Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by TimelordReaper

Day one, I saw the boy with the star on his hand,

     "Miku wake up, its time for school and breakfest is ready!"

"uhh, ok mom be right down!"

Miku looks around her room staring at all the colors and her trinkets she looks towards her closet, its dark in there it looks as if someone is hiding in it. She immediately runs over and turn's the light on, she saw all the shadows vanish, she steps in and grab's out a blue long sleave shirt, long black skinny jeans and blue laced knee high converse. She reaches for the top shelf and grabs a blue necklace with a silver star on it she holds it in her hands for a few seconds and remembers how she got it when her father died a strange boy came up to her wearing a black necklace with black star on it he gave her a blue string and the silver star he said "sorry for your loss" looking like he was going to cry he left after giving the necklace to her. Then she goes into the bathroom does her hair getting all the knots out puts on purfume then when shes done with everything she runs down stairs. Running by, she grabs a piece of toast with eggs on top of it, and a glass of milk downing the glass in a few seconds then out the door running and eating her toast with eggs on top. She makes it to school almost late but still in time, she runs into class and walks over to her friends droping her backpack and sitting down, and joining in the conversation.

"No thats not possible mizune, Demons do not exist!"

"Yes they do, I caught one on camera, SEE!"

"thats a picture of a pitch black alley idoit!"

"No see the red glowing eyes!"

"What red eyes?"

"Ah, argueing as usaual mizune and suki?" miku said.

"SHUT UP MIKU!" mizune and suki both yelled.

All the sudden the door bursted open it was the teacher ms. suku with two new students.

"All right class here are, are new students Kitaro, and um sorry whats ur name again sweety ?"

"Uh......Konan" said a medium sized girl with dark blue hair.

Miku stared at konan and her long dark blue hair, her eyes pitch black, she was wearing all black, black t shirt, black skirt, and knee high converse with dark blue laces. Than at the boy kitaro and his wavy sholder length black hair some what purple, his brilliant yellow eyes, his long sleave black shirt with black skinny jeans, and black converse with yellow laces. Then her eyes widend she noticed a black necklace and a black star on it she thought to herself "that looks almost like mine."  She looks away quikly and starts doing her math, but still wondering? Kitaro walks over and sits down next to miku, he looks at her necklace and smirks remembering it. He looks over at konan who is glaring at miku. kitaro lifts up his right hand and pointing her pointer finger up and moving it left and right as if saying "don't even think about it!" konan glares at him and looks away focusing of her work. Kitaro looks around the class room and back to miku staring at her milk chocolate hair, her ocean blue eyes that you get lost in. All the sudden miku looked up and saw kitaro staring at her. They both freaked out and stared away both blushing and sometimes glancing at eachother without the other knowing only for a moment. No other inturuptions thruout the day now its lunch. Kitaro is sitting by himself 'till konan walks over and sits down.

"What do you want!?" Kitaro asked glaring at konan.

"Many,many thing dear idiotic little brother" konan said with an evil smirk on her face.

"Half don't you ever forget that!" kitaro said angerly.

"Ah, yes well you better keep an eye on your girlfriend don't want anything bad to happen to her"konan said with an evil smirk still on her face.

"Well bye-bye for now dear brother." konan said getting up and walking away.

Kitaro glared at konan 'till she dissapeared through the cafeteria doors. Then he looked toward miku whojust so happend to be walking over. Kitaro freaking out pulled him arms over his head and rested his head on table acting like he was asleep.Miku walked over droping a note in between kitaro's arms, telling him to meet her behind the gym after school.




After school he went behind the gym. What he meet wasn't miku it was a trap fifteen other guy were there one of them looking like the leader yelled

"like are fake miku note. alright we called you here cause we want you to leave miku alone and while your at it get out of town, Come on guys lets teach this creep a lesson!"

Kitaro turns around to run but five hudge jocks stop him pushing him in the circling crowd of twenty guys. One at a time the ran at him beating him up 'till they heard someone scream.

Miku screamed while running over "what are you guys doing, stop!"

Pushing her way threw the crowd she makes it to kitaro. Turning around facing the leader of the group mizune closing her fist punching him once but he instintly fell to the ground his nose making a craking noise. She turned around to face kitaro who was barely brused at all like nothing just happend she kneeled down.

"You alright?" Miku asked while helping him sit up.

"Uh ya" kitaro anserwered

he sat up up and looked into miku's ocean blue eyes and started getting lost in them.

"What are you looking at?" miku questioned

"your eyes, they're beautifle" kitaro anserwered still gazing in her eyes.

She blushed and looked down at her kneeling feet. Kitaro grabbed her chin lightly pulling it up so they were face to face. She gazed into his beautifle yellow eyes, she closed her eyes and leand in going at least 80% 'till she felt someone else's lips pressing against hers. IT felt like firework were going off. They both wanted to always remember this moment. He held her close solftly, still kissing her tasting her blueberry lipstick.


Secretly watching from behing the corner from the gym wall it was konan

"And so it begins" konan says under her breath! Just then instintly her skin turned into dark blue dragon like scales the white in her eyes dissapeard turning black and her eye color red, her arms turned into dragon like claws covered in scales, two dragon wings shot out her back quietly. Just then she flew away into the darkness.


© 2011 TimelordReaper

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Posted 9 Years Ago

nice going! when's the next chapter??

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Posted 9 Years Ago

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what a cute story!!!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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keep it up~ and since you didn't want me to say anything else... :)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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