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Parents always tell you that you can have more than one friend. To me, it is easier just to have one friend. That is only one person that I have to worry about stabbing me in the back.

I have one best friend and many acquaintances. If I looked at my life from a different angle I could probably say that I have two best friends but let’s just stick to one for now. I have many male acquaintances but they all fall into two different categories: guys that have always been there and have always seemed to be my friends and guys that I once liked that scooted their way into, or in some cases, dived into the friendship category.

It is much easier to talk to guys. At least they can keep a secret, most of them. But there are those guys who when we talk only seem to talk about the girl they are so into or the guy who I am interested in at the time who isn’t the least bit interested in me or doesn’t even realize or care that I exist. It’s sad but I figure it is easier to be on my own.

Then there is my best friend who seems to have the perfect relationship with a guy who just adores her. I hate him but maybe it is just the jealousy that I feel. I’d rather just like to believe that I really do hate him though.

Having never been in a relationship myself, I imagine a relationship like in the movies. I often stay up at night wondering why no one has ever asked me to a dance or even out to a movie. I finally give up and just tell myself that one day I will be out of here making something of myself.

This summer, the summer before my senior year, was fun though. I had a one-hour lapse of judgment and let a guy shove his tongue down my throat and his hand in my bra. I often wish that I had spent more of the summer just letting go and making memories. Tomorrow is back to school though and it is a toss up of what will happen. Anything can happen senior year right? For all I know I could be hit by a truck before I even get there.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen…

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Added on August 19, 2013
Last Updated on August 19, 2013
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