In which school becomes a circus (part one)

In which school becomes a circus (part one)

A Chapter by Khyrro

September 31,
I came here on a thursday and so yay for me for only having school one day this week. I think I might have stepped into some weird dream and I can't seem to get out. Might as well talk to Dalton after school, she's gonna love hearing what i'm experiencing, i'll bet a million dollars she will. Anyway gotta go get ready for my first day of school. I hope my teachers are as nice as my new... friends?

Pulling on a jacket, which was the only actual uniform type thing the school had, she check the time, grabbed her bag and left for class. 

"You're finally ready! We've waited for ever!" Oh not Jordan and Freddy again. Of course with her luck it was. The two simply grinned on either side of her. 

"I think I should take her. Not everyone here is used to your crazy antics." A girl with reddish hair and a heavy Irish accent walked up to them.

"I'm Blaise, your Alice right?" Blaise asked, though her attention was on Jordan who kept making funny faces  behind Alice's back.

"Yeah, my name is Alice. I might as well go with you. I'm not sure I can trust these two" she rolled her eyes, nodding her head to the brothers behind her.

"Good choice. Come on, I'm meeting my friend from Kindsrom House by the fountain." Blaise commented before leading her to the front of the house. Wind buffeted around them making both of them hug their blue and yellow jackets, not that the jackets were of any help against the cold, but they did work as mild wind blockers.

The fountain wasn't too far off as Kindsrom house was the closest house to Templer. Standing to the side of the silver fountain was a girl, 'bout the same age as Blaise, they had the same colored hair and the same green eyes.

"Hey Blaise" Woah, creepy same heavy Irish accent. Alice didn't want to stare at the two nearly identical girls standing next to her, and so she looked at the fountain. 

"Hey Amber, I brought allow the new boarder I told you about, Alice." Blaise informed the other girl, who just nodded and smiled. 

"What do have first?" they asked, their voices meshing together into one and they were replied with a "English." This then made them happy. "We have English too!"

As it turned out the two, identical twins were more helpful than Jordan and Freddy, but were more confusing and harder to understand. Mostly cause after a while Alice lost track of who's Blaise and who's Amber, eventually she just gave up.

"Ready to find out what English at Master Academy is like?" they asked in unison. "Should I be worried?" she replied and was answered with a delightful "Maybe."

"Good morning class, and our new boarder, Alice" the teacher, a jolly African American women who was hugging a grey parka over a white and black dress, said.

No one replied until a certain boy with black Mohawk stood up, grinned and said "Good morning miss, how are you today?" he bowed like he just won the emmy.

"Good morning Thomas" she smiled sweetly, completely unaware of his obvious heavy sarcasm. From what she gathered Miss. Rose was pretty nice, although she looked like she was strict and was happy giving a student a detention.

"Now onto our lesson..." Miss. Rose trailed off, I hope this class gets a bit more interesting, Alice thought as she doodled, half listening to the teacher give instructions on reading a short story.

"Hey Miss. Rose, can you do a split?" It was Jordan who asked.

"Yes, but not right now hon" she replied with a quick smile before ordering the class to start reading their stories. I can't imagine her doing a split... Miss. Rose didn't seem like the flexible type.

"You all done?" the teacher asked, not that the question was needed. Everyone was already either doodling or chatting about random stuff.

"Right. Now what did the main character do after he won the baseball game?" she asked. "He partied right?! He probably danced!" she didn't even wait for anyone to reply to her questioned.

All of the sudden Miss. Rose started dancing at the front of the room, her parka swinging every which way. "He danced! Yeah he partied!" her heavy southern accent came into play as she chanted. "What did he do Sean?!" she shouted with joy.

Laughing hard he quietly murmured "He danced?" Though clearly Miss. Rose wasn't close to satisfied with that answer. 

"Come on louder!" she chanted and leaped towards Sean who started to grow red, either from laughter or Miss. Rose's crazy antics. 

By now everyone was dieing of laughter, Blaise was even on the floor as she had fell out of her seat. Was it always this crazy? She thought as the teacher kept dancing, her parka was now slipping down her shoulders. 

"Now anyways its time to start the questions!" Even with the teacher finally calm everyone was still laughing excessively. Even Alice herself had a hard time concentrating on her work.

Are all the teachers like this? Normally Alice would hope at least one or two of her teachers were calm, but now? Maybe not. 

Blaise and Amber were rather kind and led Alice to her next class, Science, even if they got late for class, which of course they did.

"I'm just warning you Miss. Thunder is amazing!" Amber shouted as Blaise and her raced as fast as they could for their next class.

This should be good Alice smiled before opening the door and stepping into her science class. She hoped that Miss. Thunder was as cool as Amber said she was.

"Hello every one." A light brown haired women greeted them all. "Oh umm, you could sit right here, next to Reed." she guided Alice next to the boy she saw sing and play the piano yesterday.

"Hey" she heard him said, and so not wanting to be mean she said "Hello" in reply.

They were in the front, closest to Miss. Thunder who sat on a rolly chair by a tiny table that held a computer. If I'm stuck here for two periods then I hope she's funny, or at least interesting. Her wish was quickly granted.

"Alright so we left off on this slide right?" she asked the class whom replied yes causing her to clicked on an icon that made a video pop up. 

"Is this the rock song?" someone asked and everyone started to chant 'rock song!'. To their disappointment she replied with a sad "No. This is the biome song." Although she seemed to be pretty proud of herself with the 'biome song' part.

At the start of the song there was a loud mess of laughter from the students. It wasn't really the song, but rather the high pitched autotuned singer that was singing the weird and messed up phrases. 

"Can we watch the rock song?" one of the students whined when the song stopped. Now through the still continuing laughter everyone yet again started to chant 'Rock Song!'. Of course being new to the school Alice had no idea what was going on.

"Oh fine. Just once today okay?" Miss. Thunder warned before opening up a new tab online and playing yet again another song with a high pitched voice and strange lyrcis.

"Oh, schist" someone said under their breath right before the song started.

We are all so the members of the rock family.
We're Metamorphic, Igneous or Sedimentary.
I'm granite, i'm agate, I'm sandstone, I'm soapstone.
We're flint, gneiss and gypsum and quartzite.
I'm limestone, I'm pumice, and I'm mica-schist.
We're porphyry, obsidian and Marble.
We are all different branches of the same family tree.
But we also the members of the rock family.
Hey! don't forget about us.
I'm quartz, I'm slate, I'm shale, I'm hornblade.
We're cinnabar, hematite, talc.
Metamorphic, Igneous, or sedimentary.
We are all so the members of the rock family.
Which of you are the metamorphic rocks?
We are!
I'm slate, I'm gneiss, I'm schist, I'm quartzite.
We were formed when all rocks were squeezed and changed by the heat and pressure in the earth.
Which of you are the igneous rocks?
We are.
I'm granite, I'm basalt.
We are two of the igneous rocks.
We were formed when molten rock solidifies.
And how about the sedimentary rocks?
We are sedimentary rocks.
Limestone, Sandstone, Shale.
We were formed when rocks were broken drown by weathering and deposited in layers in rivers, lakes and oceans.
Metamorphic, Igneous or Sedimentary.
We are all so the members of the rock family.

Everyone cheered, even Miss. Thunder who seemed even more proud of herself for finding the rock song. This time Alice decided to join in the fun and cheer with the other students as to not be weird and lift out in the fun.

"Now lets get to copying the notes down." she laughed at the clearly satisfied students and pulled up the next slide on the slide show.

Most of the period was rather boring except for a few quick jokes Miss. Thunder made to lighten up the spirits and keep tired ones awake... or awake long enough for them to copy down the notes.

BREEP! The bell sounded signalling the end of 2nd period. Alice of course didn't need to go anywhere as she still had another period left of science. 

Her mind drifted off only to be brought back by the conversation that Reed and Miss. Thunder were having.

"Everyone laughs too often to be normal" she heard Reed laugh.

"They laugh at everything." she agreed. With that she stood up and said "Bench." even with that single word everyone erupted in laughter. "Dog" even more laughter sounded and quickly rose in volume.

Alice was trying to not laugh, but even she was having a hard time. Now she knew why Amber said that Miss. Thunder was awesome. It was true and everyone seemed to know that. 

"Lab time everyone." My partner's Reed. Maybe now I could ask him why he stopped singing when he saw me....

"Remember follow the directions" the teacher instructed as she handed out the lab papers to everyone. 

"Right umm...." she heard Reed mutter as he looked over the lab.

The lab wasn't hard at all. Just a bunch of questions that even Alice knew. No experimenting required here, just plain questions.

She had quickly learned that Reed was an actually smart boy as Alice, whom nearly gotten the salutatorian in 8th grade, was question for question with him, and that rarely happens. 

"Why did you stop singing when you saw me?" Alice whispered softly to Reed. Even though Miss. Thunder seemed to be a really sweet person you never know when a teacher might give out.

Ever so cautiously she heard Reed mutter under his breath "I'm not used to people watching me sing solo." Worried? Scared? Nervous? The questions sprung up in her mind, but she didn't speak them, rather she continued to write in silence.

She wanted an answer to her question, she got it, even though it did cause more questions to pop up. 
Onto chorus. Hope this school has a really good chorus. For Alice what she cared about most it is the quality of the school chorus no matter how tiny it may be.

© 2011 Khyrro

Author's Note

For the lyrics the words with Italics are sung and the ones without are spoken... and the rock song is real.

Authors note: Noo! My last chapter was so short! I'm gonna make this longer. Also most of these teachers are based off of my own teachers so I basically picked out some of the funniest things they did.

It would be cool to see what you reviewers think would be funny to see in this story. How about that. Tell me. What would be interesting to see?

Last thing. For the science teacher.... Miss. Thunder(thats not really her real life name) is real and she's the most amazing and incredible teacher i've ever had. She was my 8th grade science teacher. I feel bad for you all who didn't experience her awesomeness.

Sorry for the long note

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