Not time.......sorry.

Not time.......sorry.

A Chapter by Misa Uchiha

I could picture what she looked like so clearly.A girl maybe a year or two older than me.long black raven hair that hung down her back and fell into her face slightly.a smirk plastered on her pale face grinning down at me when i wasnt looking,she would be wearing a long flowing white night gown and her eyes a peircing she was reading your soul..she just stood there never leaving never blinking...never brething..she was just...there

theres my definition of sorrow.


i sat there on that bench waiting for the half brother i never knew exsited untill a few weeks ago.I ran my hand through my black greasy hair and sighed.I glanced at the entrance way once..then twice.There stading was a man around late twenties.he had choppy black hair and was looking around with a scared and worried expression on his face.i guess he felt me staring at him because the next i knew his head snapped in my direction and he started walking towards me.i could feel it...with every step he took my heart beat increased and my brething became shallow.when he was finally in front of me i looked up.he looked down at me opening and closing his mouth as if he was a fish.I felt my mouth twitch just a bit.


i stood up and stuck out my hand

hii im micky-fay..but i like to be called fay or faya but micky's fine too.I looked up when he took my hand but gasped when he pulled me into a hug.


your the spliting image of know that he said to me.i hugged him back sobbing into his chest.he sighed and looked around.


you dont have any bags do you?i shook my head no.he sighed again and said lets go.


We walked outside and into a car..i was too tired to pay attention to what kind of car it was as i laid my head on the window gazing out at nothing letting the soft humming of the radio lull me to sleep..the only thing is the radio wasnt where was that humming coming from.....oh yeah it was me


As i slept i felt someone pick me up and carry me..then i felt a pair hands as they started to tugg off my clothing.I opned my eyes some and saw two smiled at me while the other just stared.I closed my eyes and allowed them to strip me.i felt covers being pulled over me and i fell into a almost dreamless sleep.


i was running just running..but the thing is i wasnt running away from anything i was running towards something.I felt my self push harder agaist my will and better jugdment and leap through a clearing where i was attacked by a blinding white light..there standing in fromt of me was sorrow herself but then she smiled and her long messy hair shifted around her and danced around her body.her apperance began to change and standing there was a lady she had my skin color a caramell like color.she had blazing green eyes and she wore a green dress..i took a step forward but she took one back.


its not time i heard her say then she was replace with a grinning sorrow and i collasped into nothing but a lonly soul once again.


i awoke when i heard a door open.I turned to see a girl smiling at me.I sat up and stared at her.


hi my hane is Emily sams wife.i nodded.


well umm i got you some clothes she said pointing to a chair with some clothing on it.i running you bath water now so when ever your ready you know you can clean up.i nodded again.she smiled and turned to leave.


thank you i finally spoke.she stoped and turned to me smiling more than before.

no sweetheart she said..thank you


I knew there was a double meaning behind her words but i pushed it to the back of my head and went to go clean up.


After my bath i picked  up the new clothes and smirked at them..they were me in everyway possible.i dreesed in the silk black skirt and but on the white button up..i left the buton open and rolled up my sleeves.I pulled on my knee high tights and converse and then tried to deal with my hair.i couldnt think of anything to do with it so i decided to put it in a ponytail but i didnt have a holder.I walked over to the door and opned it.i heard movement in the kitchen and started for the stairs.

Emily i called..i heard all movement stop.


im in the kitchen hun.i jogged to the stairs and slid down the banister.i hopped off and turned towards the living room in mid sentence

i was wondering if you hav.....there sitting in the living room was a whole football team..ok im over reacting but dam they were huge..and they were all staring at me.


just great i thought rolling my eyes.


sorrow giggled behing me.

© 2009 Misa Uchiha

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Added on April 27, 2009


Misa Uchiha
Misa Uchiha

Staten Island ny, NY

Im 15 years old my name is charlene ....oh my freind is cyara a.k.a saruno Uchiha...shes my sister in law.her and sasuke are married(again lol)I love to laugh and make jokes i also love to hang out wi.. more..