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A boy with black purple-ish hair and with a black star on his right hand stares down the long dark path way his sister to his left, Shes clentching his hand the begin to walk down going deeper and deeper into the darkness. They make it to a a door a pitch open just letting some light escape. The boy opens the door to reveal whole group of people sitting around a table his father sitting next to the biggest chair, the man no creature in the chair were disgusting something. the boys father looked over

"Kitaro, Konan what are you doing out of bead?" Their father said with a worried expression on his face.

the boy answered "nothing father, Konan here was just worried for some reason I dunno why?"

"Well konan? Its okay tell me." Thier father asked?

"Well..uh...Its mother shes gone." Konan anwsered shyly.

"What! Why who!" Their father yelled.

"His name is kysos!" The man next to their father said.

"Why krysos why would he do this?" their father yelled getting up

"he knows you have something that he...we all want!" the man said

"What are yo- No why I though we were friends." He yelled

"I just want the heart and so does krysos so I made a deal he gets half I get the other!" the evil man said.

all the sudden a womens body was thrown threw a window onto the table with a hudge bite mark on her neck blood gushing out of it. A man came in two horns sticking out of his head and one of his arms a giant bladehis mouth blood dripping from his razor sharp teeth.

"So sad she had so much spirit." the man said with a evil smile on his face.

"Krysos! What have you done!" thier father yelled

"Oh dragomier just give me the heart you don't want anyone else to die!" krysos said licking his lips.

"Father just listen to him!" Konan yelled

"Ah still protecting her is see?" krysos said with a smirk on his face

"What is he talking about father?" konan questionaly said?

"Yes what am i talking about. Haven't told her yet I see!" krysos said.

"Konan ur not his daughter.....ur mine!" krysos said with an evil smirk on his face and than continued "Ah yes ur my daughter, lillian there" pointing to her dead mothers body " you see she left me for someone you are related to kitaro there but not to this scoundrell!"

"What...NO...NO...thats not possible." konan said hands on her face looking at the ground.

"Oh but it is and the man whos fault this is standing next to you! You know what you have to do konan!"

"Wait krysos I don't even know where the heart is and if i did you'll never find it!" kitaro's father yelled.

Konan walked over to dragomier and yelled "you b*****d if it wasn't for you mother would be alive!" then her arm turned into a claw with scales slowing appearing on her body from her arm. She stabbes strait through him his body lifeless falling off her claw to the ground. Kitaro started running he didn't know where but anywhere's better than here he ran into his room to find a note from his father it read "hello my boy if ur reading this than all you just watched did just happen I am going to tell you where the heart is....



© 2011 TimelordReaper

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SO INTENSE!!!!! but very good, keep up the fantabulous work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

And Keep it up!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ahh! It is suspenseful!

Posted 9 Years Ago

and then...?

Posted 9 Years Ago

OMG WHAT HEART?! What does it do, why does everyone want it?! ARGH!! SO SUSPENSEFUL!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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