Ch 2: Research in the Library

Ch 2: Research in the Library

A Chapter by Jcortz3

Mike and Dan research abandoned theme parks

 Mike and Dan arrived at the library. They found a good spot to park the car away from the sun. 
"So what are we going to do here ?" asked Dan as he closed the car door. "Obviously you are not going to read." 

"I just want to see the new library I haven't been here I only been to the old one which was really small." said Mike.

The two friends then walked over to the entrance of the library. "I can already tell this library is better." Dan opened the door and held it for Mike and for three other people. Once inside Mike looked around in awe. The inside of the library was bigger than the old one and from the looks of it more books as well. 

The two friends proceeded to browse for some books. Dan was looking at some books about photography while Mike was looking at comic books. Dan grabbed a book from the shelf. The book was titled "Photography: Tips and Tricks". It looked interesting to him so he took the book and sat down with it on a bench. 

The book was pretty hefty but Dan liked it as it give him more information and he was running out of books to read. He opened the book and he saw a bunch of photos. To Dan, these photos looked beautifully shot and he wished his photos came out like that. The first couple of pages were just photos of scenery and people but then he flipped to the first chapter which was called Intro to Photography: Basic Tricks. Dan believed he already knew the basics but he read the chapter anyways just as a refresher. While reading, Dan was amazed at how detailed this book was in teaching and it was specific. 

However just as he was about to get into chapter 2, Mike interrupted his reading. "Hey Dan, look what I found".

Dan looked up from his book and saw the comic that Mike was holding. "Huh getting back into Nightmare Warriors I see" 

"Yeah I didn't know they made a 7th issue, I always thought they stopped at 6" Mike said. "I used to read these since high school". Mike looked at the book Dan was reading. "Why such a big book, don't you already know a lot about photography ?" 

"Yes but this book is so detailed i'm barely on chapter one and I already learned a bunch of new things" said Dan. "You know I brought my library card " said Dan.

"Oh thank goodness I was just wondering about that" said Mike. "However I don't want to go just yet."
"Why not ?" asked Dan as he closed his book. 

"I want to do some research on the computers besides we are going to be bored again when we go back home" said Mike.

So the two friends went to one of the library computers. Mike sat down and turned on the computer while Dan grabbed an extra seat for him. While waiting for the computer to load, Mike quickly read a bit of his comic book. Dan nudged Mike and Mike looked up and saw the computer was done loading and grabbed the mouse. 

"So what are you going to search up ?"  Dan asked.

"I don't know, mm maybe stuff that we could do here" said Mike. 

"There is nothing to do in this small city" said Dan.

"That's why i'm searching things to do outside the city." said Mike. He typed in fun things to do near San Lucius. The search results loaded and he clicked on the first result which was an article titled "50 fun things to do in the Coastal area of CA. The article loaded and the 50th result was the ML skate park in Rich Field. "Why is this even on the list, the park is polluted and nobody goes there any more." said Mike.

They then loaded the next result which was the pencil factory near the pier. "Boring who wants to go there" said Dan.

The 48th result was the race track for horses and racers. "That is a fun place but it is to far away." said Mike.

So for the rest of the list they critiqued every place until the 27th result which was a theme park that they never heard of. It was called "Greater Valley Theme Park. They both seemed interested. They read the description and it said it's a family fun experience and it only cost $5 for adults. They continued reading and found out that the park was somewhat close by. "Hey this is a good place to go, it's cheap and not to far away" said Dan.

"Yeah we should go" responded Mike. The two logged off the computer and they checked out their books. Mike started the car and Dan got in.

"But first let's make a quick stop at my house I have to get some things first" Dan said.

© 2018 Jcortz3

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Added on February 24, 2018
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