Chapter 3: Disaster

Chapter 3: Disaster

A Chapter by HorrorMaster

This is how America and the world got destroyed by acid hurricane

June 3rd, 2010

Night time at 9:00pm

Everyone staying indoors and trying to survive. Hurricane Satan arrive in America. There were big huge acid waves crashes down buildings. The buildings were melting off like crazy as the acid eating all the print. Metal bars windows, and wood from all the buildings in the city. Heavy winds were coming down destroying all the trees, street lights, buildings. All the power lights were down as everyone lost power. Trees were blowing off into people houses. As the people’s house roof ripped apart. Acid rain pouring down the people’s house. Their skin were peeling off and burning like hell. Blood splattered out in their houses. Broken windows slice their neck off, as the heavy winds blowing very hard. They tried to call 911 but it was to late. They never seen anything like this before. This hurricane is one major disaster. Everyone scream in fear and tried to fight it. A father with a lovely family, with three children and a mother. All dying from the acid rain pouring into their house.
The father yelled out, “OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? MY SKIN IS MELTING AND IT’S BURNING BADLY. AH GOD MAKE IT STOP.” He saw his children and wife all dying into his floor filled with acid water. They all turn out to be dead bloody corpses.

More acid rain pouring down making the streets flooded kinda like what Hurricane Katina did in new Orleans, but even a lot worst. Acid floods were coming into people houses destroying all their skin. They all died by nothing but some skin and more bloodily bones like a dead corpse. All Over 100 million people that tried to survive this hurricane died from the acid melting off their skin. All the houses and animals all got destroyed by Hurricane Satan. A few minutes later they all come back from the dead as acid zombies. They all hunt for more human flesh, even though everyone is dead. They will still hunt for those who ever survive this storm.
In Texas, a big huge acid tornado coming out of the dark clouds. This tornado is almost a size of Texas. Acid tornado destroyed all the farm, blowing up houses. Impaled all the animals and people when a acid tornado destroy their homes. All their skin were melting off. They were nothing but a bloody skeleton. All entire Texas got destroyed by this hurricane and a tornado. Over 24 million people and animals died in Texas, all the animals and people came back alive as acid zombies.
In Florida, a big huge acid water spots and lighting coming from south beach Miami. Sand were turning into acid water as the beach over flooded the entire south beach Miami. African Scientist, Gambia, Danny, Greg, Kevin, Amanda, Ashley, and Steven acid zombies. They all came out of the ocean to hunt for more human flesh while the acid hurricane destroying Florida also. They all walk slowly to hunt for people. They came across a strong indoor club right near the beach. In this club has over 1,000 people trying to survive. This club is powerful that acid rain and floods can’t even eat and melt this club. Heavy winds blow very hard to broke the club mirrors. Acid zombies walking slowly to this club as they trying to get in for human flesh. The people inside the club all scream in terror when the mirrors broken into little pieces. Acid zombies came in the club and eat the entire people. They all tried to ran and ride, but it was to late. Acid zombies all attack them by ripping off their stomach. They grab a handful of guts and eats it. Acid zombies bite some of the people neck. Blood were pouring everywhere in this club. Everyone in this club were getting infection from it and died. The club is getting bloodier and bloodier. Few minutes later they all came back alive as acid zombies. Even though few of the people stomach were wide open with guts hanging out. They are still undead. All of the acid zombies from the club join the rest of the acid zombies to hunt for more survivors. As for Florida, over billions of people and animals died and came back alive as acid zombies.

In New York
, people were inside their houses and co workers were inside New York City buildings. One of the co workers saw a big huge 500 inches acid wave coming to New York City. He yelled out, “Holy s**t look at this f*****g huge wave.“
A huge acid wave crashes down the entire New York City buildings. Everyone inside the buildings were dying by acid water pouring on their skin making it melt and burn. Over a millions of people died from this huge acid wave. They all turn into a bloody corpse acid zombies. They started to hungry as they hunt for more survivors for human flash. New York City is filled with big huge acid floods. Acid zombies walk under the flood to hunt for more human flesh.

In Kansas
, the eye of hurricane Satan arrive. There were also a nuclear plant factory in Kansas. Inside this factory there is a powerful toxic waste that can turn everyone into mutants. All the co workers were still working in this factory. One of the co workers name Bob holding a toxic waste bottle. He walk outside of the factory. He saw big acid lighting blots coming out of the eye of hurricane Satan to him. The lighting shock him and the entire factory. The factory turn into flames. The lighting bolts shocking him, toxic waste pouring out of the bottle into his arm while he was shaking it. Bob starts to feel strange. It felt like the inside of his body is ripping apart. Bob starts to transform into a mutant gruesome monster.
“AH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?” Bob cried and scream in pain.
Bob’s guts were coming out of his body and wrap it around his neck. He started to grow bigger and stronger. Everything inside his body were coming out of his stomach. His skin on his legs and back turn into sharp spikes. His fingers on his hands turn into sharp claws. Bob’s eyes were turning red. His skin on his face were melting off. His face was nothing but a bloody skeleton. His teeth turn into a large fangs. His neck started to grow large like a giraffe. He transform into a scariest strongest acid mutant monster. He decided to call himself Gwar.
Gwar open the flaming doors of the factory. The metal floors starts to rumble as Gwar ran to destroy his burning co workers. He saw his co workers lying down on the floor trying to get out the flames. Gwar uses his claws to dismember their heads and ate it. After that Gwar went out of the factory. The factory blow up into little pieces. Gwar hunts for more human heads to eat.
The eye of the hurricane passes. Heavy acid rain and winds pouring down into Kansas. All entire Kansas got destroyed. Over 50 million of people died and turning everybody into acid zombies. Gwar joins the acid zombies as they hunt for more survivors to eat.

In California
, a powerful 10.9 earthquake destroying California at the same time as hurricane Satan destroying it. The streets were ripping wide apart. Cars were coming down into the earth crust. Acid rain pouring down at the same time. An acid tornado destroying the Hollywood sign in Las Angeles. More acid tornados destroying the city of San Francisco. Acid water from the rain melting off the San Francisco bridge. Everyone in California is pretty much doom. Over 500 million of people died. They all died by having acid water all over their body and come back alive as acid zombies to hunt for more survivors to eat.
All entire state of America got destroyed by Hurricane Satan. Over millions and billions of people turn into acid zombies. One guy turn into a powerful mutant monster. They all hunt for survivors for human flesh and blood. Make all the survivors into one of them. The size of this hurricane is the size of the World.

Hurricane Satan also destroyed Europe and turn everyone into acid zombies. This the day the world ended. All entire city, houses, streets were damages. Hurricane Satan have gotten weaker when all the cold air from Canada and Iceland pushes hurricane Satan into a hurricane graveyard. Canada also got destroyed from it. This hurricane lasted four days. Now this world is filled with acid zombies and a mutant monster. The acid zombies know that there are survivors out there, but they’re hiding underground the earth crust. All the acid zombies find a dark place to hide and wait for survivors to come.

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

Next chapter will be about survivors and how they hide underground the earth crust. By the way for the numbers of how many people died. I just made it up in my world for this story.

Also tell me what you think of my mutant monster Gwar?

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this part was terrifying, and I loved how you included certain states and cities into the tragedy. But when you introduced your mutant Gwar, I thought how awesome he was..... like he got a double whammy first from the acid storm then with the nuclear waste- very clever too. I can just picture him being a cartoon drawing in a comic book. Yet at the same time I thought of the heavy metal group- Gwar. It made me laugh a little, but another exciting chapter!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Excellent horror imagery. Nicely done horror write. Love the spreading of zombies in your story and Gwar is very cool, wicked looking and hungry for survivors, I'd tremble if I were them. Cool pen on this gruesome tale of horror.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Gwar is cool! He eats heads lol. I love how you don't even spare the kids. In a lot of stuff the kids are always spared. Im glad you didnt spare them. What makes them so special lol. Awesome job!

Posted 14 Years Ago


Posted 14 Years Ago

This isn't too bad.Only thing I would recommend is to break some of the paragraphs down. Some advice another writer gave me one time was that too many paragraphs of similar length can cause the reader tire out or become bored with the story and drift away. This not bad work, I have seen and written some bad work in my time, so this isn't a piece that has a tremendous amount of problems. And the story is a very interesting concept.

Posted 14 Years Ago

The flow like a good zombie movie. I like the story. A lot of detail and the story is very good.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Gwar...AWESOME! It was gruesome and really ugly in my head. But that's what makes it so good.

This whole chapter was filled with excitement as America is murdered by the ruthless storm. I am offically HOOKED. The chapter was amazing. My only question at this point is...Where did the Acid Hurricane come from, although I imagine I will find out. Anyway, I loved this chapter. You did a really good job on it. I'm going on to Chapter 4.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Gwar, awesome!!!! the whole chapter is awesome!!! love the imagery

Posted 14 Years Ago

Good chapter. Sound like the rest of the chapters are going to be awesome. And Gwar, it was a good idea.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Your story is still sucking me in, on to the next chapter. Gwar was a great add, mutated zombies thats clever.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Tamarac, FL

Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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