A Chapter by Khyrro

Alice laughed as there was a huge swarm of people asking Mr. Archer why they didn't get in. She wasn't looking for one of them, she was looking for her friends, which apparently all got in.
"Alice!" she heard Jordan's voice as her friend tackled her. "Yay! You got in!" she could hear him cheer she tried to get free, but he was larger than Freddy and was actually extremely strong.
"Jordan... let me go before I choke." she sighed as she continued to fail.
"Sorry!" he frowned and let go, sending Alice tumbling to the floor. "You okay?" he asked, though his eyes shone with amusement.
"Yeah, I'm fine, but now I'm hungry..." she admitted, some how the word 'hungry' got Jordan all happy.
"You know what that mean..." he grinned. No I actually don't Jordan.
"Does it mean Starkid time?" Reed asked as he walked over to them.
"Your gonna watch A Very Potter Musical? Can I come?" Declan squealed and leaped on top of Jordan, ran around giving him a piggy back ride while saying "Of course you can Declan, just let go."

"Lets get going then!" Sami grinned and Alice felt he friend's hand push them towards Templer House.
"Can I least call my friend and see if she wants to join us?" she asked Sami stumbling away from her. 
"Yeah, I'll see if I can convince James to drive her here cause we're not aloud to have visitors." She heard Sami say and watched her friend continue to push everyone else.
She nodded and quickly dialed Dalton.
"Yeah?" there was a reply from the other end of the call.
"Hey Dalton, you wanna come over to my school and watch a musical? I can get a friend to drive you here." Alice explained as she followed the sounds of Declan's loud voice.
"I'll ask." there was muffled noise, probably asking her parents, "I can come. When is your friend picking me up?" 
"I don't know yet. I'll call you when I do okay?" she asked 
"Okay, bye" Dalton said and she could hear her friend hang up.
"Sami! Do you know when James could pick up my friend?" she called as she raced after them, fingers gripping her phone tightly.
"I don't know. Tell you what. Make sure they don't hurt themselves and i'll go ask James." she suggested. After a nod from Alice, Sami left.
"Right. Jo-." she was interrupted by Blaise's voice, as out of the corner of her eyes fiery red hair dashed over to her.
"Can we join you guys?" her friend asked, Amber standing next to her.
"i guess." Alice shrugged as she yanked Jordan, holding a juice bottle away from Freddy cause she was sure that would cause Freddy a lot of showering.
"I'll help make sure Jordan and Freddy don't destroy themselves. You deal with Declan." Blaise laughed and walked over to the two brothers tackling each other. It was obvious that Reed was one of the few sane ones in the school.
Speeding up to Declan she smiled and said "Hi."
"Hey!" he grinned before falling flat on his face. "Mhm hgh." he muttered, face still planted on the dirt. "I'm okay..." he sighed outstretching a hand for Alice to grab.
"You okay?" she asked, gazing curiously at his now dirty face and shirt.
"Yeah, hey is your friend coming?" he asked eager to her reply.
"Yeah." she nodded and continued walking, the were nearly to Templer house.
The smaller boy jumped as she spotted his phone buzzing in his pocket. 
"Yeah Sami?" he spoke into the phone, carefully putting it on speaker.
She heard a muffled reply. "James said that he could drive Alice's friend. He said he'll pick her up in about 15 minutes."
"Okay, I'll tell my friend that. Thanks Sami." Alice said leaning over Declan's phone.
Now it was her turn to get her phone out. "Dalton??" she said into the mic.
"Yeah..." she heard Dalton reply 
"My friend James will pick you up in about 15 minutes." Alice reported.
"Thanks, see you soon!" Soon she heard Dalton hang up.
"Come on, race you." he challenged and before she had to accept he charged off to Templer house.
Sighing she raced after him, at least here I'll get good exercise, she thought as she followed Declan inside.

© 2011 Khyrro

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Added on October 14, 2011
Last Updated on October 19, 2011



I'm a 13 year old girl who just loves writing. I'm not the best out there, but people say I'm good and so why not share it? Anyway have fun reading my stories. I have written multiple unfinished stori.. more..