Morning Light

Morning Light

A Chapter by Khyrro

My eyes searched through the endless expanse of gold and brown, my head not even making it over the rim of the dry grass as i sat waiting for Mia to awaken. The tent had flattened the surrounded grass and we had plunked a few bundles to make a comfortable walking space to pass along if bored.
"Wake up!" I heard Jason shout over the growling of the crisp spring wind. 
"What?!" I mumbled in annoyance as he helped me get up from my cozy sleeping bag.
The sun was only beginning to dawn and Jason seemed to be sure that now was the time to get up. It was obvious to me that it was not. Clearly he had seen something that I had not. 
"Wolves" he hissed softly, a look of terror was plastered onto his face as if he had seen a ghost. Once more the wolf carving felt heavy in my pocket as if the mention of 'wolves' had made it alive.
"Where?" I mumbled through his hand that was put over my mouth. I liked his palm and his arm quickly retracted. 
After glaring at me for a long time he pointed a shaky finger to the tent entrance. Looking out large paws thudded on the sandy ground not five feet from the edge of the tent entrance.
At that my heart started to pound wildly. I had seen many wolves in my seven years of living with grandpa, but never this close. I started backing away as far as i could from the entrance, but it was of no use. We were surrounded, trapped. 
"What now?" I whispered to Jason as if i hoped he would have the answer cause i didn't.
"I don't kn--" the 'know' was cut off by the low growling of a wolf. Looking up with wide eyes a rusty red she-wolf crept into the tent. Dark eyes glaring at the both of us, intents unknown. 
I had the urge to yell out to grandpa, but then i remembered somethin'. Even if he could hear my little voice that had magically pushed its way through powerful winds and loud snarls and howls, i could provoke the wolf to attack. At least that's what I learned from Mia when she visited.
Looking to Jason he was as clueless of what to do as i was, frozen with fear to great to move. His eyes were locked with the she-wolf's like they were playing a game of who-can-stare-the-longest-wins. 
Trapped in the small tent i felt more alone then ever as if everyone i knew was farther than the ocean from me. Even Jason, my new found friend. He couldn't do much more than I could: just sit there, mind too worried and surprised to think of rational options to escape. How I felt like there was hope for us, i'll probably never find out, but i did.

© 2011 Khyrro

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Added on July 3, 2011
Last Updated on July 3, 2011



I'm a 13 year old girl who just loves writing. I'm not the best out there, but people say I'm good and so why not share it? Anyway have fun reading my stories. I have written multiple unfinished stori.. more..