-3- Heroes Wanted

-3- Heroes Wanted

A Chapter by RyanXIII

Aiden recieves his first quest and tries to find some worthy fellows to join him.


- 3 -

Heroes Wanted


“I’m sending someone to receive your message, he wishes to save the nation, it seems ridiculous but he may be our only hope, our armies are now old and weak, send him to gather forces, we are not the only ones, I have faith in you Goridon.”

Goridon blew away the flame that was sat in his palm. I hope he has faith in this boy.


Aiden woke when it was bright outside, it was easily noon, Aiden had taken so long to get to sleep he had slept late. There was a knock at the door. “Come in” Aiden called. Olgen poked his head into the room.

“Good afternoon Aiden, I trust you slept well?”

Aiden groggily sat up rubbing his eyes “Yes, thank you, what hour is it?”

“It is an hour after noon my friend, come the cook has prepared us lunch.”

Aiden’s stomach rumbled at the thought of a good meal, “I’ll be down soon, we need to palaver.”

“We do? Very well, see you downstairs.”

Aiden forced himself to get out of the bed; he could only have slept four or five hours. He put on his ragged pants and Olgen’s cloak and used the mirror on the dressing table to make sure he looked presentable for lunch. Aiden was a sturdy young man and quite handsome although he didn’t know it. The ladies and daughters of Knoas would often admire him, but Aiden never noticed as he was so hell bent on training and joining the war that little else ever gained his attention. He had dark brown hair which was thick and swept across his forehead, it was long enough to cover most of his neck but not quite shoulder length. His face was a duality of definition and charm; it had the sharpness of a warrior at one glance and the subtle roundness of an innocent school boy at the next. He stood around six foot, had broad shoulders and a strong, muscular physique, not the physique of a brute or blacksmith but that of a trained fighter, powerful yet agile. He swept the hair away from his eyes and patted down some maverick strands sticking out from the top then headed downstairs.

Upon entering the dining hall the incredible odours of food hit him immediately, the smell of pork roasted in honey made his stomach churn almost to a cramp. “That smells amazing!” The food was laid out at the end of the long table it took up very little of the table and looked quite comedic.

Olgen hurried to swallow the food in his mouth, “It is, Aiden, come eat”. Aiden sat opposite Olgen and admired the small feast on the table; there was a joint of roast pork and a bowl of potatoes with a boat of gravy to accompany it. Off to the side covered by a glass bowl lid was a small ginger cake for afters, and in the middle of the table was a large silver pitcher of lemon water. Aiden dug in and had his fill before belching, apologising and relaxing back into his dining chair.

Aiden waited until Olgen had also finished eating and began his talk. “Olgen I visited the psychic again last night, I had to hear his story in full”

“It was you? I wondered who was wandering about the castle at that hour” Olgen leaned forward “So what did he say, did you believe a word?”

“Things have changed now Olgen, Goridon has seen it also!”

“What? Goridon is saying the same as Korick?”

“He knows even more, I must go and see him to hear his word and decide on a course of action. The only problem is Korick insists I do not travel alone.”

“Yes it is a dangerous journey to mount Ki, perhaps I should travel with you?”

Aiden smiled, that is what he had wanted, “I would be most grateful.”

“When do we leave?” Olgen was barely able to contain his excitement.

“Not yet my friend we need to find one or two more to join us, Korick insisted. Do you know of anyone who would enjoy an adventure?”

Olgen laughed, “Too many, whether they would aid or hinder us is another question.”

“Let me meet some and I will see if any can join us, put out a message let them all know that the south of Fortisia is in danger and their nation needs them.”

“I will do just that, we can gather in the Gallon Bee, that’s the tavern we passed in the town centre, meet me there an hour before sunset it would be quicker if I went about this alone.”

“Agreed, let us see what this town is capable of.” Olgen ran off in a hurry and Aiden was left alone, he decided to clear up the plates on the table. He piled everything up and walked over to what he assumed was the kitchen he pushed the door open with his shoulder and emerged into a drawing room where the lord was sitting writing, he heard a noise and turned.

 “Hello there Aiden, put those plates down boy we have a maid for that,” Aiden put the plates down on the edge of a bureau. “Come, sit and join me won’t you?”  Aiden walked over to the lord and took a seat opposite him, he was nervous again, even more now he was alone with the ruler of Tantum. “Tell me, what were you boys talking about in there, I heard the mention of Korick, has he advanced anywhere with his tales of Armageddon?”

Aiden explained everything to Lord Vogan, his palaver with Korick, Goridon’s message, him needing to go to Mount Ki, about Olgen joining him and the recruitment they were holding later that evening.

“Well it seems you have walked into quite a predicament my friend, I assure you Tantum is never normally this… dramatic.”

“It is my pleasure and my honour to serve the capital, I hope you don’t disagree with me taking Olgen with me, you have my promise I will keep him safe.”

“I don’t think I have to worry about that Aiden, he is a worthy archer as I’m sure you know.”

“Indeed I do, and do you have any qualms about me leading your people.”

“I fear I don’t know you enough to judge, let us see this as your trial if you lead and achieve your goal without getting anyone killed I will honour you as a Leader of Tantum.”

To be a Leader in a city of Fortisia was not as great an honour as it sounds, Aiden would not have any say in the goings on of the city, it simply meant that he would be able to lead expeditions and such from the city, with citizens of that city, without needing permission. It also meant that he had the accolade under his belt, if people knew he was granted Leadership by the lord that he must be a worthy leader and people would be more likely to follow him.

“That would also be an honour lord, sorry… Vogan.”

“I’m sure, now Olgen tells me that Wert is tailoring you some new clothes.”

“He is, yes.”

“Why don’t you visit him, I’m sure it will all be ready by now.”

“I’ll do just that, have a pleasant afternoon, goodbye.”

“See you again soon my boy, oh and here take this, can’t have you running about our city empty handed.” Vogan handed Aiden a small leather purse containing twenty pieces of gold, “I won’t take no for an answer son” Aiden thanked Vogan and left.

A short walk later Aiden entered Wert’s shop, he was again greeted by the pleasant ring of the bell. He called out and Wert appeared from the back room.

“Aiden my friend I have your attire ready, might you try it on?”

“I will.”

Moments later Aiden appeared in his new clothes, Wert had done a great job, it was a perfect fit. He was dressed in soft but strong tightly woven cotton which hugged his body comfortably. Patched throughout were stretches of strategically placed leather, across his chest, forearms and legs. Aiden imagined how this would protect him in several different encounters. His boots were also strong and perfectly fitted. Then Wert brought out the final touch to his battle attire; his coat.

“It fits perfectly.” Aiden claimed.

“Indeed it does, that’s my job.”

It was heavy enough to feel protective but light enough to move comfortably, it had several pockets throughout, in one of them Aiden placed his cold medicine he had made with Kerrie the night before. Not for the first time Aiden felt prepared for war.

“I owe you a great debt Wert.”

“Not at all my friend… Just give them hell.” It was only now that Aiden realised Wert knew more than he had let on, perhaps Olgen or Vogen had mentioned something in the morning, he did not know. Aiden thanked Wert again and left the store. It was still too early to go and meet Olgen so Aiden decided to go for a walk around Tantum.

Aiden visited the market again, he had never really had enough gold spare to go shopping at a market so had no idea how much twenty pieces of gold would get him. The first thing he bought was a new satchel from a stall selling leather goods it cost him only two pieces of gold, he slipped the strap over his head and let the bag hang down at his hip. The store keeper told him that for only one extra gold piece Aiden could have the water skin that accompanied the bag, Aiden agreed. As he was walking away he noticed a leather dagger sheath which he also purchased, this will be far safer than using my belt. A little further down the row Aiden passed a potion and tonic stall, he thought it would be a good idea to buy some for his journey then in the same thought decided he would visit Kerrie later for those instead. Passing the jewellery stall he had passed the day before, Aiden noticed that the pendant he admired was now gone, he felt a tinge of sadness but sharply pushed it off as he knew he could never have afforded it anyway.

Aiden had a long walk around the market and purchased a few more items; a small sharpening stone for his knife, a fossin egg, some gloves and a scarf, a length of thin wire, for this he had an idea, some more dried rabbit and some other miscellaneous items. After the market Aiden headed towards the blacksmith’s, he wanted a sword.

Eran was the blacksmith of Tantum and one of the best smiths there was, he took a great pride in his work and loved his city. He was delighted to hear a knock on the door as it meant more work was coming. Aiden entered and was taken aback by the size of Eran, he was huge!

“Good day boy.”

“You… You’re an ogre?”

“Well spotted boy now can I do something for you?”

Aiden shook his head to snap free of his shock, he had never seen a civilised ogre before, especially not one with a job working with weapons.

“Sorry sir, it’s just…”

“I know boy, I know, never seen an ogre in the middle of a city without a torch in his hand.” Eran rasped and laugh.

Aiden smiled, politely, “No I haven’t.”

“Well times are a changing and we aint all as rotten as you might think, kennit?”

“I see, well I am Aiden it’s a pleasure to meet you uhh…”

“Erin, Erin the Black.” Erin stood straight showing his full size with pride.

“Pleasure Erin, I was wondering if you might smith me a sword?”

Erin laughed “You boy, I can’t just be giving out swords to everyone who wants one can I?”

“For whom can you make a sword?” Aiden questioned.

“Well I make ‘em for the guards and anyone with a written letter of approval from the lord himself.”

“Well I am hoping to be granted Leadership in Tantum soon, would that approve me a sword?”

“Hmm, indeed it would boy, come back when you’re a Leader and we can talk.”

“I will, thank you for your time.”

“Don’t mention it.”

After leaving the blacksmith’s Aiden decided to pay another visit to Kerrie to get some tonics for the journey. As he made his way there he passed two young men heading in the opposite direction, distinctly he heard one say to the other, “Can I punch you in the face to show them how strong I am?”

“You can try but I will break your arm first to show them how fast I am”

Aiden laughed as they turned around a corner and he could no longer hear their conversation. Once again he found himself outside Kerrie’s store, he knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Aiden entered and exchanged greeting with Kerrie as he started to wander around the shop looking at all of the different vials and bottles on the walls. After a short while he went over to Kerrie and listed out the items he wished to take with him.

“Plenty of general healing tonics,” These tonics would help wounds to heal and stop infection. “Some vigour brews,” The vigour brews were a special from Kerrie they filled the drinker with energy. “Some fire repellent tonic,” This was a tonic Kerries had learnt from her father it would temporarily release oils in the skin to make the effects of fire less damaging for a short period. “Some general poison cures,” These were cures made of mixing several antidotes together to make a general cure, you could get more powerful cures for specific ailments but Aiden didn’t have room in his bag to carry that many bottles. “And some of the strongest sleeping tonics you have.” This was Kerrie’s best seller, she made it from some powders she discovered by drying out fruit seeds and a small pinch of a herb that was widely frowned upon in Fortisia, but no one had to know.

“Why that is quite a list you have there, Aiden, you wouldn’t be going away would you?”

“I have been chosen to go on a dangerous journey to Mount Ki, the south may be in trouble and I need to help save it.” Aiden realised how glorified he was making himself sound and decided not to say any more about it.

“Well I wish you the best of luck and safety on your journey, take this with you,” Kerrie leant forward and gave Aiden a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Now here is your tonics I’ve given you small potent vials so you can fit them in your satchel there. I don’t want any gold for those, not from a hero like you”.

“I’m no hero but thank you Kerrie, this city owes you a debt.”

“I would do anything for my city.”

“Indeed I would also, goodbye.”

“Goodbye brave one.”

As was leaving Kerrie’s store he noticed the light was beginning to fade, it was time to head to the Gallon Bee and see what Olgen had come up with. The light was just dying when Aiden arrived outside the tavern, there was a hefty ruckus swelling out from the entrance. There were either a lot of worthy men in there or a lot of loud fools. Aiden was soon to find out that the latter was true.

As Aiden walked in to the tavern he was struck by the heat of the crowd and the smell of tobacco smoke, it reminded him of home, his father used to smoke a pipe when he told his tales. The room quietened somewhat when he entered, everyone knew he was the man they were waiting for, simply because they had never seen him before. After a few seconds the room was almost silent, Aiden then realised he hadn’t planned how he was going to address everyone. He slowly walked over to the bar to give himself a few seconds to think, ordered an ale and turned to face the crowd of about fifty men and boys, even a couple of women.

“Good evening everyone and my greatest thanks for attending this meet,” A sporadic murmur of approval rippled through the crowd. Olgen crossed the room to accompany Aiden as he continued his speech. “As I’m sure my friend has told you all we are looking for a few skilled warriors to accompany us on a journey, it is likely to be long and will definitely be tough,” the crowd grew a little louder in their approval, they were clearly eager enough. “We will take seat in the corner of the room and see you one by one, it will take time but we will see you all so please continue as you were.”

As Aiden and Olgen had expected it was a long night, they kept their word and saw every single person sadly to little result. Man after man would come and either be too weak, to dumb or too young, most were barely even teenagers, kids with a fire in their heart, Aiden could relate but couldn’t lead them to their deaths. One man did catch their attention, a brute by the name of Kavan.

 A brute is not considered a race of people in Fortisia but it is something similar. Brutes are tall and naturally strong, they are the outcome of some forbidden crossbreeding that took place long ago between humans and ogres, it is very rare but now and again an ogre gene will creep up and produce a brute child, they are still as smart as a human and look human only bigger and stronger.

Kavan came before the pair and showcased his incredible strength by taking them outside and picking up a horse, it was an odd but impressive spectacle. Aiden was convinced and wanted Kavan to join them, this was when Olgen cut in. He explained to Aiden how much Kavan did in and around the city, he was their only brute and was responsible for many jobs that no one else could do, without him the city would not be able to run as it does, he was invaluable to Tantum. Aiden fully understood and although he was rather disappointed he explained to Kavan why they couldn’t take him with them. Kavan was also disappointed but understood.

“But if we ever need any help around the city you will be the first person we find!”

“Thank you Aiden and good luck.” With this Kavan left the tavern ducking to avoid the door as he did.

A few hours more went by with men punching walls, firing arrows at birds and missing horribly, slicing through carcasses and one even trying to prove his manhood by drinking a yard of ale as fast as he could. Then as the pair were getting tired and about to call an end to the recruitment, a woman walked through the remaining crowd to their table. She was wearing mages robes which were such a deep purple they were almost black, she wore boots with heels making her appear taller and more daunting. Her skin was olive pale and her hair a void like black, she had a strangely dark aura about her but her beauty was breath taking, she had such perfect and unblemished skin with a gentle rose to her cheeks.

“Good evening gentlemen, I am Zianna, might I show you my talents?”

Aiden was entranced by her dark ora and Olgen was dumb with her beauty, “Please.” Aiden eventually replied holding out a hand inviting her to impress them.

“Do you have a knife?”

“I do.” Aiden replied, he pulled it from the sheath on his belt, placed in on the table and slid it toward her. She moved to pick up the dagger but instead only held her open hand over it, about two inches away. Aiden and Olgen exchanged a look of confusion. Smoke began to rise from the wood table, the knife was heating up, with in five seconds it was glowing white hot and the table began to throw out licks of flame, then she closed her hand into a fist and shot it open again, suddenly the knife blade was blinded by steam and when it cleared the knife was a solid block of ice.


And to finish, Zianna picked up the knife and gently tapped it on the table only for it to shatter into a dozen pieces.

“That took no effort at all!” Olgen exclaimed.

“True that was impressive.”

“Would you like to see what I can do on a… grander scale?” Zianna asked.

“I’m certain we will see soon, you are coming with us!”

“It would be a pleasure, I will see you in the morning, pleasant night to you.” With that Zianna left the tavern and left Aiden and Olgen impressed.

“I have a good feeling about her Olgen.”

“Me also.”

“I’m going to get another drink, how many people left.”

“Only one I think.”

Aiden went to the bar to get another tankard of ale. As he called out for a drink he set eyes on the barmaid, he hadn’t noticed her earlier, perhaps she was in the basement. She was beautiful, her hair fell down just past her shoulders and was a silky chocolate brown, she had soft grey-green eyes and the most innocent face Aiden had ever seen and her body was curved and voluptuous. Aiden was struck by a warm feeling deep in his gut that he had never felt before, he wanted to hold her and kiss her.

“What can I get you Aiden…? Aiden?”

Aiden snapped out of his daze, “Oh I’m sorry I was, I was lost.”

“That’s fine dear.” she said with a blush.

“Please what is your name?”

“I’m Sarsima, niece of Lord Vogan.” She replied with a distinct lack of pride.

“You’re… You’re Olgen’s sister?”

“I am indeed Aiden, well observed.”

Another voice interrupted from across the room, “Aiden!” Aiden turned to see Olgen gesturing for Aiden to join him.

“I must go Sarsima, it was a delight to meet you, I hope our paths cross again.”

“I hope so too handsome” With this Aiden blushed and turned quickly to hide it. He re-joined Olgen at the table where a sturdy looking young man of about nineteen years stood opposite them.

“This is Magnel, he is a trainee blacksmith in the city and wishes to test his mettle with us.”

Magnel interrupted, “I am strong and will follow orders without argument!” He seemed eager enough but Aiden had his doubts, he could also tell that Olgen was impressed by them young man so agreed to take him along.

“Join us tomorrow Magnel, we are bound for Mount Ki so bring warm clothing and your weapon, you can also bring food but we will hunt along the way.”

Magnel was clearly excited “Yes Aiden I will be here, no questions. Pleasant night sirs.” Magnel turned and scurried out the door excited to tell his father.

Aiden turned to Olgen “Well my friend I think we have enough to see us safely through our journey to Ki, would you agree?”

“I do. It is a shame, there is a woman named Taji she lives in the city but barely shows herself she calls herself an assassin I know not how true this title is.”

“Where is she?”

“That is our dilemma, no one ever knows where to find her and I was hoping this recruitment would attract her but it seems not.”

“O well it seems it wasn’t to be,” Aiden turned away and rested back into his chair taking a big gulp of ale, “Four of us will surely suffice.”

“Well… There is one more person…”

© 2013 RyanXIII

Author's Note

We are now getting in to the plot a bit more, aidens first quest has been given and he is finding a team to go with him.

please any comments welcome.

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Featured Review

Haven't yet finished reading. First impression is I like it. The story seems interesting and has a lot of potential. However, some passages are weak in comparison to others, the style fluctuates. Also, the dialogue needs work. Olgen appears to be very flat, hopefully not your intent, due to bland dialogue.

Posted 11 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


11 Years Ago

thank you for your comments


This is by far my favorite chapter! Please write the next one soon! I can't wait to see the story and characters develop!

Posted 10 Years Ago

I'm so very sorry I didn't get a chance to read this sooner, but the wait was very worth it! The plot is becoming really interesting, I'm very curious to see what you do to Zianna as the story continues ( I really like her!)
Really the only thing I could find that needed some reviewing, as others have said, is the Dialogue. It just seems to need a bit of tweaking and refining, I don't find it bland, I like the basis of what is there, but some of how its said just doesn't flow as smoothly as in your other chapters and just seems a tad bit awkward or like it needs something more to really make it come alive.
Over all its really very good, though! I can't wait for chapter four :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Not bad. Your writing is technically correct, for the most part, but some of the dialogue is a little stale and could be trimmed down a bit, I think. I'd suggest you keep in mind what each of the characters wants and how they intend to achieve their goals - that'll make things more focused when you continue.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


11 Years Ago

Thank you i'll keep that in mind
Interesting addition - Zianna. I am curious how she will play out over the course of the novel.

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

I'll try my best to keep her interesting :P
TL Boehm

11 Years Ago

Yes, I wonder about her. If she will be a benefit - or a detriment. :)

11 Years Ago

well im planning on their being a group of travellers when the main journey begins around 5 or 6 i h.. read more
I disagree with the comment about your dialogue. I don't see them as bland. Old world speech was like that. I'm loving this so far :)

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

thank you im glad your enjoying it
Haven't yet finished reading. First impression is I like it. The story seems interesting and has a lot of potential. However, some passages are weak in comparison to others, the style fluctuates. Also, the dialogue needs work. Olgen appears to be very flat, hopefully not your intent, due to bland dialogue.

Posted 11 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


11 Years Ago

thank you for your comments

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