Chapter 9: First Hand Experience

Chapter 9: First Hand Experience

A Chapter by Letiel Naynarou

The moment things start to cool off, Tempest's old foe decides to make an appearance and Letiel has a front row seat.


Elsewhere, in the Northern US, Veil's hooded accomplice stood overlooking the location of the Montana tribe. He turned to his equipment, a mishmash of computers and typed in a few lines of code. He now had access to everything with a speaker inside the tribe.

"Hello? Is this working? Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Maelstrom. Today I will be taking this tribe and it's information for my own needs. If you surrender now, I will make certain you are treated fairly. If any resistance is shown, I will be forced to engage in hostilities. Your leaders have 10 minutes to show themselves with a white flag. Thank you."

Two smaller than average figures zoomed through the Montana tribe. The 467 inhabitants were spending their last 10 minutes destroying research and equipment. It was a research facility and therefore ill equipped to defend itself, so the only two major fighters were rushing to defend. 

They were nearly identical twins, sharing facial features, hair color, eye color, height, and weight but one was female, the other her brother. Matching scars on their left arms darkened to black, relaying information to their next highest superior, Letiel herself. 

"This is an odd creature."

"It will be easy to kill."

"Wait for permission."

Maelstrom clicked his pocket watch closed. The tribe's ten minutes were up. They had more than likely been destroying their information and equipment in their allotted time. He had been spending that same time downloading everything they had stored on a digital device. With another keystroke, detonations ripped thought the tribe, opening up key locations for entry.

"All groups, move in. All targets are valid," he spoke into the receiver on his computer.

The twins scurried up an air shaft, coming out in an oilfield. Their cloaks billowed about them, giving them a ghost-like appearance. 


"Found it."

The gear on the male's wrist beeped incessantly, pointing at the source of the technical difficulties. They raced toward the target. 


"Are you going to meet with them?" Tempest asked Letiel while she struggled to navigate her room, heading to her closet. She kept blinking, one eye seeing her room, the other watching hallways flash by in Montana.

"No, I'm going to go assist in Montana."

"I don't want to tell you how to do your job, Letiel, but you can't do this by yourself. You've barely recovered from your last fight, and you're rushing into another." He caught up with and gripped her shoulders gently.

"You're a leader. Use your position. You have a military. Use it." He spun her to look in her eyes. "Think this through. Please."

She kept shaking her head, not in a gesture of disagreement but rather as if trying to shake away a bug. The tattoo faded to scar tissue but continued to burn, the heat starting to singe Tempest's hand on her shoulder. Letiel raised a hand to her head and held it, holding one eye closed while the other struggled to focus. 

"They found the attacker," she mumbled. "Help me get dressed. I'll appeal to the council."

Tempest nodded, then blinked.

"Wait. Help you get dressed?"

Letiel broke free of him and stumbled into her closet, snatching clothes off the racks without really paying attention to what she was grabbing. Eventually she found some tight pants and a thick shirt to wear under more formal attire. 
"Yes, help me. I can't... concentrate!" she growled. The double vision was making her dizzy and she stumbled about, crashing into things while she struggled to get her shirt off, the robe already tossed aside.

Tem grabbed her again and steadied her. "Hold still. I will help you."

He grabbed a set of clothes for her, something professional looking and functional, and helped her get dressed. In less than a minute, she was ready. "Was that so hard?"



Maelstrom monitored the progress of his combat units from his terminal. They performing adequately, but nothing inside the tribe was putting up much of a fight to begin with.

"Groups one and six, move to records hall," he ordered in a flat tone.

The twins, Taeo and Taea, rushed the Mage kicking up grass as they went. Taea went high, leaping into the air, while Taeo went low, coming in from the side in an upwards movement.

Maelstrom had picked up the contacts on his perimeter sensors a few minutes ago, and positioned his personal guards appropriately. As the Twins leapt into the air, hails of gunfire ripped into their body. The Mage looked up at the pair and nodded.


Taea collapsed to the ground screaming while Taeo continued to rush in, reaching Mael and slashing at the Mage's thigh. 

He stepped out of the way, hands behind his back and swung a foot at an unexpected speed, connecting with Taeo's jaw.

The boy grabbed the foot and stabbed it with his short sword, while Taea took the pain from the kick.

Maelstrom frown and swing his leg, throwing the boy away.

"Child, what are you? And what kind of link do you have with the other one that you can transfer pain to her?" Taeo ignored the question and came in again, vanishing and reappearing behind maelstrom, the glorified knife headed at his back.

Maelstrom turned and swung his arm, the back of his closed fist connecting solidly with Taeo's jaw.

Taeo rolled with it while Taea rolled on the ground. He sprang up again, ducking between Mael's legs and cutting into his shin.

Again, his attack seemed to have no effect other than a spray of black mist.

"Enough of this."

Mael kicked him away and turned back to his console, retrieving what looked like a modified shotgun. Taking aim, he fired at Taeo. A uranium slug, accelerated by the magnets in the barrel, flew at incredible speed toward the assassin.

Taeo took the slug in his hand, the bullet starting to eat at the flesh. Alarmed he backed away, and cut off his own hand, stopping the progress. Taea screamed in agony. 

Maelstrom fired again, and again.

"Stay down, will you?"

Taeo neatly dodged each shot, though they grew closer and closer to hitting the closer and closer he got to Maelstrom.

"Please, go down. It'll be easier for both of us." He paused, waiting as Taeo got closer. Anticipating his next move, he continued firing.

The slug that smashed into Taeo's throat was already starting to dissolve. Both of them screaming now they vanished, retreating.

Maelstrom held his position, keeping his gun ready in case of another attack. When none came, he turned back to his computer.


"Might as well have been," she growled. Her eyes widened and she gasped, her knees buckling and sending her tumbling into Tempest's chest. The pain her units were feeling was starting to reach her.

Council," she mumbled through gritted teeth. 

Tempest nodded, turning and wrapping an arm around Letiel's waist. A few minutes later, they in the council chamber.

The chamber was already in session and alarmed at Tempest's sudden appearance. 

Carrie got to her feet. "What the hell is going on?"

"Shut up," Letiel grumbled. She was sweating and shaking but managed to pull herself up onto her seat. "Montana is under attack. The research tribe."

"We're aware," Carrie said slowly, motioning to a pair of guards. "We can handle this, Lady, it looks like you need medical attention." Letiel waved them off and the pair stood between Carrie and the leader with confused expressions.

"Meideran," she stumbled over the word. "Twins... already there. Don't.... send... reinforcements." She was slumped over her desk, trying to break the connection. 

"We weren't going to," Carrie said slowly. Most of the other council members were completely silent. 

Tempest helped Letiel to her chair, head snapping to Carrie. "I'm sorry? You WEREN'T going to pull your people out?"

Carrie scowled and angrily questioned, "Who is this? Why is he in here?"

Letiel waved her hand and the guards stopped advancing. She was panting heavily now and pointing at her right eye.

"Diversion... I can see it. Veil... not there. Don't send reinforcements."

"What do we do then?" a delegate asked, ignoring Carrie's frown. 

Letiel swallowed and took a few deep breaths. "Pull back.... Everybody." The council started talking among themselves in whispers. 

"All in favor-" someone started. 

"No, no vote," their leader interrupted. "Executive... decision."

Nobody said anything, or even moved to act. Tempest stood up straight. "You heard her! Make it so!"

"I repeat, who the hell is this guy?" Carrie yelled in frustration. 

The tiger delegate stood, towering over everyone else. "Regardless, of this outsider, our master has made her decision," his voice boomed around the hall. "So it shall be. Send word to the tribes, any who can make it back to Central must leave immediately." Secretaries scurried about at the order, some on headsets, other rushing from the room. 

Letiel slumped in her chair, holding the edge of the desk so tightly, her knuckles turned white. She closed her right eye, blocking out the spinning fight. 

"Something is wrong, something is very wrong," she whispered to herself. She studied the woodwork between her fingers, looking for some kind of answers. 

Tempest leaned in to hear her.

"They're working now, L. What's wrong? What do you need?"

She growled at him, a feral sound. "I don't need anything! I'm fine! I've told you I'm fine!" Her nails dug at the wood and she closed her left eye, leaving the right open to watch the fight from Taea's view.

Almost two seconds after she felt the pain of Taeo's hand being cut off.  Letiel yelped audibly, biting her tongue to hold back the scream. The council was mostly moving about but a handful of them turned to look at her and she waved them off, tasting blood. 

"Not... g-going well," she stuttered to Tempest. "Mage.... Another Mage... Like you... Not sure... Watch much longer."

His eyes widened, "What? Another? What does he look like? What's he doing?"

Her teeth were chattering badly and when they weren't chattering they were clenched tight enough to lock her jaw. She looked at Tempest, her right eye wide and completely dilated, the other tired and hurting. His expression shocked her almost worse than the pain did so she closed her left and concentrated on getting a good look. Just as an image was starting to form, it all went painfully bright as the worst pain yet erupted in her neck. 

Tem put a hand on her back to steady her. "You're alright, you're alright."

Letiel grabbed her neck and fought to keep it under control, Tem's hand the only thing keeping her from convulsing. Then suddenly, it stopped. The pain subsided and her body went limp, while she panted, eyes wide. The tattoo vanished from her arm, scar tissue as well vanishing like smoke. 

"Mage... looked like you... coat... red eyes..." she choked out. Her body shivered briefly and she swallowed, shakily sitting up in her chair, both hands on the desk for support. She swallowed again and looked him straight in the eye.

"I didn't get a very good look."

Tem was looking back into her eyes, his own sharp.

"Maelstrom," he growled, "I changed my mind. They were fit not to send anyone. They'd be killed."

She grabbed her right wrist, to try and hold it steady as it was shaking so badly. 

"I think it's a research mission," she grunted, speaking quickly. "I don't know why."

"With him, it's always a research mission. He's an information mogul, he stores and categorizes everything he sees. If he's working with Veil..." Tem's eyes widened. "You ordered everyone back here. That's what he wanted."

She looked at him in confusion.

"I called everyone back to protect Central," she bumbled. 

"They'll be heading to Central next! Either Veil or Maelstrom knows the location of the tribe, and they'll be counting on having as many people as possible here to kill when they arrive. And believe me, with Maelstrom on his side, hell have more than enough power to do it."

The realization of what was happening hit Letiel pretty hard and she tried to get up but she couldn't move her legs. 

"They can't breach Central. It's a fortress, I've spent centuries fortifying it."

"He'll know how to get in, and if he doesn't, he'll learn fast. He's infinitely adaptable, he'll know exactly what to do. L, everyone is in danger here."

"I'm not losing this place. We're going to fight," she said firmly. "I'm going to fight..."

"Letiel, it's futile! They'll all be killed!"

"You underestimate my people!" she growled.

"But I don't underestimate Maelstrom! He has plans within plans within schemes! Your soldiers are excellent, I have no doubt, but he is the superior mind. L, please."

Despite the energy it took she slammed her hands on the table and stood up. Staring up straight into his eyes she whispered, "We will stand here."

Tem stood up with her, staring back. His fists were clenched out of fear and anger. Closing his eyes, he relaxed.

"Then I will stand with you."

She nodded and grabbed her arm and shoulder to stop them from shaking. 

"Then it's time to prepare. I imagine they will be here soon," she said, starting to walk down from the dais.

Tempest nodded, "Just tell me what I need to do and I'll do it."

"I want you to meet with Blade, tell him everything you know about Maelstrom's tactics. The US Army we know how to handle but this stranger is different."

He shook his head.

"Alright but...L it isn't that simple. He has no tactics. He's got a way with what he does, a control. He adapts immediately. I can only guess at what he'll do initially."

"Then tell Blade that," she growled. "He's the Commander, if you tell him all of my troops will know."

He nodded again.

"Will do. Where are you going?"

"I'm dressed for a meeting, not a war," she grumbled. Her tone was condescending and annoyed, mocking him for not being more observant. 

Blade ran up to her as she stepped down from the center seats. "Blade, listen to Tempest, obey his commands and make sure the Eight and other officers are aware of his status. Send Kinthaydin to me and have someone find my brother."

Tem's attention now focused on Blade and the task at hand. He hadn't had to organize a defense in an extremely long time. It was important he stayed on task now.

"Alright, Maelstrom is extremely adaptable, so we need to be just as flexible. If he repositions his troops one way, we have to assume there is a good reason and react thus. This will be a mind game more than anything. I need a map."

Blade nodded and led the way to a command center. It wasn't far from the council room as major centers were kept in the safest places where the walls were thickest. Maps, computers, and advanced machinery lined the walls and rows upon rows of tables. Students and personnel scurried about, calling to each other and speaking into headsets. 

"Help yourself," Blade said, ignoring the salutes.

The Mage gazed around the command center, getting his bearings. After he found a map of the surrounding area and of the tribe itself, he laid them out on a table.

"Alright. He'll most likely set up a command center here..."

Tem laid out every vital position he could think of to defend, and gauged how critical each one was. Still, he feared it would not be accurate enough.

© 2013 Letiel Naynarou

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Letiel Naynarou
I swear Letiel isn't always in pain so don't comment about that.

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