Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

A Chapter by Elizabeth Reed

People are so irritating! Everywhere I looked I saw some pretty, skinny blonde flirting with a hot guy. I thought people from down south were supposed to be humble and nice, yet everyone was giving me weird looks and wouldn't move when I tried to walk past them in the hall. I actually had to shove a few people into lockers just so I could get by. I think I kind of scared Beck with my natural side. I had to push two beanpole girls out of the way so I could get into my locker. I just pushed and got right in between them.

"Excuse me!" the blonde cried with a thick accent. "Just who do you think you are?"

"I think I'm the girl who's going to stuff you in a locker if you don't get out of my way!" I snapped suddenly.
"Ugh!" the blonde shrieked. "Well, I never!"
"You have now!" I yelled back.

"Whatever, freak." the brunette said as her and blondey walked away.
I rolled my eyes and started moving books around violently. I slammed my math book inside, picked up my English book which knocked over my History book, picked up my History book, then slammed my locker shut. As soon as it clanked shut I heard someone yell, "Dakotah!" and I turned to see a woman with a tight bun standing there. She chuckled a little awkwardly and clasped her hands together.

"Dakotah," she said softer. "May I please speak with you in, um, my office?" she asked with a smile.
I sighed. "Yeah, sure." I replied and I followed her down the hall. People split in the hallway like the red sea as the woman walked, her heels clicking against the tiles, her bun not moving at all. I followed her through a big, wooden, decorated door into an office. The carpet was red and the walls made of wood, a big wooden desk with a lamp and papers and a nameplate that said Mrs. Fletcher printed on it. The room smelled so clean and... Expensive. Like lemon pledge and mahogany.
I looked around the room as the woman sat behind the desk.
"Please, Dakotah, have a seat." she said, gesturing to a big, fancy, red velvet chair.
"Just Cody, please." I said as I sat. The girl smiled.
"Dakotah," she said, and I held back an eye roll. "I understand it's your first day." I nodded. "We've already gotten many complaints from students about your behavior. It seems you've shouted and shoved a few kids into some lockers?"
I sighed.
Even though everything else was out of place and I felt strange, this seemed very familiar. Strangely, though, it made me miss Mr. Maxwell. No one lectured me like him... I thought.
"Dakotah, this behavior is unacceptable. All this on your first day and- before lunch? I mean, please, that is just not good." My eyes must have looked more bored than I was, because Mrs. Fletcher shifted and cleared her throat. "Dakotah,"
Stop saying my name!
"I think you need to see Mr. Halper."
"Who's that?" I asked, assuming it was the guidence counseler or something.
"He's the principal of the school." she explained. "I think he needs to see what he's getting into. This isn't a low class school, Dakotah. This is a prestigious high school, we need to keep our good name- good."
Great, I thought. I was sent to Tennessee because I was kicked out of school and now I'm going to be kicked out again!
Mrs. Fletcher stood and started towards a door to the right of the room. I stood quickly.
"Mrs. Fletcher," I said. She stopped and turned back around. "I'm sorry." It almost hurt to say that... I never apologized for acting like me, and it was weird. I never wanted to do it again. "I'm having a bad day."
Mrs. Fletcher took a few steps back to me.
"Yes, I heard some of the other girls picking on you." she said with an empathetic face. "It may be because of that hair, you know? It's so- flashy." She raised her hands up by her face as she said 'flashy' and her bracelets clinked a bit. It was all I could to keep my fists relaxed. I just went with it.
"Yeah, it probably is." I agreed.
"And I saw in your records you were expelled from a-" she paused and shuffled through some papers. "Maxwell High, is that correct?" I nodded.
"Um, yeah, it is." I responded. "A little over a week ago. And I was sent here and it's all just so new and confusing, so I've been a little on edge."
"So, this isn't normal behavior?"
"Oh, no." I kind of lied...
"Because it says here you were expelled for punching a young man in the face and other various misbehaviors."
I froze.
"Well, it was for good reason." I tried. "Erm, well, not that there's ever a good reason to hit anyone... He was making fun of my mother. He was always mean to me in school- I didn't- I was-" I sighed. It was useless. She had my records, I had been caught shoving some kids, it was over. I was going to see the principal, he would expell me, and who knows where I would go after that? "Just get the principal..." I said, defeated.
Mrs. Fletcher nodded and left the room.
I'm such a failure... I thought. I am so gonna get it after this... After about a minute Mrs. Fletcher called me into the principal's office.

The principal's office was even more extravagant than Mrs. Fletcher's office. The color scheme was the same, red floors, green accents and wooden walls, but it was way bigger and everything was more ornate. But, all I could keep my eyes on at that moment was the man sitting in the giant chair behind the desk. Mrs. Fletcher closed the door behind herself as she left.
I stood about half way into the room, hands locked in front of me. The principal was kind of big, not too big, but not small. He looked young. Like early 30's. He had smoothed back, dark hair and was wearing a nice suit.

"Please, sit." he said in a smooth voice. Even the chairs in front of his desk were nicer than the other ones. My heart racing, I sat down, trying to look respectful, hands and knees together.
"What should I call you?" 
I hesitated. "Um, Cody is fine." I replied.
"Alright, Cody," he said, shifting in his seat. He cupped his hands together and leaned forward on his desk. "Why don't you tell me what happened?" I cleared my throat and tried to chose my words carefully.
"Well, basically... Um, sir, I-"
"Cody, please." Mr. Halper interrupted. "I may be the principal, but I encourage my students to be themselves when talking with me. Just relax."
I sighed. I knew I couldn't keep it up anyway.
"Alright, look, here's the deal." I started. "My whole week's been pretty crappy and some of these preppy jerks are really getting on my nerves, so I shoved a few. And yes, I was expelled from Maxwell for decking a kid and other various... misbehaviors."
Mr. Halper sighed deeply.
"I see." he said. "Well, that certainly isn't good, is it? You understand how serious we take these things, Cody. And this is only your first day." I nodded.
"I understand." I replied.
"As it is your first day, I'll be lenient." Mr. Halper said, leaning back in his seat. "You have one hour of detention starting tonight for the next three days."
That's lenient? I thought.
"I'm going to write a letter to your aunt and uncle and I expect you give it to them. I will need them to sign it and I will need you to bring it back in tomorrow." I nodded again.
"Sure thing." I said.
"You may go."
I stood and turned, walking from the room. And of course as soon as I closed Mrs. Fletcher's door behind me, Beck walked by.
He stopped and turned, staring like he was trying to make sure it was really me.

"Cody, did you just come from the principals office?" he asked, stepping towards me.

"Uh, yeah." I answered. "But, it's fine. He just wanted to clear up a few things."
"Are you in trouble?" Beck asked. I chuckled.
"No, I'm not." I lied. "I do have to stay after school for a bit, though, to help Laina McCarthy with something." I was a little shocked at how smoothly that came out, even for me.
"Oh, well, okay. Do you want me to wait for you?"
"Oh, no, that's okay. Just go to the barn and tell Aunt Hailey I'll be a little over an hour late. But, we're still on for dinner tonight." Beck nodded, giving me a once over.
"Sure thing, Cody." he said before walking away. I took a deep breath and felt so guilty for lying...


Detention in this school was very different from detention in my own school. Especially without Fio. As soon as I entered the room they took away my phone and told me to have a seat. I was the only one there. I sat quietly for the entire hour, thinking about how bad I felt for lying to Beck and for when I would lie to Aunt Hailey and Uncle Chris. And how would I manage to get their signature? It would just involve another lie... But, if I told them the truth I would get in so much trouble. I didn't even want to think about how much work I'd have to do around the farm if I told them, though. Either way I couldn't win... And things can always get worse.

I stood up when the teacher at the deks told me I could go. I grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder, grabbing my phone, then heading for the door. I shut the door behind me and turned to leave, almost having a heart attack when I came face-to-face with Beck, arms folded, leaning on the lockers. I just stared at him, frozen. I had been caught. I'm Cody! I don't get caught unless I don't try! I was actually kind of mad at myself for being caught by a kid who had just met me the day before. I refused to believe I had met my match. It was just a fluke. Beck had this look on his face. This mixture of dissapointment, maybe a little anger, a hint of satisfaction for catching me, and the "I'm waiting, you'd better explain yourself" eye brow raise.

"Beck." was all I could say, in a shocked voice.

"So, are you going to tell me why you were in detention or are you going to try and tell me Laina's in there?" he said, standing straight, arms still folded. I opened my mouth to lie, but sighed.
"I just didn't want to get in trouble with my aunt and uncle. They would be so dissapointed." I explained.
"And you didn't want to dissapoint me or you you didn't want me to tell?" he asked, sticking his hands into his pockets.
"I-" I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but... I don't know... "I don't know." I answered.
Beck shook his head. "And how do you plan on getting them to sign the paper without knowing?"
I lowered my head. "I don't know..." I said again.
I looked back up at him and realized I was showing weakness. I couldn't let that happen. I hadn't met my match.
Thinking quickly I grabbed the front of his shirt and shoved him into the lockers.
"Do not tell Uncle Chris and Aunt Hailey, you got it?" I snapped, not too loud because I didn't want the teacher in the other room to hear.
Beck just gave me this look and I let go. I cleared my throat and hiked up my backpack. After fixing the wrinkles I set in his shirt, Beck followed me out as we left the school and headed down the road. As we walked to the barn (which was about an hour of walking) Beck kept glancing at me and looking awkward before he finally broke our silence.
"Cody, can I ask you a question?" he asked.
"I can't stop you." I replied.
"What's your problem?"
I paused for a second, narrowing my eyes. That's a kind question.
"What do you mean?" I asked. "I don't have a problem."
"Yeah, you do." he replied. "You're rough and abrasive and are kind of a jerk to people for no reason. I've tried to be nice to you and you're just mean to me."
"I'm not mean to you." I said.
"You shoved me against lockers!"
"Can't take it?"
"I don't want to."
"So sorry."
Beck shook his head, stopping. "You're crazy."
I stopped and turned to face him.
"Why, because I'm not some dainty flower who can't hold her own?" I asked. "Because I'm not giving in to your boyish charm? You're just a flirt, Beck. Yeah, you're nice, but you're just a flirt." Beck frowned, grabbing onto his backpack strap.
"Is that what I am?" he asked.
"Yeah, it is." I snapped, barely letting him finish his sentence. "I saw you with those girls on the bus and all the girls in the halls all day."
"Did you happen to notice that they came up to me?" he asked. "And that I never flirted back?" I rolled my eyes, turning back around and starting to walk.
"You're just like all the rest of them, Beck." I said.
Beck followed a few feet behind me as we walked, passing all the little shops and houses and happy people. It made me sick... What was wrong with all these people? What was it about Tennessee that made everyone all happy all the time? That made everyone think everyone was perfect? I didn't understand it. Old people were still cranky, girls were still tramps and boys were still flirts, they just all chose not to see it. I would reufse not to.

© 2012 Elizabeth Reed

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Elizabeth Reed
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