Plan & Spells

Plan & Spells

A Chapter by Cody Wiggins

Going not far enough. Right now we will discuss how this will work, the spells he will be taught, and even a little new spell that the young assassin knew nothing of.


     The first few weeks went by almost as expected. The Old Man mostly stared at me with a distasteful look in his eyes. Almost as if he had witnessed the Lord Dagon coming into the world. We hadn't started the training just yet. I was still recuperating from the battle just days before. We talked, for the longest time, about the plan that we would use in order to destroy the Dark Brotherhood.

     " Mostly it boils down to not being seen within the first few minutes of arriving young assassin. However, that should be no problem for you. You are trained in the art of secrecy I presume?"

     I looked at him almost as if he had really asked the question I am an assassin after all.  

    " Are you really going to ask such an unnecessary question Old Man?"

    " Shouldn't I? You got caught and almost killed because you made such a small error. Or are you forgetting who saved your life so quickly, young assassin?"

    Each word he said seemed to sting and stab far worse then the bandits had. It was a very careless mistake for me to make. Then why did I make it? I was trained far better than that.

    ' After we get inside we will poison their food supply. It won't take them too long after that to realize that someone is out to get them. That is when we will strike with everything we got."

     "By the way Old Man, what is it we got? What spells do you plan on teaching me that are just so special?"

    " I plan on teaching how to control fire," as he said that a fire instantly came to life in his left hand. "how to control water," and agin as he said it the right hand instantly turned into water. "I will also teach you how to turn invisible."

     " Wait there is no way there is a spell that make me invisible. Is there?"

     "See for yourself young one." And on the last word he completely disappeared from my gaze. I searched and searched but could not find the Old Man.

     " Assassin you realize that as of right now. I am in the same spot. I never moved. I am invisible it is possible. Now then assassin." On this he appeared as if out of no where.

     " Shall we begin?" The smile on the Old Man's face brought one to my own. With these powers I could be the Worlds strongest and most feared assassin.

© 2012 Cody Wiggins

Author's Note

Cody Wiggins
Enjoy please. If you have an idea for the next chapter please do not hesitate to email to me.

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Added on March 22, 2012
Last Updated on March 27, 2012
Tags: Assassin, Dark, Brotherhood, Killer, magic, spells, wizard, plan, kill, teach, fire, water, skyrim, oblivion, Dagon.


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Cody Wiggins

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