Chapter 5: Yelling Secrets

Chapter 5: Yelling Secrets

A Chapter by Letiel Naynarou

Tempest is already breaking rules and it's a good thing too, Letiel's being kept out of the loop!


Tempest stood and put a hand on Zev's shoulder.

"It's alright, Zev. It didn't look like there was much going on anyway, and besides that, there's more to see, isn't there?"

He nodded politely to the guard and they made their way out, meshing into the exiting crowd. When he was sure they were well blended in, he vanished with Zev in tow and reappeared in a darkened corner of the theater where no one would notice them.

"A little intrigue never hurt, right?" he whispered.

"I could get in a lot of trouble for this," Zev hissed. He started ruffling through Tem's intentions again, proving to himself that it really was just intrigue. 

"I know. Just don't move. If we're noticed I'll take us out."

The woman stood in the middle of the room. "Record the date," she said to another lady sitting off to the side with a computer. "Masters of the council, the New Mexico Desert Canyon Tribe has reason to believe they're under attack." The council gasped and murmurs started to race through the seats. "US Military troops have been dispatched into the surrounding area and scouts report that they're heading directly to the center of the tribe. They request assistance."

"That tribe is a small one, could they have been mistaken?" a delegate asked. 

The woman replied, "After the disappearances last month we have reason to believe that one of them cracked and revealed the location."

"If one of the soldiers caved during an interrogation, the Army would be on Central's doorstep!"

"Then we have to thank that soldier for providing the location of a lesser tribe," she responded harshly. 

Another delegate called out, "That tribe may be small but if the military gets their hands on a weaker member they may obtain locations of other tribes."

"We must dispatch reinforcements at once!" another called. 

"Do we even know for sure that the Army knows about the exact location?"

The woman spoke again, "A Meideran in the area confirms that Veil is leading the troops himself."

"Then it's a trap," the tiger in the upper tiers growled. "If Veil is leading then he knows the location is accurate."

"It's true. The man only leads when he's sure that valuable information can be obtained or when there's a chance Elite Letiel will appear."

The woman tapped the desk, consulting the paper, "It seems there are other unknowns in the area. A Meideran reports that Veil has brought in a hooded hire on. It's possible that this figure is the source of the leak."

"A motion needs to pass, this is an emergency situation," a delegate said standing. "I move that limited reinforcements are dispatched immediately, to evacuate and destroy valuable information."



"We don't want to lose the tribe!"

"We don't want a war either!"

Both Tem and Zev listened to the proceedings and arguments. Tem was mostly oblivious, but from what he could gather, Veil was an enemy of the state, in a sense. If that were the case, how was he leading the US military around? Maybe he had them fooled into thinking he was a general or something?
He also had something to do with Letiel. It made sense, tactically, to wait to remove the nation's head, but when he touched her mind earlier, he heard the same name. There was more to their relationship.

Tem crossed his arms, listening to the council's further deliberations.

"All in favor of sending reinforcements for the sole purpose of evacuating only, and if necessary, removing any possible leaks, speak now."

There was a collective raising of hand and grumbles of yes in various languages and manners. 

The woman jotted down notes and handed the order to a courier. Then she continued speaking. 
"I move that Letiel, who is currently hospitalized as a result of extreme exhaustion, be kept in the dark regarding these precedings and events."



"Objection. She's our leader, she can't properly lead without complete knowledge of these chambers."

Without looking up from writing the order, the woman said, "She can't properly lead when she's captured, nor confused by her emotions. All in favor, please give the appropriate sign."

Another collection of yeses, though more hesitant. The order was signed and handed off. 

"In light of these events the council will be dismissed to aid in the efforts of evacuating our sister tribe."

There was movement as the doors were opened and the council started to leave the room. Some hurried out, speaking into earpieces but others were sluggish.

Since when was keeping your leader in the dark a solid plan? Whoever she was, this woman seemed keen on overstepping her boundaries. The time to act was past, however. He considered speaking up during the meeting, but there probably wasn't much he could do. Besides, he could inform Letiel directly now.

"Thank you for the tour, Zev, I believe I've got the hang of things around here."

Without warning, he was gone.


She really hadn't slept long but sleeping meant dreaming and she'd rather push it and go with a cycle than sleep every night so when Letiel awoke in the hospital chair she hadn't tried to go back to sleep. Rather she got up and changed from her hospital clothes to those set aside for her. Blade must've grabbed them for her. She smiled a bit at that thought and settled into the far more comfortable uniform. 

Mostly leather, the clothes were equipped with a harness to hold her two swords and compact pistol. An odd combination but she was pleased. Strong arm guards and greaves, a thick knee length "cape" from her waist, and neatly decorated imprinting highlighted the outfit. She zipped up the vest, it's tightness comforting, and with a sigh collapsed back into the chair. It felt good to be home, even with the alienation.

She didn't have much time to rest. Tempest appeared quite suddenly in the room as she sat down.

"Oh you're up."

She had her sword out and resting on his shoulder before he finished the sentence. "Oh, it's you," she half mocked. He expected such a reaction.

"Yeah it's me. So does your government normally lock you out of decisions?"

She left the sword on his shoulder, not as a threat, just a comfort to hold the blade outstretched again. It was black and nonreflective, seeming to hum through the jagged blade. 

"What?" Letiel asked, her face alight with concern.

"I guess not. Alright, I'm only telling you this if you promise to include me in whatever you do."

She grumbled in another language before sheathing the blade and responding, "Very well."

He thanked her for removing the sword before continuing, "I'll be honest, I was eavesdropping on a closed council meeting. One of your tribes has come under attack, New Mexico I think, and Veil is leading the assault personally. Some lady, I assume your second in command, moved to keep you in the dark about it."

"Carrie." Letiel started to pace judging the appropriate response to the situation. "I can't remove her from power but Veil is mine. I'm leaving." 

With a spin she grabbed her coat and hurried from the room, walking at a brisk pace while nurses and citizens scrambled to get as far from her as possible. Tem followed her quickly.

"You're going to be facing a superior military force--well, WE are I guess--and you just started recovering from your injuries." He grabbed her shoulder and spun her to face him. "I won't deny you this opportunity, but we can't just charge in. I know that's what your plan is. Lets scope out the area first, set up an ambush or something."

She winced as her shoulder shot a warning to her brain but shrugged it, and Tem's hand, off. 

"Humans. They're humans. No doubt Carrie has ordered MY military forces to do nothing by way of attack. Only evacuate and kill those who are captured. Not this time. If Veil's there I'm going to confront him."

Angrily, Letiel kept walking headed down smaller and smaller tunnels until there were very few people about and fresh air wafted by on a draft. The tunnels became less tailored until the tile ended altogether.

"They may be humans, Letiel, but they have guns. Don't underestimate your opponent. I will help you." He kept following, just going with whatever she was doing. "Tell me about Veil. How does he fight? Is he like you?"

"You won't have to worry about that. I'll take care of him," she growled. Nearly running towards the open air now. She skidded to a stop moments before falling off a cliff. She growled and loosened the harness her weapons were on.

Tem looked down the cliff.

"I still don't think you're in any condition to--" He looked at her loosening her gear. "...what are you doing?"

"I'm leaving," she grumbled. With the harness loosened she swan dived off the cliff, shifting in midair to her dragonoid Eloium form. Her massive wings caught the drafts rising from the valley and she swooped in a gliding motion to dodge a ridge. 

She was truly beautiful when shifted correctly. Rich blues and grays on her feathers and hide made striped patterns around white spots. 

Try to keep up, she thought to him, then vanished.

© 2013 Letiel Naynarou

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