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Reading through old writings saw this and it is the reviews you should read. Many great ones and so many old friends no longer writing here. it was in defense of a review a friend got


So, you've come here to crucify me with your words for my words , thoughts, feelings that I write here with all the heart and soul inside me. Words that say, use me, write me, please, me.
Thoughts that say tell me, let them see me. Feelings that say release me, set me free.

You say my meter is off, put a disconnect notice on it.You say there is no rhythm, YOU have no rhythm..  perhaps it flows backward like the old timers said the mighty Mississip' flowed after the great earthquake on the New Madrid Fault.

You say there is no rhythm. So maybe I don't dance that well or to the same tune as you do besides that, I'm white.Know fact, we have little rhythm...

Oh, and the structure, bad. built this with my own two hands and I don't really want to tear it down for you. Thank you very much.

 So go ahead, crucify me. Place me on papyrus with pens of quill. I will tear myself down, pour my thoughts, words, feelings on this bloody papyrus.

MY Words, MY Thoughts , My Feelings, and perhaps if they should be deemed worthy of being featured by whoever it is that deems such, I will say Bravo for me , and to you I will say,"Thank you for the review, thanks very much, but I think I will write it, do it my way."

All grammatical and misspelled words you see are welcomed.

I came here because I was invited .. to write, read, share and learn.
The Cafe is kind, the people are kind. The review I read a few days ago WAS not kind.. it seemed as if the person reviewing was deliberately trying to make the writer feel bad.
I am not a writer, I have already stated that. Many I read are writers , writers I would aspire to be like. Some of the writers on this site are young, just getting their feet wet. Still they want to write and have something to say. The writing is a form of release and much better than drugs or alcohol or anything in that vein. I have see some reviews of theirs..cruel reviews. I would imagine many of the younger writers give up when all they needed, need is a bit of encouragement and a few tips, maybe by email as younger people are more sensitive usually.
 And the thing that helps most is reading the fine poetry and stories by the many talented writers here at the Cafe.

Peace and Love


© 2011 Chloe..Across the Universe

Author's Note

Chloe..Across the Universe
i think i said it all above in the rambling speech ...

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Bravo, Chloe! I read a very harsh review the other day (not my own) also. I was so annoyed because it was personally attacking the writer and not really the work, itself. I went and read the "critics" work and I had to say that I was unimpressed. I don't know who he thought he was. I've only had one non-constructive review and it's prompted me to write something as well. It's been bouncing around in my head.

By the way, favorite lines:

You say my meter is off, put a disconnect notice on it.

Hilarious since I happen to work for the local electric & gas company! That made my night. Thanks for sharing. :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Peace and love to you, young lady! I agree with all the parts of this writing that are in black. :>) Extremely well stated. I am a fledgeling writer, and try like hell to be encouraging to others, and aspire to write like the Kerry's, the Robin's, the Chloe's, the Coyote's, the Emma's, etc. I love the creativity and camaraderie we have here. Thank you for your thoughts and words.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Instead of a review of this piece...I'm sending you (my sweet friend) a lil something something in the mail...a cover of a Jewel Kilcher song (slightly changed for gender purposes) but man, does it EVER apply! 100% rating from me.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I have found it to be true that the more someone puts others down, the less they like themselves. the louder, meaner, and more pointless the venom they spew... the more likely they are killing themselves quietly from the inside out with more of the same. "Criticism" and "constructive criticism" are about as different as Truth and brutal truth. I don't mind constructive criticism personally, and I will hesitantly but honestly share the constructive sort with others, but I have no time or use for other peoples' unwanted spleen. Well said, Chloe.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Couldn't agree more Chloe!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Like my review on reviewers says love, why do people leave that kind of comment! It is out of order, if you can't find anything positive to say, just don't comment, simple! To me, anyway! lol
Hugs xx

Posted 11 Years Ago

oh Chloe. If I ever cross boundaries and spit on people's work... I hope you are the one there to scold me! What a beautiful rebuttal. It's amazing how much kindness you showed here. Your sense of humor is spot on and your humility as always is stunning. I hope the ill-reviewer reads this and crawls home with his or her tail between their legs. Obviously, there mother didn't hammer into them as mine did the following: If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

I've noticed more than a few numbers off when you compare how many read my piece to how many review it. I can only assume that those who left no words were being as kind as those who did. I know the same cafe you do: a kind, loving, famalial bunch who I call my friends though we've never met in flesh. Thank God that cafe still exists.. it's the ONLY reason I'm still here!!
Much love... great write!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I see that this is a "story" that you wrote quiet awhile back. Seems to still hold true today. Not long ago I saw a review that there was absolutely no call for the rudeness the person had written about the poem. Like you I went to his work and read it. The review he gave should have been applied to his work. I totally agree with you about the younger writers, life yanks the rug out from under you quick enough without some know-it-all smashing your dreams. Writing is a form of art, like painting and music. It is all in the eye and ear of the beholder. Someone may pay a million dollars for a painting that I would not deem good, but it all comes down to personal taste and what right would I have to tell them any different. You say that you are not a writer. You are a great writer, most writer's are thinkers and you have thought this piece out well. Kudo's to you and your skilled pen. Hold tightly onto it. You work very well together.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Well Chloe I must say TO HELL WITH THEM. lol. We as writers write because it is a part of us. What we write is what we feel and allow no one to that from you. Your poetry is your voice and the only one who can quiet that is you. ( That is meant to be said to the writer) You are a good friend for sticking up for the poetry inside her. I came to WC to express who I am not to have anyone tear me down and I believe most writers come here for that same thing. Tell your friend to keep her pen moving and to let people say what they want. All they can do is talk. I have come across some very devote writers both young and old. THey are not looking for rythm......just words from the heart.

Great way to vent.

Live, Love and Learn

Lady V

Posted 12 Years Ago

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YES!!!! Good for you Chloe LOUD APPLAUSE!! No more to say, you said it all...very well :-)

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

having witnessed this same exact situation happen to a friend tonight, i find it sad that people have to be so spiteful, i think you laid down the ephasize opn what it means to be a true artist and that to me is humbling heart touching ,aasd well your words show a true caring, i am delighted to read this beautifully insightful work of heart again, it speaks your thoughts with the rhythm of the soul, one can really reflect in youir words, thank you for sharing such talent chloe

Posted 13 Years Ago

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