Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by USWriter

I walked into school with expectations of this being the worst year of them all. It was quite the opposite though. I walked in and people actually said hi to me. They were all my friends of course but still, people saying hi to me!

The first class was AP Calculus, my favorite class of the day. It went by smoothly but I wish more friends had been in there with me. Math gets lonely but at least it is only one period. I can handle one period with the jocks and the nerds, nothing wrong with that.

Then came AP Biology and I am at a loss. My regular bio class was a whole year ago and I don’t remember any of it. How am I supposed to get through it? Plus there are NO cute guys at all in that class. Almost everyone is a year younger than I am. If only I had one class with a bunch of guys who actually liked me, or at least knew my name.

Then there was guidance and that period is a nightmare. I am the only one in there as of now and I have to run passes to teachers. I don’t like teachers even though they like me. I have authority issues, which became evident after my band teacher wouldn’t allow me out of a practice and I blew up on him over email then proceeded to be upset over disrespecting a teacher who had only ever seemed to dislike me.

This new band teacher is great. He is my last period of the day and we get along well. We don’t talk often but when we do we respect each other. I may not always agree with what he says but I would never blow up on him like I did the previous teacher.

All through the day I kept thinking about that guy though. Pathetic right? I really tried not to but I couldn’t help it. He would just pop up in my head and I wondered what he was doing. When my phone vibrated in my pocket I was half tempted to pull it out to see if he had messaged me but I thought it best not to get in trouble on the first day. That was the last thing that I needed at this point.

I thought of how much fun that hour had been and how much I wanted to see him again. His mom is strict though and I know she would never let him hang out with me. It is like my best friend who I hardly ever see because her father is so strict.

He told me that she didn’t like him to be out of her sight. What is she going to do when he graduates? Go to college with him? It makes no sense to me but I have no right to judge I suppose. I’m sort of a free spirit and do what I want.

When we met he had told his mom that he was going to take pictures for his online photography class down at the park. Sneaky huh? I wish we had had longer but that probably would have turned out badly for everyone and plus I would have missed band and then I certainly wouldn’t have been in a good place with my own mother.

Maybe meeting guys online wasn’t my best idea but what are you supposed to do when you are ignored any other time? All I want is someone who likes me, someone who actually wants to be with me. He said he did but it looks like it will never happen. The whole, “let’s see where this goes and we will try to make things work so we can see each other” is a load of crap.

It’s time to get serious about this whole life thing. I’m really going to try to let go this year, make the most of it. I want everyone to know who I am and that I am not afraid anymore. With the amount of people who greeted me this morning, that should be no problem.

I’m not going to be a s**t but I am certainly not going to sit around and be a goody goody little girl anymore. For those who predicted that in fifteen years I would still be alone, watch out. There is a new Jennifer coming into town and she is gonna show you how it’s done.

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Added on August 19, 2013
Last Updated on August 19, 2013
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