The unexpected mentor.

The unexpected mentor.

A Chapter by Cody Wiggins

I just decided to do both a back story and a forward story. However, i want to start going forward with it so as to lay out a plot in a better way.

....As i lay down in a pool of my own blood I notice the bandits all around me. I lay in wait, just hoping for a quick finish when all of a sudden I hear a voice yell a spell and the whole places goes up in flames as they surround me in colors of the darkest red and the lightest yellow I blackout one last time....
     I awake with a very strong pain in my side I slowly open my eyes and I notice an elderly man just sitting beside a fire. He was a very capable looking elderly man with a long white beard that reached his chest. Beside him sat a sword of the purest steel and a wooden staff of unknown origin and capabilities. He seemed to almost watch and control the flames as they danced on the wood. He starts to speak as I sit there in pain I listen to the old man...
  " You know...they say if you go out looking for revenge you better dig two graves my young assassin. I have looked for you for nearly ten years," the man says as his gaze sets on the fire. "The day you killed my daughter was the beginning of the end for me. I lost everything including the will to live," his gaze lowers almost to the ground and slowly turns toward my direction. "Today I have a choice, a very easy choice, I could choose to kill you and be on my way content with revenge. Or allow you to live. I believe you know the answer of which I shall pick...
      Again I awake this time fully mobile and with no pain. I sit up stunned that either the old man was a dream or if he had allowed me to live. I got my answer very quickly.
"So you decided to join us in the land of the living young one." The Old Man says with a deep frown on his face
"old man I have no quarrel with you, however it seems as if I am in your debt for you have saved my life."
"Don't say it as if I wanted to assassin" he snarled "I did this for my own gain. I am going to use you assassin..."I am going to teach you what I know so you can accomplish a goal only you can fulfill." On the last word the man smiled an ugly smile.
"What task is that Old Man?"
"You are going to destroy the Dark Brotherhood!"

© 2012 Cody Wiggins

Author's Note

Cody Wiggins
Just the Beginning of an eventful end.

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*holds out hand* more please :)
i like it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on February 14, 2012
Last Updated on March 9, 2012
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Cody Wiggins
Cody Wiggins

Ft. Campbell, KY

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