Chapter 5: Post Apocalyptic War

Chapter 5: Post Apocalyptic War

A Chapter by HorrorMaster

Let the war against the acid zombies begins. :)

June 8th, 2010

They were still under the earth crust as Sam, John, Diana, Freddy, and the rest of his friends trying to climb out of it. Sam and John kept on moving all the rocks out of their way. Diana smell air coming out of the rocks. They both smelled too.
“Oh my god I smell air. Lets keep on climbing, I think we are almost there.” said Diana.
They all kept on climbing out of the earth crust. Sam felt dirt coming out of the rocks, so he moved it. They all climb out of the dirt. They were at post apocalyptic Kansas city. A city  that Sam grow up on. They all couldn’t believe what they saw.  The buildings and houses were destroyed and broken. Cars were turn over  and broken down. Trees were down everywhere. Broken glass were on the streets. All entire city were melted, broken down, and got destroyed by hurricane Satan. Everyone in Kansas city were gone.

The city was kinda look like this picture here, but a lot worst.

Diana was shock to see what happen to this city.
“Oh my god! Holy s**t, this is what this hurricane did to this city?”
Sam couldn’t believe it. His home state got destroyed by hurricane Satan.
“Yeah I can’t believe what happen here either. I think this hurricane destroyed all entire world. As for now we are living on a new world. A post apocalyptic world filled with god damn f*****g acid zombies.” cried Sam with his tears coming down his face.
All entire survivors that were hiding in the underground city came out of the earth crust. They all saw what happen to this world. No body was out there. All the food were destroyed. All entire world got destroyed.  New York city is still flooded. The white house from Maryland got destroyed.  California got ripped apart by an earthquake and destroyed by hurricane Satan. All survivors couldn’t believe what happen. Mothers and children were in tears. Fathers and young man were mad on what happen to their world.

Some of them saw a damages city just like this picture here.

A young child with his mother spotted Acid zombies coming out of their hiding place to kill them all. They all ran and hide, but it was too late. Acid zombies grab them and decapitated them. All the man were using M 16 guns, shoots the acid zombies in the head. Blood were splatter out everywhere. Most of them died by infection, but then they came back alive as an acid zombie. All of the acid zombies were eating everyone human flesh. They were ripping out the people stomachs, eating their guts. Some of them dismember a child and his mom head to eat their brain. A child with no head and his mother came back alive as acid zombies. They were holding their heads so they can be able to see as they walk. Mothers and young women were screaming in fear as the acid zombies attacking them. They all try to used their guns. They all kill most of them, but they are millions of acid zombies out there all destroying everybody one by one on each state. No one ever survive this war with acid zombies in their new world. Acid animal zombies were spitting out acid of people skin as they all turn into a bloody skeleton. Everyone got attacked by a acid zombies and become one. Only survivors are left are Sam, John, Diana, Freddy, and the rest of his friends. They all can smell them miles a way in this world. These acid zombies have a power to smell each normal human being miles a way. All the acid zombies around the world walk to Kansas City to hunt for them.

Meanwhile in Kansas City, Sam told his followers to follow him to hunt down more acid zombies. They came across a damages large building. The building was dark they couldn’t see anything. Sam is lucky to have a flash light in his black coat. He got his flash light and walk around the building. Inside the building was smelly from the acid. Diana heard a cracking rumble sound coming inside the building.
“I think heard something. I think is coming from behind us.” said Diana.
Sam turn around while carrying his flash light and his M 16 gun. There were hundreds of acid zombies coming after them.
“Holy s**t look at all those acid zombies.” said Freddy.
“Yeah it’s war time now mother fuckers.” said John.
“Hell yeah time to die acid zombies.” said Diana
They all use their guns and shoots them in the head one by one. Sam uses his M 16 gun. He shoots all of them in the head. Blood were spraying out everywhere.


More were coming after them. They all attack the rest of John’s friends by biting on their arms, necks, and legs. They all got an infection from it. John's rest of his friends skin were burning like hell from the acid zombies. John tried to save them all by shooting each acid zombies in the head with his M 16 gun. Now millions of acid zombies going inside the building trying to attack all of them.
“Holy s**t so many f*****g zombies ready to die. Lets get out of here” Sam said.
They all ran as fast as they can. They all went outside. There were billions of acid zombies around the world ready to attack them. Sam, John, Diana, and Freddy couldn’t believe on how many acid zombies out there and how they all got here so fast.
“What the f**k! How the f**k did they all got here? Did they take a zombie plane or something” said Sam.
They all got there by walking very fast. They have the power to do that also. Acid zombies from Europe walk under the ocean to get here. Even African Scientist, Gambia, Danny, Greg, Kevin, Amanda, Ashley, and Steven  were there too. They all walk as a fast as they can to attack them. Sam open up his black coat to take out two of his SIG P225  guns.  He open his arms like a cross. Before he starts shooting, he yelled out. “YOU ALL BELONG IN HELL!  DIE MOTHER F*****G ACID ZOMBIES DIE!”
He shoots them all 100 times in the head by spinning around fast like a helicopter. John, Diana, and Freddy  help him out by shooting them in the head. Sam and John goes inside the big building. They ran up the stairs while Sam carrying his flash light. They go near the broken window. Sam point his gun down to have a great target to all the acid zombies. John did the same thing with his M 16 gun. Sam shoots all of them in the head back and front. Blood were spraying out everywhere. Diana and Freddy all ran out of the way as Sam and John shoots them all. They both even killed Gambia in the head.
“Wow this is fun Sam.” said John.
“I know I just can’t believe there are so many out there.” said Sam.
Diana saw Ashley and Amanda coming to attack her.
“Come on b*****s lets play.” said Diana.
Diana shoots them both in the head as blood splatter everywhere. Kevin, Steven, Danny, and Greg all  saw Diana killing Steven’s acid zombie girlfriend and her friend. Steven ran up to attack her.
“Aw I’m sorry was that your girlfriend.” said Diana as she laugh at him.
Diana shoots Steven in the head as blood splattered out. His friends all attack her. Diana lays down on her back on the ground. As she open her arms and shoots all of them in the neck. The bullet went straight to their brains as blood spraying out of their heads.
“Ha! Ha! Who the b***h now.” Diana laugh and got up from the ground.

Mean while, Freddy is shooting the African scientist acid zombies. He shoots them one by one in the head with his M 16.
“You want to die acid zombies? I will put a f*****g bullet in your head.” said Freddy.
Freddy goes inside the building as he shoots all the acid zombies in the head. He heard a rumble sound coming inside the dark building.
“What was that?” Freddy ask.
Gwar appears out of the dark. He wrap his large neck around Freddy’s body.
“Holy f*****g s**t!” Freddy scream in terror.
He tried to shoot Gwar in the head, but it was to late. Gwar ripped his body wide open with his large neck as blood and guts were coming out of Freddy’s body.  Gwar ate his entire half of his body. Sam also heard Freddy screaming, so does Diana and John. They all ran and saw Gwar eating Freddy.
“Holy s**t look at this Monster.” Diana scream.
“Yeah he is real ugly looking.” said John.
“Who cares lets kill this big a*s ugly mother f*****g monster.” said Sam.
Gwar ran up to them. Diana shoots Gwar’s spike skin legs, but his legs kick Diana very hard to the other side from the building. John scream out when he saw Gwar kick her with his spike skin legs. “NO! YOU MOTHER F*****G MONSTER!”
John ran as fast as he can to get her. She was in a lot of pain. Her skin is bleeding to death. John ran up to her before the acid zombies attack her. He put his hand under her head and told her to don’t let go.
“Diana, I love you so much. Please don’t die on me. You are the only I have left in this world. Please don’t go. “ John cried in tears.
She stared at him smiling while she about to die from all the pain she has.
“I love you so much too. Please try to get out of this new world with Sam. He is your protector now. I have to go. If I come back as an acid zombie, please kill me. Good bye my love.” Diana close her eyes and died.
All the acid zombies came up to them. John shoots to them in head while they ate Diana’s neck.
“LEAVE MY GIRLFRIEND ALONE YOU F*****G B*****S.” John yelled with anger.
Diana came back alive as an acid zombie from infection. She starts to attack John.
“I’m sorry baby!” said John
He shoots Diana in the head while he crying and anger. He goes out like a maniac and shoots all the acid zombies. He teams up with Sam while battling with Gwar.
“Lets go kill this Monster.” said John while he stared at Gwar with evil and hate.
Gwar uses his claws to grab John. He wouldn’t let Gwar grab him. He jumps way back high. John shoots Gwar in the head 39 times. Sam took out his machine gun and shoots Gwar 100 times in head, body, and legs. Gwar can not die. The Monster uses his large neck to tried to wrap Sam’s body. Sam wouldn’t let him. John goes upstairs as he point out his M 16 to Gwar. He shoots him 40 times as blood were pouring out Gwar’s neck. Sam also went up stairs. He open his black coat and grab his large knife behind his back. He jump off from the stairs to dismember Gwar’s head.

Sam yelled out, “GET THE F**K OUT OF MY WORLD.”
All the blood were pouring out of Gwar’s neck while Sam dismember his head. John was so happy when he saw Gwar goes down dead.
“Wow man you are awesome.” said John.
“I know man I learn it from watching to many horror action movies. Lets try to get out of here and go back to the underground city were it‘s safe after we kill a lot of acid zombies” said Sam.
They team up together by shooting every acid zombies people and animals in the head in Kansas City. They also throw bombs at them. It was a bloody war in the post apocalyptic Kansas City.  Even though they killed all the acid zombies and a mutant monster. They go back to the underground city from the earth crust to live in their new homes were is safe. Whenever more acid zombies tried to go underground from the earth crust to their city. Sam and John will destroyed them all in this post apocalyptic world.

The End

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

Theme song from this story. Scorpions - Rock you like a hurricane

This is the final chapter from this long story. What you think of this long story?

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I forgot how gruesome your writing can get. But this was a great story, and so fitting with what is happening in the world right now. Even the CDC is warning about a zombie attack happening. Also I love the Scorpions they are a great band. Great writing Ira!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Very cool battles between acid zombies, survivors, and Gwar (one hard to kill monster!).
Great story! A very entertaining horror/survival write. Very cool pen on this tale.

Posted 13 Years Ago

[send message][befriend] Subscribe
Awesome story man! You have a very creative mind and I love it. You're a great writer. Can't wait to read more of your writing. :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

Needs some polish throughout. Overall a great concept. Just expand it and break up the paragraphs. You have an awesome imagination!

Posted 14 Years Ago

Overall I did enjoy this story. Once polished it will be exceptional. All I can really say is keep pushing and don't let the dream die. I believe you have it in you.

Posted 14 Years Ago

A powerful ending to the story. I believe this would be a good movie. It had story and purpose. I was in the Military for 15 years. With science and trying to find new ways to kill. Your story could be non-fiction. A outstanding story. I would buy this book.

Posted 14 Years Ago

WOW. This chapter was the best, a thrill ride the whole time. When Diana died, I was shocked. This was outstandingly, amazingly, terrificly AWESOME. Then Gwar ripped the guy in half, I winced. I could see the whole thing because you paint such a vivid picture in my head. It's horribly gruesome and I loved every minute of it! There's just too much to say. You did an awesome job, I wish I could write like you. Someone should publish this, and then sell it. I loved this. Honestly, this is the best story I have ever read. You are currently my favorite author. 100/100!

Posted 14 Years Ago

amazing story. love it!!! you have talent!!!

Posted 14 Years Ago

great idea. Love it.

Posted 14 Years Ago

A very dramatic and exciting end to this horror tale. Over all I think this is a really outstanding horror book and you did a fantastic job on it.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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