Monday 12:00am

Monday 12:00am

A Chapter by Dr.Who.LOVER

Second Journal Entry by Jade in "The Messed Up Life Of Jade Porters"


Dear Diary,

 Okay since I cannot sleep I decided to write. Yes it is in fact Midnight. Oddly I am always wide awake the second the clock strikes Midnight. Like I could be drowsy and tired at like 11:30 and then once the clock goes to Midnight boom I am wide awake. I have always believed I am nocturnal. Okay if my handwriting gets messy do not blame me okay! I'm writing by candle light. Luckily I don't feel sick from dinner. Mostly because I didn't eat what my mom cooked. She cooked salmon. (Which I hate.) So I just had cereal. And I ate alone. That has been going on Since....July 21, 2001. That was the day my dad died. Many reports say it was a freak accident. Others say it was done on purpose. My dad was a traveling buisness man who rarely had time for his family. But anytime me and my mom saw him he would try so hard to make it memorable. He hated traveling but it payed good. I loved my father. And for a while we were all one big happy family. My mom didn't smoke or drink. She wasn't on 67 differrent medications. I didn't hide in my room for hours until dinner. I never ever thought about inflicting any kind of pain on myself. But then, while my dad was staying at a hotel a fire started. No one even today was quite sure what started the fire. Possibly a short circut or an oil or gas leak. But whatever happended it killed my father. He was on the top floor, he always enjoyed high up places for views. The fire spread quickly, to quick for my father to get out. He could have gotten out if he hadn't gone back. But my father was always extremely kind and everyone loved him. Thats when he heard a women scream he ran back. I know all of this because the women made it out alive and did an interview. She was pregnant which only made my dad run faster. According to the women they had talked a few times and once he had invited her to breakfast. Nothing sexual just a small breakfast. So my father got her down to the third floor when he thought he heard someone crying. Another women took the pregnant lady and ran. The rest is a mystery to me. Mostly because no one was around to see what happened next. But I'm guessing my father was wrong about the noise and couldn't get out in time. After the next few months  me and my mother's life fell slowly apart. From my room I could hear her cry herself to sleep. After she was silenced I too cried myself to sleep. I haven't had a dream since the death of my father. All I see is darkness and nothing eles. I also started waking up at Midnight exactly. Soon enough everything became a routine at night for me. I would go to bed at 9:30, sleep for 2 and a half hours, wake up at 12:00 and stay awake for the rest of the night. Now some may say it isn't healthy and it affects my school work or whatever. But school has never been that important to me. I rarely go to school anyway. But the only reason I do go to school sometimes is for the lunches. Probably my only food sorce until dinner. But I don't have cereal every night, my mom won't allow it. The time is now 12:30. Its incredible I have been writing for a half hour. There seems to be nothing more that I can say tonight at least. So I guess I will see/write/talk to you tomorrow.



© 2010 Dr.Who.LOVER

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I can't help but feel sorry for Jade... sounds like the kid lives a hard life. Great chapter can't wait to see the next!

Posted 13 Years Ago


Posted 13 Years Ago

Wow, i feel sry for Jade, great entry. i wonder wat will happen next...

Posted 14 Years Ago

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