonight.  At that time the day was very windy and still sunny out. A couple of surfing young adults skip college and went to South Miami Beach to surf. A young 18 year old woman name Diana had always love to surf with her friends. She is more of a tom boy. She had blonde long hair, green eyes, and a sexy body. She always hangs out with surfing guys. Her dream is to become a popular surfer. Her handsome boyfriend John with brown long hair, nice masculine body, brown eyes. He is every women dream. Every women wants to be with him. John is also sweet and surfer to as well. He love his girlfriend Diana. John is so glad to go surfing with her beautiful girlfriend and his friends too. One of his friends were chilling in back of John’s van and watching a movie called The Day After Tomorrow on T.N.T. A special report come on and ruin the movie. A news  weather reporter said, “There is going to be a huge hurricane tonight. A very dangerous category 20 hurricane Satan is coming our way today. Be prepare people and try to survive. NWS apologize to us for not warning about this hurricane sooner. Be safe people and may god help us all.” On the screen on the T.V was that warning note. One of John’s best friend Freddy ran out of his van and told him what is going on tonight while he was in deep panic.
“Dude you never believe what is going to happen tonight and I know why is very windy today. There is going to be a huge hurricane. A category 20 hurricane coming tonight. We need to get out of here and dig up a huge hole to hide underground the earth crust to survive.”
John laugh at him and told him that is no such thing of a category 20 hurricane.
“Dude there is not such thing of a category 20 hurricane. Only category in this earth have is category 1 - 5. I think they probably meant to say  that is a category 5 hurricane out there. I mean come on a category 20 will take done the entire state of America if there really is a category 20 out there. Stop smoking dope and chill out bro. Look at the waves and surf.”
Freddy got all mad and grab John’s long hair to his van to make him see this warning notice.
“Holy s**t dude you are right. Hey Diana check out this warning notice that is on every channel.” said John.
Diana ran up to him and she was shock. “Holy s**t baby what we going to do?” said  Diana while she in a deep fear.
John cuddle up to her and thinking about what to do to survive this storm. He thought about an idea for survival and told his friends about it.
“How about we dig up the sand into the earth crust and hide under there to the storm passes. We just need a shovel, axe, hard hat that has a flashlight on it. I think is the only way to survive.”

Diana and Freddy agrees with him and the rest of his friends too. They all went to walmart to get the stuff that they need to survive. While they went inside at walmart. The place was pack with every body trying to get the stuff that they need to prepare before the storm come. Even at Home depot near walmart is very pack. Everyone was getting lots wood and metal hurricane shutters.  John got a shovel, those hard hats, food, blankets, pillows, and pretty much everything to survive while they dig a hole underground. He most of paid about 100 dollars for these items.  They all went back to the van to get back to the beach. They all grab a shovel and dig a big hole to go underground to hide. While they were doing that. It was almost night time. Other people from all entire state of America tried to  be prepare for tonight’s storm. Families putting strong wood and hurricane shutters on their window. Shows, malls, and other stories were close early.  Homeless people and other people hanging out in a strong indoor stadium. Other people digging a big huge hole to hide underground to survive.  The President of the United States of America made a special announcement on the news.
“My follow Americans, today is June 3rd 2010. The day that we're going to be hit by a first big category 20 hurricane Satan. I know you all in a hurry and the NWS are very sorry for not warning us sooner. I want you all is to please be safe and try to survive this storm. We never know what is going to happen next the day. Together will we survive this hurricane. I wish you best of luck and made god blessed us all.” said The President.

Everyone cheered and smile to hear the President speech. Families holding each other as they smile and pray to god. John, Diana, Freddy, and rest of his friends made a big huge hole to hide underground the earth crust. Now everyone wait and hide for this acid hurricane to come to destroy America and rest of the world on this night.  

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

Next chapter will get even more more better. :) Please comment this one.

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So far so good!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Entertaining chapter. A cool write of the coming of a category 20 hurricane and people thinking of ways to survive it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Great job so far! Off to read some more. :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

Great piece of writing you've put together here. Your plot moves at a nice pace, and your story gets more and more interesting.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I LOVE the name of the hurricane and also the funny dialog of the NWS people..haha!

Posted 14 Years Ago

I can see you are building up a bang in this one. The tension is nice and makes you want finish the story just to see how it turns out. I would give this book a good polishing try submitting.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I love the whole warning thing. It makes stories like this just that bit more intense =) They're always the bits in the movies that scare you the most because they know it's coming.

Posted 14 Years Ago

People can be foolish. Like in New Orleans. They were forewarn. Most will stay and hope for the best. Story is outstanding. I will read on. Thank you for the outstanding story.

Posted 14 Years Ago

This chapter was better. You built it up more, and that really enhanced the story. I loved how the characters were digging up sand. Like the acid won't penetrate the sand. (Typical teens..) Everything was just right in this chapter. This made it VERY enjoyable. I am so excited for Chapter 3, which I am moving onto now.

Posted 14 Years Ago

goin' to the next one!!!!!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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