Chapter 4: Survivors

Chapter 4: Survivors

A Chapter by HorrorMaster

This chapter is about survivors hiding in the underground the earth crust.

June 4th , 2010

Next day later

In the underground the earth crust. John, Diana, Freddy, and the rest of his friends were too tired of digging up more dirt and rocks inside the earth crust.  Diana wanted to tell John that she need to stop digging.
“John I need to stop digging. We’ve been digging inside the earth crust for hours. I think this is good spot to rest and hide for now.” said Diana.
John agrees to Diana that they need to rest.
“Sure we will stop.  Behind us they are hard rocks anyways. We can stop here.”
They all stop behind the hard rocks wall and pass out. They were at lithosphere, 50 inches underground the earth crust. It was nothing but hot air inside it. While they were resting, Diana heard a sound coming from behind the wall. It sounded like people from what Diana is hearing. Diana got up and told John that she is hearing people behind the wall.
“Hey John, get up I heard people coming behind this rock wall. Grab your axe and try to break this wall John.”
John , Freddy, and the rest of his friends heard people also. He get his axe and hits it 30 times for it to break. Freddy also join him to try to make a huge hole on this rock wall. Rest of his friends all grab the rocks and move it out of the way. Diana spotted light coming from the wall.
“Oh my god John, look I see light coming from these rocks.” said Diana.
John and rest of his friends all move the rocks. They all spotted an underground cave like city filled with survivors, homeless people, and gang people. The underground city has demands and rocks all around it. It had a gun shop inside this city. Old rusted homes and buildings that no one ever imagine in this underground city. John couldn’t believe what he saw. They all walk inside the underground city. Diana spotted a 40 year old man wearing a black coat and a black cowboy hat near the gun shop. He is carrying a big gun. The man name is Sam. Diana came up to him and ask him what is this place?
“Hello sir, what is this place?  Me and my boyfriend never heard about this city living underground from the earth crust. Can you please tell me more about this city.” Diana ask.

Sam explain to her about this underground city.
“Sure thing pretty lady, I will tell you. First of all my name is Sam. It was the year 1970, a scientist name Frank studies the earth crust. He always wanted to make an underground city under the earth crust. He made a machine that can dig up the earth crust right inside his science lab. It took him weeks to finish his machine. Right when he finish it.  Frank uses his machine to dig up the earth crust. He goes inside his machine and turn on the power. The machine made a huge hole on his science lab. There were lots of dust, dirt and rocks were coming out of the hole. Frank had gotten very excited that his machine is working.  Then suddenly his machine stop at this very place inside lithosphere. At that time it was nothing but demands and hard rocks. He decided to make his underground city at this very spot.  First his machine can make houses, a gun shop, and buildings. He turn on his machine again. His machine made lots of houses and buildings. Next his machine made a gun shop and lots of big guns inside the shop. It took about a day to make it like an underground city. In the year 1990, he pass a way with a heart attack.”
Diana was shock when she heard about this place. She also ask him what happen to that machine.
“What happen to that machine? Is it still here or is it gone?” Diana asked.
“Yeah is still safe here. Whenever us survivors wants to get out when the storm passes.” Sam respond. Sam stared at them and told them if they want to spend a night at his house.
“You guys look very tired, come to my house. I will give you food and make you guys to relax from all the digging you guys did.”
They both smile at Sam and come over to his house to spend a night.
“Sure we will spend a night at your house.” said John
Right before they get to Sam house. Sam heard a sound coming behind the rocks from the other side. It sounded like a knocking sound. Sam, Diana, John, Freddy, and the rest of his friends all walk to the other side of the city to see what is going on. They all grab the rocks and move it to the side. Sam spotted a man crying for help.
“Help me, please somebody help me.” cried the man.

They all hurry to move all the rocks and let this guy inside the city. This man skin got all badly beating  up and bloody. One of his legs got biting by acid zombie. Everyone in the city stared at him. Sam wanted to know what happen to him.
“What happen to you sir?”
The man name is Alan. He tried to get  up to explain, but he couldn’t. He was in a lot of pain. Sam give him his big gun to stand up like a cane. Alan stand up and explain to them what happen.
“Okay I was making a huge hole trying to survive. This hurricane was so powerful it eating up my legs as I dig myself into the earth crust. It feeling like acid rain pouring down to my legs and skin. I tried to hurry up, but also when I was digging my way down. I look up and I saw an acid zombie biting into one of my legs. I scream in pain and I kick the acid zombie face just to push it out of the way. I am in a lot of pain right now and I think I got infected from it. I am a fighter and I trying to control it. I think the storm is gone, but there is more acid zombies out there.”
Alan close his eyes and start to get weaker as he pass out on the ground. He died a few minutes later. Everyone and Sam stared at his death. Alan came back alive as an acid zombie. Diana and everyone scream in terror as they try to run. Sam open up his black coat. He takes out two of his guns and shoots Alan in the head 10 times as blood splattered out everywhere.

John couldn’t believe what he saw. He thought that was so cool.
“Holy s**t dude that was way too cool man. I want guns like that. I say we get out of here to fight more of those acid zombies.” said John.
Diana and Freddy thought John is crazy. Sam agrees with him. He wants to fight off these acid zombies from after seeing what happen to Alan. Sam goes on top of the building and made a speech to everyone.
“Everyone listen up! From after seeing what just happen. I think there are a lot of more acid zombies in this world now that are looking for us. Now I know by now that big f*****g hurricane Satan is gone. I say we get out of here and hunt down some good old fashion acid zombies. Who is ready for war? Together we will still survive this world. This is our world now. We live on it, not them. They all belong in hell. We will make them go to hell. Who with me? Grab all the guns from the gun shop and dig your way out of here.”
Everyone cheered at Sam. They all went to the gun shop and grab lots of M 16 big guns, Government carbine and M16, SIG pro, and lots of H & K USP guns. Diana, John, and Freddy grab M 16 guns. Rest of his friend all grab SIG P225 guns. Sam realized that there is no more guns, so he look for the machine. The machine was hiding behind the gun shop all this time. He grab the machine and put it inside the gun shop. It  made more guns and bombs for the gun shop. Sam grab more bombs, M16. Two SIG pro guns. He put it inside his coat.
Freddy got very excited for this war to come. “Oh man I can’t wait to kill some acid zombies in this mother f*****g world. Hell yeah baby lets bring it on.” Freddy said.
Mean while, everyone climbing out of the earth crust with weapons on them. Sam told John, Diana, Freddy, and the rest of his friends to follow him as they climb out of the earth crust.
“You guys follow me I know a best way to get out of here.” said Sam.
“Okay Sam we will follow you.” said John.
They all follow Sam as they climbing out of the earth crust to the post apocalyptic city from after Hurricane Satan destroyed it. They all hunt for acid zombies to destroy them one by one in this post apocalyptic world.

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

Next chapter will be better with war against the acid zombies.

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I'm wondering too how the survivors are going to survive acid zombies and a world destroyed, like how to get food, grow crops, the question of clean water and all that. This is a really interesting story you have going here. Now to see how they deal with all those acid zombies wandering around probably trying to infect people who managed to survive the hurricane.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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must be some miraculous machine....... great chapter. Can't wait to read the next one.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Very cool. An underground city where survivors wait for the Acid Hurricane to pass and then prepare to send the acid zombies to Hell. Looking forward to the next chapter. Nice work!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Haha John thinks people getting shot in the head 10 times is cool. Im so hooked! Goin to read the last chapter now :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

Real cool idea. An underground city!

Posted 14 Years Ago

You have a wonderful imagination and I believe that with a little hard work you could be an excellent writer. What I like about this story is that you are writing from the heart, about something you really enjoy and that alone is one of the best aspects a fiction writer can have. It took me several years to pick the craft up and make a decent story and I still have a long way to go. Do not give up and work hard. In high school I had a lot of grammar issues, straight D student, because my mind liked to wonder during class. So most of what I learned I picked up from reading. One key to writing a successful story is read, read, read. I know you have potential and don't anyone put you down or try to tell you that you can't do it.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I hope they have a lot of guns. I believe a lot more zombies then live people. A very good chapter. I will read on.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Very good chapter! It was really interesting for them to find the Underground City. Also, the motavational speach (every story needs one!) was the coolest thing ever. I am so hyped for the last chapter as war against zombies....WHOA. This chapter was my favorite so far, and this is, of the best stories EVER.

Posted 14 Years Ago

this is a really good book!!! goin' to the last chapter!!!

Posted 14 Years Ago

very cool i thought you did well on this part and can't wait to read the next half..nice job!!

Posted 14 Years Ago

I can't wait to see them go up against Gwar!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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