Chapter 2: The Sleepy Courtyard

Chapter 2: The Sleepy Courtyard

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Does Matt the soldier find the holy relic the humans and angel are fight over. Find out in this chapter.


Chapter 2

The Sleepy Courtyard


            Matt entered the temple of Shinto after climbing up an unbelievable long stairway. The place was too quiet and too dark for him to rush through hastily. So he walked into the room cautiously. Deeper into the darkness, he couldn’t to see anything, but he could felt something. A cold shiver sent down his whole body, his heart was beating even faster, but then those feeling soon vanquished. He started calming down and in his heart everything felt right. At the same time he still needed to be cautious he didn’t know what kind of traps they placed into this place.

             He continued walking to other side when he heard the sound of two people talking. He turned around, still couldn’t see them, but he could hear them. He started moving quickly, but tripped on something. It felt like a stage with a small opening below. He quickly dropped into the ground and squeezed his way into the opening. The voices were getting louder, they were speaking Japanese, and both sound angry at something. Light soon engulfed the room as torches and incenses were being lighted. With the room light up, Matt could see the two men wearing monk robes walking toward him.

            They walked towards the altar and kneed down to pray. Matt remained silently, but he couldn’t help smile. He had found the special holy artifact now all he needed to do is wait for them to leave, take it, and get the hell out of here. He could hear footsteps again. He looked through the gap and saw the two men leaving the room. Once they were gone, he squeezed from the little gap and walked up to the altar. He sees a small wooden box wrapped around paper with written Japanese.

            “Sorry fellows, but I have to take this.” He said to himself silently. “But I will bring it back once everything is done.”

            He slowly picked up the box and started heading toward the door. He rushed out of the room and down the stairs in a full sprint. As he went downstairs, he couldn’t help but wonder what the sacred item was. He tried to push it out of his mind, but it continued to lingering in back of his head. He stopped at the last step. He sighed as he knew it was a bad idea, but he couldn’t help it. He was about to tear the paper off, but he just stopped.

            “No, it just not right.” He said to himself again. He was going to returned it the way he found. He continued out the door. He met Amelia and Jessica was running toward him.

            Jessica smiled “You got the artifact and the samurai didn’t kill you.”

            “What samurai?” Matt said looking at Amelia and then Jessica. Suddenly the samurai dropped down from the ceiling. Matt pulled Jessica away as they rolled out the way. Samurai pulled out his blade and pointed it at the box.

            “Hand over the box.”

            Matt said “Oh that samurai. Hey dude why don’t you chill out and we’ll…” but it was too late as samurai charged at him. Matt was forced to run for his life as the samurai tried to cut him down with his katana. Amelia tackled the samurai to the ground.

            Amelia picked him and punched him in the face. He swung his blade at her which she graceful dodged it. The she threw a punch at him again. This time he caught her fist and started squeezing it. She grunted before she started punching him in his side. He dropped his sword and used his other hand to lift Amelia above his head. He then threw her through a wood post and into a wall.

            “Pathetic” he said picking up his sword. Jessica rushed toward him only to get shoved out of the way. “You disgrace me sending women to fight your battle while you run away.”

            Matt said in the darkness “Times have changed. Women are no longer the weak flowers like they were in your time and they not fighting for me. They are fighting for the box. People are trying to steal the box, we are protecting it.”

            “I am protecting it. Are you trying to steal it, but you are not getting away.” The samurai said looking around all he could see is darkness.

            Matt said “You know I’m tired and I really want to go to bed so I going to make a deal with you. You and me, one on one whoever wins keeps the box. No weapons, no angel magic, and no armor just hand to hand.”

            The samurai said “I could kill you in a heartbeat and simply take the box.”

            “Yes, but where is the honor. You are a samurai, aren’t you?” The samurai placed his katana back into a sheath and then placed it on the ground with his other blade. Then he took off his armor and his mask. He finally revealed his face. He wasn’t bad looking man with proud features. He had long straight black hair with brown eyes. Underneath his armor he wrought white simple robes. Then he lift his hands and lit all the candles around them.

            He sat down on the ground waiting for his opponent to appear. “Are you an honorable man?”

            Suddenly Matt emerged from the darkness and placed the box on the ground. “Either that or a stupid one.”

            Matt and the samurai walked toward one other. Matt threw the first punch hitting the samurai with hard right hook, but it didn’t even faze him. He tried again only this time the samurai blocked it. He knocked Matt’s fist away and punched him in the chest. Matt staggered back as he found it a little hard to breath. He didn’t expect to get hit so hard.

            “You seem surprised seen my strength when I threw your woman around. You should have known about I’m stronger and tougher than you. You can’t win.”

            Matt spited some blood out of his mouth and then got up from the ground. He got into a fighting stance.

            “One Amelia is not my woman, two Jessica is not my woman, and my grandma hits harder than you.”

            The samurai walked up to him and started throwing quick punches at him. Matt blocked all of his attacks before launching his counterattack. He hit the samurai’s jaw and then hit the angel’s throat making the angel to fall back. The angelical samurai tried to hit again only Matt grabbed his arm and pulled it back. Then he kicked the angel in the back of the leg forcing him to the ground. The samurai using his super strength threw Matt off of him.

            He said “What technique are you using?”

            Matt rolled back to his feet and looked at samurai. “Krav Maga, sorry they didn’t have that in your time, huh old man.”

            The samurai growled at him and started charging at him. He threw a punch which Matt easily blocked and countered with a punch to ribs and then the chin. It looked like his blows were finally hurting him. The samurai hit him with a strong punch in the stomach and then the face. Matt was sent flying into wooden post the samurai ran after him and threw another punch. He ducked making the samurai punched through the post. He attempted punch the samurai only to have his shoulder blade smashed by the samurai’s fists.

            Then he picked up by the superior samurai and lifted him up in the air. Matt hit the ceiling and then land on the other side of the room. He walked over to Matt who was still on the ground. He picked Matt up again with one hand . He was about give the final death blow with the other  when all of sudden Matt pressed his fingers hard into the samurai’s eyes. The samurai screamed in pain and then Matt head butted him. He released Matt dropping him into the ground. Matt then kicked him in the groin.

            “Just as I through, you are a cherub which means you were once human.” Matt said slowly getting to his feet. “Which also mean you still have the weakness of a man?”

            The samurai said “I see you know your angelical beings then you should know you still can’t win.”

            He tried to land some punches on Matt who dodge almost all but one which knock him back. Then he grabbed Matt’s shoulders and tossed him aside. Matt crashed into another wall.

            “You fought well if I was fully human I would see you as a worthy opponent.” The samurai said walking over Matt’s broken body. “As you see I am the victor.” He walked up to the box when someone stepped on it.

            The samurai looked up to see Amelia looking at straight down at him. “You still wish to fight me, woman.”

            Amelia said “No, but I will need your help.” She looked behind the angel.

            “With what?” the samurai said confusingly

            Amelia replied “Look behind you dumbass.” The samurai let out a low growl as he turned around to a legion of archangels standing behind with their matching black armor and grey wings sticking out of their backs.

            “Damnit, don’t tell me you all here for the box.” Matt said finally get up from the ground with the help of Jessica.

            Amelia said “No, they came here for the milk and cookies.”

            “No need to be a smart a*s.”

            Amelia commented “No, need ask to stupid questions.” Then she kicked the box up into the air and caught it when it came back down. “So you guys want the box, huh.” Everyone got tense as the legion started moving toward them.

            “One problem is I don’t have it.” She swiftly threw it at Jessica. “Get Matt out of here while the samurai and I handle these guys.” Suddenly the angelical legion started marching toward them

            The Samurai said “I will not let that box out of my….”

            Jessica said “Shut up, trust me you do not want them to have it anymore than you want us.” At her feet were the samurai’s blades. She gently kicked them toward him.

            He kneed down and picked the blades releasing them from their sheath. “So be it, once I done. I expect to get the box back.” Then he rushed toward them yelling loudly.

            Jessica and Matt started rushing toward the gate as Amelia created her longsword and the ignited it. She then charged toward them. The legion created their weaponry. The samurai twirled his blades and cut two archangels. He spun around and cut another angel down. Another angelical warrior tried to cut him from behind, but the samurai turned around. He blocked the sword and then used his other sword to thrust the angel in the stomach. Then he ignited the sword burning the angel from the inside.

            Amelia swiftly cut through the angels as crashed into the army. She tried to cut down one of them, but another angel blocked her. She kicked the angelical figure in the chest then stabbed in the heart. Another angel tried to cut her, but she dodged their strikes. Then she grabbed the angel’s sword and she kneed him in the stomach taking a sword. She finally cut the angel’s head off and then cut sliced another down.

            Matt leaned on Jessica as they walked out of the temple and started heading for the gate. Matt felt something was wrong as he looked around, but couldn’t find any of the people. It was weird as people were coming onto the island by the hundreds. Jessica didn’t seem to notice as they continue walking. She was completely focused on getting him out of here safely. When they finally got to the courtyard, they walked into the gruesome site. Everyone man, woman, and child was on ground as if they were dead.

            Matt said “Damn angels kill them all.” She placed Matt on the ground and then went to go check on one of the people. She walked toward a small boy and went to check his pulse. It was still beeping and it was strong. He wasn’t dead. He was simply put to sleep. Could the angels really do this?

            She was about to head back to Matt when someone grabbed her from behind. She elbowed the person, but it felt like she was hitting a brick wall. Whoever grabbed her was muscular. Then someone else put a bag over her head and then hit her knocking her out. Then they carried her away.

            Matt waited for Jessica on the cold ground when he suddenly felt like someone was watching him. He ignored the feeling long enough for someone to grab him from behind. Matt hit the large man from behind in eye and flipped the guy onto the ground. He got on top of the man and started punching him. The man was wearing all black from head to toe. Matt took off the man’s mask.

            “Hey, I don’t know you.”

            That was the last thing he said as he hit in the head from behind knocking him out and throwing a bag over his head.

© 2010 .quan.011.

Author's Note

Pleas tell everything that is wrong with this chapter

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OMG. This gripping. You leave me hanging rjght to the end. Damn yo.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Great chapter can't wait to see what happends next I love the book so far

Posted 10 Years Ago

Samurai pulled out his blade and pointed it at the box. Needs to be The Samurai at the beginning or it sounds weird. he could see is darkness. It should be all he could see was darkness. (i left out the all when i was copying so i just added it back in) Still confused about them not being with the other angels.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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