Ch 1: A Boring Day

Ch 1: A Boring Day

A Chapter by Jcortz3

Mike and Dan are bored at home so they decide to do something fun

It was a boring Saturday morning and Dan slowly got out of bed and made himself some cereal. His clock read 11:00. He poured Raisin Bran cereal and milk in his bowl and went to go edit some photos he took yesterday. For all his life Dan had wanted to become a famous photographer who photographs wildlife,monuments, and travels the world but for now he is just a 20 year old graduate with a degree in photography living in a small house in a small neighborhood who mainly photographs birds that fly outside his backyard and squirrels and plants from his local park.
Yesterday he took about 7 pictures. four of them were pictures of the newly renovated mall, two of them were pictures of birds, and the last one was a picture of his neighbor with her dog. He uploaded his photos to his website photo gallery. "Hopefully one day I will get noticed by someone who needs a photographer" he says to himself.
After uploading his photos and finishing his cereal, he sits down and watches TV. He switched channels until he found something interesting. He was watching PBS who was airing re-runs of past wildlife documentaries. "One day I'll be like him, traveling the world  taking pictures of amazing things" he said as the host of the documentary showed up.
It was now noon and Mike's alarm went off on his phone. His arm slowly got out of the blanket and grabbed the phone and turned off the alarm. Mike is Dan's only best friend that stayed in contact with him after college. Mike is a year younger than Dan but he still has no idea of what to do in life. He graduated with a degree in history but he has no idea what to do with it. Like Dan, Mike lives in a small house and lives in a small neighborhood. Mike lives a couple of minutes away from Dan. Mike got out of bed and stretched. He then goes into the bathroom. After peeing and washing his face, he then puts on clean clothes and takes his dirty clothes into the washer.
After opening the washer and putting his clothes in, he turns it on and then goes into the kitchen. For breakfast he made himself some pancakes. With the pancakes he had pour some chocolate milk to drink. He sat down on the couch and watched the News. He sighed when he saw the president doing some more stupid things. "When is he going to be impeached" said Mike. He continued to watch TV and eat breakfast until the washing machine was done. He got up and went to got get his clothes out of the washer and he then put them in the dryer. After putting them neatly in a dryer he turned it on. 
He then went towards his room and sprawled over the undone bed. " Dam I forget to do the bed" he said. He slowly put the blankets on the bed and then the pillows. "I wish I was still a kid, I missed when my mom did the bed for me." He then sat down on a chair that was next to his bed. On the chair he pondered on what to do today. "Should I just watch TV like usual or go walk in a park ?" he thought to himself. He looked out the window and saw it was a nice day. "I should go hang out with Dan today" he thought to himself. He then went on to brush his teeth and after that he got his clothes out of the dryer and neatly organized them back into his drawers.
After tidying up his house, he then went to his car and turned it on. He drove towards Dan's house while playing loud music which annoyed the neighbors. Dan does not have a car and so Mike bugs him about it. Dan prefers to take the bus or go walking but in reality he is just scared of crashing.
Back at Dan's house, the animal documentary had just finished. While watching the documentary, Dan took notes on the cinematography that the photographer used while making the documentary. He took notes on the angles of the camera and how far the cameraman was from the animal. After proofreading his notes, he heard loud music on his street. He looked outside and saw Mike's car. He thought of a prank he could play on him. Dan quickly ran to his bedroom and grabbed his camera. He waited for Mike to knock on the door. Mike knocked on the door and Dan opened it. In an instant Dan took a picture of Mike with the flash on. Mike stood there dazed for a moment. "Gotcha !" yelled Dan.
 "You better delete that dude" responded Mike. 
 "Yeah I will don't worry your too ugly to be in my photo album" Dan said. Mike rolled his eyes as he shut the door. "So what brings you here ?" asked Dan. Mike plopped on the couch.

 "I don't know i'm bored I thought we could hang out somewhere". 

"Where there is nothing to do here ?" asked Dan.

Mike looked at Dan's new photos and turned around. "I mean you have plenty things to do I mean just look at these photos". Dan snickered. "It's a beautiful day outside man, let's go to, I don't know the library maybe ?" asked Mike.
" Ha you read, as if. " laughed Dan. 
"Shut up there is nothing else to do and I'm certainly not as hell going to walk and take pictures with you." said Mike
"True let's go to your car." said Dan. Dan opened the door and Mike went outside. After finding the house keys Dan locked the door and put the keys in his pocket. Mike started the car and Dan got in. Before heading off Mike turned on the radio.
"Turn that radio off what kind of music is that ?" yelled Dan.
" It's called rap." said Mike.
" No it's called s**t." said Dan and he turned off the radio. Mike muttered under his breath. They were about 2 minutes away from the library now.

© 2018 Jcortz3

Author's Note

How do you think it is so far ?
Ch 2 is coming soon !

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