Chapter 3: Interrogation Skills

Chapter 3: Interrogation Skills

A Chapter by .quan.011.


            The legion of angels circled Amelia and the samurai as they tried to kill them. Two angels charged toward Amelia and swung their sword down at her. She brought above her head stopping the blades.  She pushed the swords away and cut the angelical soldiers around their legs dropping them to the ground. She cut down angel after angel as they continued fighting. She kept her eye on the samurai who was cutting down a small group. Another angel ran toward her trying to run her through. She moved out of way making him crashed into other angels.  Another angel charged in to the circle, but he was quickly cut down by the samurai.

            Amelia said “Hey, that one.” She spun around and kicked another in the head with roundhouse kick.

            “We must end this quickly.” He closed his eyes. Amelia continued fighting cutting down anyone who dared to go near him.

            Amelia said “What are you doing? I could still use your help.” An archangel grabbed her from behind while another one rushed toward with his sword pointing her chest. Reacting quickly, she hit the angel behind with the back of her head and then leaned on him. Then she kicked the other angel’s sword out his hand and kicked him in the face sending him crashing to the ground. Suddenly the samurai’s eyes opened up and his sword turned from burning red to white hot. He put the two swords together.

            “Stop him, we can’t like he charge that thing up.” one of the archangel said as she leaped over her troops.

            However it was already too late, the samurai spun around releasing a ferrous tornado of fire. It spread out so fast like it had a mind of its own. It burned everyone that it touched expect Amelia who found it be quite cold. Many of archangels flew backward avoiding the flames. The red tornado slowly fade away carrying the ashes from the angels with it. The samurai stand prefect still until he collapse to the ground.

            “I’m guessing that was it.” one of archangel said looking down at the samurai. He swept down heading toward the samurai. Amelia ran toward him trying to stop the angel. She summoned a fireball and threw it at him. It knocked him away as Amelia stopped in front of the fallen samurai.

            Amelia said “I guess you haven’t…” She started hearing the weird beeping. Then she quickly realized she was hearing a bomb. She quickly grabbed the samurai as she launched into the air. A group of angels swept down to ready to continue the fight.

            “Get out of my way.” She summoned another fireball and shot it at them. It exploded in their face giving Amelia enough time to get out. She crashed through the rooftop as she heard a final loud beep. There were still archangels flying right behind her when the shrine exploded sending tiny pieces of metal everywhere.

            Amelia flew into the air for a few second before falling into the ground. She slowly got up from the ground and looked around. The courtyard was a quiet as graveyard. She noticed a weird fog and then could see people lying down like they simply fell to ground.

            There was no sign of struggle. The samurai slowly rose up from the ground.”What happened?”

            Amelia said “About time you got up.” She kneed down to one of the bodies. It was a young male looked like he was in early twenties. She could see his chest expand and collapse indicating that he was very much alive.

            “Well it seemed that whoever did this didn’t want to hurt the people so what do… the jewel.” She flew up into the air. She soared high into the air so she could look at the whole island. Everyone was put to sleep. As she continue to look as black fighter jet soared past her nearly hitting her.

            “Watch where do you think going?” It started turning around toward her. She watched cautiously wondering what exactly the pilot plan on doing. She received her answer in the form of bullets hitting her body. She moved out of the way as the jet tried to hit her again,

            “You little…” She started chasing after it. She was right behind the jet as it tried to lose her in the clouds. The jet soared through the white mist. The pilot hit the afterburner thinking that would definitely lose her. As he blew through the cloud, he was surprised to find Amelia in front of jet. The fighter jet turned slightly missing Amelia again, at least that what the pilot thought. Amelia was right behind him. She flew straight at one of the jet’s wings and ripped it off. Fire and smoke came out of the side of the plane. She climbed up to the cockpit. As soon as she got to cockpit window, it burst opened with the pilot and the chair flying out of it.

            He sent into the air and then began falling towards the ground. As he pummeled to the ground, he grabbed the parachute latch, and pulled it. The parachute came out of the chair and spread out allowing the pilot to descend slowly. He thought he lost her and was beginning to calm down. Then suddenly he stopped falling. He looked up at his parachute and saw Amelia holding onto the strings.

            “Oh s**t” he said looking at Amelia who grabbed his parachute strings. She pulled out a small dagger. “Don’t!”

            Amelia cut the strings, but kept hold of strings that was attached to the chair. The pilot was completely trapped and couldn’t go anywhere. He looked up at the angelical b***h.

            “Where are you talking me?”

            Amelia said “I’m taking you back to the temple. I want to what you did to those people. I want to know what you did to my friend and I want to know where the box is? You better tell me.”

            “Or what?” The pilot replied

            Amelia said “I wonder if you can fly an airplane with no hands. How much do you love?

            “I love my country.”

            Amelia said “We will find out how much you love your country.” She flew him back to the temple. She dropped the chair onto the ground and landed beside him. The samurai appeared through the fog. He walked over to the chair and ripped the pilot out of it.

            “What did you do to those people?” The pilot remained silence as he simply stared at the angry Japanese angel. The samurai took off the pilot’s helmet revealing a face of a young man who looked like he could be in his late mid-twenties. He had short strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes.

            What did you do the box?”

            The pilot still remained silent when Amelia pushed the samurai away. She grabbed hold of him and smashed him into the ground. She wrapped her hand around his neck and squeezed just little to get his attention. He started fighting but couldn’t break Amelia’s grip. Then she loose up a bit allowing him to breathe just a little.

            “Now I am looking for two humans. They are Americans and I guessing you are too so what did you do to them?” The pilot remained silent when Amelia raised her fist about to hit him when the samurai stopped her.

            The samurai said “This is pointless. I have a better idea.” He placed his hand on top of the pilot’s head. “This is our last chance tell what we want to know.”

            “Screw you.” He said

            The samurai replied “No thank you, but you can have this.” He closed his eyes and hand started glowing. The pilot started screaming loudly as Amelia just walked away from the two. The pilot suddenly become silent before the samurai released him. “I know where they took your friends and the box.”

            Amelia said “What did you do to him?” She caught the man as he fell and then she guided him onto the ground.

            “Simple I reached into his head and took a look his memories. They gassed the air with high dense sleeping gas making the people fell asleep. Then they captured your friends and box. They took them in their hidden base in the island in the middle of Pacific Ocean.” He said. Then he walked away with Amelia.

            She said “Is he going to be okay?”

            “He might awake in few hours giving us enough time to get there before he contacts the others.”

            She said “What are you talking about?”

            The samurai said “He has a two way radio underneath his right top tooth. We don’t have time for this.” He spread his black feathered wings and launched into the sky. He hovered a little above him. “Are you coming, are not?”

            She was coming, but she wasn’t quite sure if she could trust this samurai someone who was willing to hurt someone. She didn’t like the way he said he might wakeup. However she had no other options, so she spread her wings and flew up into the sky. He led her through the air over the clear blue ocean.

            “So what are you a cherub or just guardian angel?” she said watching the angelical samurai cautiously.

            “Does it really matter?”

            Amelia said “No just killing time.”

            “Well with you must know I’m not angel.”

            Amelia looked at him shockingly “What do you mean you are not angel. After what I just saw you do, you cannot be a human.”

            “My name is Hiro Akihito, the guardian of spiritual jewel. My family has been guarding the jewel since it was given to us by an angel. It gave us superhuman abilities and magical powers in return we protect it from anyone who wished to use its power. It is my duty to return it back to the shrine. It has been taken from the temple in over a thousand years.”

            She understood why he was doing this and she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when his duty and her duty collided. Couldn’t wouldn’t she have to kill him to save the world and to make sure the jewel doesn’t get to the wrong hands. Then again they wanted the same thing. She really didn’t know, but right now the jewel wasn’t important. Jessica and Matt was the one she need to protect right now. For her to get them back she was going to need Hiro’s help.

            They flew farther away from country of Japan. Smoke no longer full the sky as the once black clouds turned white. She could see small boats watching the destruction of the city. She had to admit even she found the carnage unbelievable. Hiro remained perfectly silent as they continued their journey. She wondered what he was hiding after he knew everything about the base, defenses, how many people were in the base, and what equipment they were using.

            Then he shouted “Prepare yourself, they probably have already detect us.” He unsheathed both his sword.

            Not far away, Amelia could see a formation of black fighter jets coming toward. They probably though it would be easy to take down to two angels. They were sadly mistaking as Hiro soared toward them. He sliced one of jet’s wings off and spun around to slice another plane’s wing. They started shooting at him, but he used his swords to deflect the bullets. As they flew toward him, he cut down two more.

            Amelia threw fireballs at the jet blowing the fighter jets up one by one. As she flew by a small island surround by small patch of bushes and trees, suddenly a gun turret popped out and started shooting at her. She turned around and threw a fireball. The gun turret exploded as she turned her attention back to the fighter jets. Finally, she stopped in midair when she suddenly felt something strange yet somewhat familiar. A fighter was heading toward from behind when she hit it with a telekinesis blast. The plane crashed into the ocean. She needed to speed this up. She had a feeling things was just getting worse.

© 2010 .quan.011.

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Oh don,'t you dare end it here. I need more. Lots more. But you win for tonight anyway.. so we will begin again whith a new story in your list.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow I hope amelia does not die

Posted 10 Years Ago

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