Chapter one

Chapter one

A Chapter by TimelordReaper

A boy with black spiky hair and dark tan skin with black cross marks on his forehead looked out onto the burning city with his brilliant yellow eyes. A fat person walked up next to him, he was holding a umbrella with a pumkin on top of it the pumkin had a face and looked as if could talk, three other people walked up there skin was a greyish tan with black marks that looked like crosses on there foreheads they had the same apperance as kitaro just in skin color and black crosses on there foreheads. The fat person with his grey skin and long ponty ears and nose with a hudge teethy smile that looked as if he could not stop smiling reached up and wiggled his speacticals.

"Nice job kitaro" the fat man spoke staring at the burning city.

"No problem lord millenium" kitaro said with a blank expression.

Kitaro turned to leave but was stoped by two of the dark skined people.

"What do you want jasdebi's?" kitaro said raising an eye brow waiting for one of them to answer.

"Kitaro how do you do it so easily? Aren't you afriad to die?" The blonde one answerd gigiling.

"It comes naturaly and I am not afriad to die cause i am already dead." kitaro said walking past them. Kitaro said "goodbye" to the earl and then left threw a portal of dark matter appearing somewhere else he walked past a sign into a building the sign saying "black order of italy" he walked into the building his apperance changing. his skin turned into a pale white his eyes changing brilliant blue his black spiky hair stayed the same same, but his clothes changed he was now in a black hoodie and black skinny jeans with black converse with dark blue laces. He walked into a room greeted by several friends one of them painting without even moving her arms, a girl with tan skin and a scarf and red headphones around her neck her name Yuko, she was wearing a grey button up black hoodie she was rushing over,

"how was ur trip? It was amazing I bet" she said excited while giving him a death grip hug.

"It was entertaining" kitaro said looking away and walking towards the orginization leader "any missions i can go on" kitaro asked.

"Uh actually yes you can go with juno and yuko on there mission to russia to give innocence to someone and alot of akuma sightings, yuko come over here!" the leader said stressed.

"Yes comander" Yuko said excitedly with juno standing next to her.

"Kitaro will be assisting you and you will bring two inocent akuma with you this one will be difficult there have been sightings of even some noah there, so yes leave at once bye-bye" there leader said stressed and evily.

Kitaro put on his outfit it was black and silver with the orginization symbol on it yuko and juno did there same just blue and silver outfit they walked away yuko had a small silver and black golem following her kitaro had a white and black one it slightly glowing blue he also had a large black and silver looking revolver, juno slightly hunched over with two hudge guns on her back and kitaro holding one black case yuko holding another then they walked out into a bright white light taking off to russia.


A girl with milk chocolate brown hair was standing there nearly about to pass out sweat slowly moving down her face she looked forward with her ocean blue eyes she stared strait into a mans eyes, the man off in the distance had dark tan skin with black crosses on his forehead he just smiled at her.

"Had enough dollface seems that way with your innocence" the man glaced at a yellow creature with two dots on his cheeks and a spiky tail.

Sarah glaced at her innocence (pikachu) lifted up her right arm standing strait and tall a yellow lightning symbol in the center of her palm she looks to her right to her friend who has been quiet this whole time, the girl nodded her right eye closed but slightly glowing.

"I will never give up" sarah said courageously lightning sparking from her hand and her innocent pet (pikachu) his red cheeks sparking also as they charged at this mysterious noah the other girl staying behind right eye still closed. Sarah deep in combat with the noah with her assistant inocence (pikachu) sweat flying off her face as she shot out lightning dodging attacks till she shot the noah into the air her pet jumping off her arm launching him further into the air

"NOW!" sarah yelled with the last of her voice to the long black haired girl with her right eye closed. She nodded and she looked at the flying paralyzed noah she opend her right eye to reveal a rainbow color eye glowing brightly a laser shot out targeting the noah she screamed as a hudge laser beam shot out putting a hudge hole threw the noah as his dead body flew threw the air and onto the ground with a loud thud. The girl grasbed her right eye shuting it relizing she just used the full extent of her power.

"XENA!" sarah said rushing over her pet to her side she helped up xena from the ground riped off a piece of her shirt and tied it around her right eye. Sarah heard a sudden thud behind her she turned around to see a fat grey wicked smiled person with a pink umbrella with a pumkin on top if it the pumkin was saying something but she was to in shock of her battle that she couldn't hear. Sarah got up to fight them off but fell back to the ground on her knees grasping her stomack wear a gash was with blood still coming out slowly. To other figures appeared with dark tan skin and black crosses on there foreheads with several hundred of beastly creature,as in shock at the numbers "there was no way to win" she thought "but i must try" she got up again her pet looking at her with a small bit of sadness in his eyes but still alot of courage. Sarah tried to get back up but just fell to the ground agian realizing defeat she kneeled there her body brused, sweaty, and bloody. Just as she gave up of all hope she heard a thunderous cracking sound behind her as if space had just been ripped apart, turning her head to see what other fate came to her demize. What she saw was no defeat,what she saw was no fate what she saw was her saviors. A giant white glowing metal like thing with the numbers of -eighty seven- in red on it in the corner. Three cloaked figures steped out two had golems that wear flying above one just alittle closer the the one in all black and it glowing faintly blue. The dressed in all black figure pushed some of his cloak to reveal a black and silver gun and his right arm all black and his hand a little claw-like. The girl with the other golem had no left arm but in her right was a gun all you could see of her face was a wicked happy smile. The last but not least  ripped of her cloak to reveal to hudge guns on her back she smiled and they all started to walk forwards. The fat man just picked up the noah with a hole threw him and walked into a black and dark purple portal leaving the two other noah there to kill them and with the assastaince of all the akuma. The girl in the back leaped into the air some how flouting and her two large guns flouting to her side. The girl with the wicked smile started walking faster as the other cloaked figure to her right dissipeard, as the girl with the wicked smile was merely feet away from all of her enemies.

"Shall we begin" she said with no fear in her voice more like exitment.

"We shall!" Said the girl flouting in the air

"DEATH CLOWN!" came a scream from in between all the enemies a hudge shock wave blasted coming from the all black cloacked figure as from the air glowing bullets lit up the battlefealed as the girl flying flew threw all the enemies attacking them with invisible arms made of innocence. The girl with the gun ran threw pistol wiping some of the enimies as she was shooting others. The black cloacked figure apearence changed still wearing all black but now wearing a black hoodie trench like cout with the fabrick spread out kinda like a clown but he still looked like the grim reaper, with a silver and black mask on the collar his hair spiked up in the backand his right hand had turned more claw like with his fingures as blades. he smirked and charged running threw all of his enemies his cloak stabing threw some and on his way to the noah clawing other akuma on the way.

Sarah still in shock of her resque got up ignoring her pain ran over to Xena cheking if she was ok, since she was  they both ran into join the fight, Xena's right eye glowing not as blrightly but still bright and she would stare at the akuma and they would burst in a red blast. Sarah and her pet innocence (pikachu) rushing threw electricuting any akuma in there way.

"Maria quick shot!" Yelled the death clown figure as he reached up his left arm revealing his second innocence weapon he smirked at five akuma

"What do you want b***h clown!" One of them yelled as they rushed at him he merely smirked again.

"this" he said as his gun in his left hand shot out five bullets as fast as light making them all explode. Finally making it to the two noahs at the same time as the other cloaked girl he smiled and ran towards her she did the same they kept runing till they were nearly infront of the noahs then both of them droped to there knees sliding right past eachother droping the two black suitcases but now open slightly. The cases sprung open and to level three looking akuma shot out but they were gold and there eyes glowing green. The two innocence akuma opened there mouths and screamed at a sonic vibration that it didn't effect any of the exorsist or noah just all the akuma making them all start screaming in agony and then start cracking then breaking into dark purple dust.


A girl with brow hair was staring out a window at russia witch was there field trip as her friends were laughing next to her and having a party of some sorts in a car as her teacher Ms. calsa was humming something. Rachel was getting very bored so she looked to her friend next to her who was death huging a boy with black with purple and blue streks in his hair saying "ur so cute!"

"Uh yasmine I think your killing him" rachel said trying to save the boy.

"I would never, but still hes so cute!" she said huging him more after a few seconds past she released the boy only for him to hug her then turn to the girl with blondish orange hair with blue eyes next to him and start talking to her and huging her.

"Whats the matter rachel?" Yasmine said with a questioning face.

"Nothing just wish this car ride would hurry or at least something interesting to happen you kn-" "Chocolate!" rachel was interuped by yasmine who climbed over rachel.

"Look a chocolate factory!!!!" Yasmine said her face glowing in joy as everyone in the car started looking out the window at the chocolate factory yasmine noticed a sign that said "free tour and free chocolate oneday special"

"OH MY GOD!!! MS. CALSA PULL OVER!!!!!" yasmine said leaping to the front of the car. Ms calsa pulling over as if she had a choice with all the people with sweet teeth behind her all yelling "YAY FREE CHOCOLATE!"  and jumping around Ms. calsa pulled over and everyone shot out of the car all already buddied up and they spread into the chocolate factory.

"Hey Ms. calsa I have to go to the bathroom be right back" rachel said lying just wanting to walk around. Rachel as far away from the others as she could walking further still until she saw a flash of colors off in the distance she interested walked over half way till she saw a bright green light flying threw the sky towards her.

"look a shooting star thats green...thats geting really close....ahhhhhh" rachel said turning around and runing as the green light chased after her.

"Its aliens I'm going to die or worse get probed!" rachel said hiding in the grass crouched but got up agian as the light got closer she stared running agian but getting hit in the back nocking her to the ground unconscience

© 2011 TimelordReaper

Author's Note

Hope you like will be more soon and SORRY IF BAD GRAMMER AND SPELLING!! XD

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Oh! Oh! Oh! there'smore! and I am in it! Yaya! Riley you're so brilliant making Pikachu the Innocence of Sarah.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

This was a good chapter and I like how you used the elements of D. Gray-Man in it...Why is the Earl fat lol and I see Xena eye is similar to Allen's although it has a different power

I also like the new addition of characters such as Kitaro, whom is bad a*s and Rachel, lol I like the part with the aliens

A good way to start your story, it wasn't too long or too short but just right...I will be looking forward to reading more : )

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago


This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

It was GREAT! just Miss Calsa _> Mrs. Khalsa

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

That was so AWESOME!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh no! Poor Rachel! Keep it up!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

read it agian i updated it!!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

AHHH! I'm injoured! I need help! Hurry and get me healed! I liked my part a lot. Keep it up!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

very nice discriptions. I want ask what happens next but i think i want to be suprised more! So you're a double agent? Ooh this is getting very interesting! ;)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ha, ha! I like how you called the Milenium Earl fat. Its true. He is fat for some reason. I can't wait till you put me in! Keep it up!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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