Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

A Chapter by Elizabeth Reed

When we got home Aunt Hailey was so excited to take me to dinner and I was ready to let her. I trotted upstairs and changed into some work clothes and when I came down Beck and Aunt Hailey were in the kitchen. When I entered they stopped talking. Aunt Hailey had a forced smile.

"Oh, Cody," she said. "Why don't you get to work? Then we'll leave. Just feed and water the horses and bring in the sheep and then we can go." I nodded, looking from her to Beck.

"Alright." I agreed. "Sounds good."
"Beck will help, now run along." Aunt Hailey said.
Beck stood, giving me a look, then left. I rolled my eyes behind his back and followed him, calling Trixie out after me. I led the dog out to the feild and did all the commands so she'd bring in the sheep. I wondered what Beck and Aunt Hailey had been talking about. Why did they get so quiet when I walked in? Did Beck tell her about my detention? If he did, then why didn't Aunt Hailey call me out?
I sighed and finished Trixie's work, sending her back inside. I couldn't tell what I was feeling as I walked into the barn. I didn't know if I was mad, and if I was who I was mad at. I didn't know if I upset or who I was upset at... I had no idea. But, I did know that for whatever reason, I was mad at Beck, and I didn't want to see him, so I tried my best to ignore him, but he made it hard.

"So, you're just going to go through with this?" he asked as he dumped hay into Riley's stall.
"Yup." I answered, putting hay is Zira's stall.
Beck shook his head. "You are something." he said.
"You don't even know me!" I shouted suddenly, turning to him. He turned to me.
"I know that you have no feelings for other people!" he shouted at me. "Your aunt and uncle do more for you than you know and you're just going to lie to them?!"
"What have they done for me?" I demanded. "I've been here two days! Aunt Hailey made me breakfast! Big deal! I don't want to be here!"
"They do more than that." Beck said, draping the water hose over a stall door. "Not only are they letting you stay with them in this nice house, but they're sending you to school!"
"Okay, yeah, they're putting me up because my parents asked them. But, the school isn't costing them anything! It's the Little Creek school and I live here."
Beck shook his head with a smirk and a little chuckle. "You really think Little Creek kids go to Greenville high?" he asked.
I looked him up and down.
"What do you mean?" I asked, folding my arms.
"Your aunt and uncle are spending money so you can go to a nice school." he explained, a little calmer.
I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, I didn't ask them to do that." I said, grabbing more hay and walking to Duke's stall.
"No, but they are." Beck said. "And that's still really kind. You complain about all the snobby, stuck up, spoiled girls at Greenville high? Well, then why don't you stop acting like one?"
Beck turned and walked from the barn and I took a second to think about what he'd said. Aunt Hailey and Uncle Chris were really being nice, putting me up, sending me to school and just taking care of me in general. But, still, I didn't ask them to. I didn't even want to be there, so I didn't really care what they did. I'd rather go to a public school than that stuck up place. But, then Beck's words rang in my ears. Was I really being stuck up and spoiled? I have feelings for people, I knew that, but was I acting spoiled? I just didn't want to get in trouble. It's not my fault they're taking me to dinner. I didn't ask for it.
I shook my head, Beck was wrong. I wasn't acting spoiled. Once enough time passed I would tell Uncle Chris and Aunt Hailey and they would just laugh.
I exhaled sharply with a nod.
It's really no big deal. I thought.
After I dropped more hay into the horses stalls I walked back inside.

"Cody, is that you?" Uncle Chris called out from the other room.
"Yeah, it's me." I answered. "Is Beck still here?"
"Yeah, he's washing up in the bathroom." Uncle Chris replied.
I frowned. I thought he would have left since we had an arguement, but I guess not.
"You should do the same, we're leaving in a few minutes."
I sighed and went upstairs to my room to change. As I pulled up my skinny jeans I looked at myself in my floor length mirror.
I paused, giving myself a once over. I had never really felt bad about lying before, but now something was eating at me. I tried to shake it and I slipped on a Dropkick Murphy's shirt, heading to the bathroom.

When I got to the open door Beck was standing in front of the sink, shirt off, rubbing his neck with a wet towel. I froze for a second then cleared my throat.
"Sorry, I didn't know you were in here." I said, folding my arms.
He looked at me, then back at his reflection.

"No problem." he said, stepping to the side. "You can- do your hair- or whatever, if you want."
I rolled my eyes and stepped inside. I splashed some water on my face and pulled my hair down, giving it a quick run through with a brush. Beck pulled his shirt back on, scruffed his hair, then pushed by me, going down stairs.
I sighed, tucking my hair behind my ears then following him. When the two of us walked into the livingroom Aunt Hailey clasped her hands together.

"Oh, you two look adorable!" she cried. "But, I have a feeling you'd look even cuter in these."
She turned and picked up off the couch a yellow halter top sun dress and a purple and darker purple striped dress shirt and black tie.
My eyes widened.
First of all- I hate dresses. Second- What?! It's like she's just trying to add to my guilt!
Beck shook his head with a grin. "What?" he asked. "Did you buy that for me?"
Aunt Hailey nodded. "Yeah, I did." she replied. "I thought it would look nice."
Beck took the shirt and tie from Aunt Hailey.
"Mrs. McQuaid! I can't accept this!" he cried with a grin.
"Oh, nonesense, Beck, of course you can. I just hope I got the right size, go and try them on." Aunt Hailey insisted, handing me the dress.

"Aunt Hailey, really, you didn't need to-"
"Just put it on, Kodah." she urged.
I sighed and went back to my room, slipping on the dress. It fit perfectly and didn't look bad, for a dress. I sighed, shaking my head.
This would be the hardest dinner ever.


Beck looked so happy with his shirt and tie and he thanked Aunt Hailey a million times.
I watched from the top of the stairs.
He kept adjusting his tie and thanking her, then adjusting again and thanking again. He was so appreciative of just the simple shirt and tie.
I sighed and looked down at my bright dress, smoothing it with my hands. I had slipped on the sandles I packed since the only other shoes I had were sneakers and my school shoes. I walked quietly down the stairs, Beck still thanking Aunt Hailey.

"Really, Beck, it's fine." Aunt Hailey assured him. "I was happy to do it."

Beck, Aunt Hailey and Uncle Chris turned when they heard me walking down the stairs and Aunt Hailey's face lit up.
"Oh, Cody, you look so pretty!" she cried. I rolled my eyes with a smirk.

"Thanks, aunt Hailey." I said.
"Oh, doesn't she look pretty, Beck?" Aunt Hailey asked, grabbing his arm. Beck nodded with a little smile.

"Yeah, she looks nice." he said, and I couldn't tell if he was being serious or not.
"Alright, everyone get into the car." Aunt Hailey said, clapping her hands. We all walked out and got into the truck. I slumped against the window, wracked with guilt. After about a half an hour we pulled into the parking lot of the fancy hotel. The four of us got out of our cars and headed inside. The closer we got to the doors, the worse I felt about lying. My heart was racing and I was breathing heavily. Everyone was kind of looking at me.

"Cody, are you okay?" Unce Chris asked. "You look sick." I looked at him and forced a smile.

"No, I'm fine." I answered. "Just hungry."
Beck was giving me a look and I knew he knew why I was acting that way. Aunt Hailey took my hand and smiled at me as everyone walked passed us, going inside. Aunt Hailey started to walk, but my body took control and I stopped her.
"Aunt Hailey, I have something to say." I said, before I could even stop and think.
Aunt Hailey glanced at the others then pulled me to the side of the enterance. I folded my arms and sighed, looking around for a second.
Cody, what are you doing? I thought.
Then I convinced myself it was the right thing.
"Aunt Hailey, I lied..." I said finally. "I got detention today and for the next two days because I shoved a few kids and I didn't tell you because I didn't want to get in trouble and I didn't really know what I was going to do about the signature and-"

"Cody." Aunt Hailey interrupted with a smile. "I already know."
I paused.
"You do? Did Beck tell you?" I asked with an eye roll.
"Yeah, he told me after the school called." she answered.
I paused again.
"Oh... They did?" I asked.
Aunt Hailey laughed a little and nodded. She was probably laughing at my shocked and worried face.
"I'm really sorry, Aunt Hailey. I just didn't want you to be all upset."
"Kodah," she said as she pulled me into a hug. "I know why you're here. I didn't expect all your flaws to just go away on the first day. I fully expected you to get detention. Especially at that school."
I frowned.
"And you still wanted to take me out?" I asked.
"Of course! It was still your first day, and you did your work so nicely yesterday." She hugged me again, chuckling a little.
"Why are you sending me to that school anyway?" I asked.
"Because, you deserve a good education, and they're more strict, so you'll learn more values there. Now, come on, let's get inside." She took my hand and escorted me inside, where a waitress showed us to our table.

When I got there I took the seat inbetween Beck and Chris, adjusting my dress as I sat and feeling really strange.
Beck looked at me and whispered, "Did you tell her?"
I nodded and Beck smiled at me, but I didn't smile back.
The waitress came back and gave us four menus, asking what we wanted to drink. Me and Beck ordered Mountain Dew, Uncle Chris ordered a beer and a Pepsi and Aunt Hailey ordered tea and water. The waitress walked away with a grin and I sighed, shifting in my seat.
I was very uncomfortable in my dress and longed for a pair of jeans.
I looked around the restaurant.
It was fancy, but not too bad. There weren't candles on the tables or violinists playing classical music, but there were nice, white table cloths and everyone was dressed nicely. Tasteful art was placed on the wooden walls, accenting the green carpets. Our silverware was wrapped in cloth napkins and the chairs had red velvet on the seat. So, it was fancy enough for art and fancy chairs, but not too fancy so that they didn't have Mountain Dew. Which made me happy... Mountain Dew is the best soda ever made.
I picked up my menu and looked everything over. They weren't too fancy, so they had Mountain Dew, but they were fancy enough to have weird food.
"You get whatever you want, kids, really, don't even look at the prices." Aunt Hailey insisted.
I sighed and checked what they had for meat. My eyes lit up as I came across the section for steak.
I'm so getting the serloin steak. I thought, and I put my menu down right then.
Aunt Hailey smiled at me. "Pick what you want already?" she asked. I nodded.
"Yup." I answered.
Beck put his menu down shortly after me. The waitress came back around soon after and gave all of us our drinks. I actually didn't notice at the time, but Aunt Hailey told me a while later that as soon as me and Beck got our drinks we took a huge gulp at the same time. The Waitress (who I then saw the name tag and realized her name was Anna Sue) smiled at us and asker us what we wanted. So, I ordered my steak and surprise, surprise, Beck said that's what he was planning on getting.
Is he trying to make me think he's cool because he ordered the same thing I did? I thought to myself. Whatever...
I sat back in my chair, I was starving.


I couldn't get out of the dress soon enough. As soon as we got home I rushed up the stairs and tore it off, quicly putting on a baggy shirt and a pair of sweat pants. It was past my "bed time" by the time we got home, so I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face before heading off to bed.
I texted Fiona and my dad good night before snuggling into my blankets and closing my eyes. My first day of school hadn't quite gone as planned, and I had a feeling that the next day wouldn't quite go as planned either. And of course, I was right. I woke up as I had the day before and reluctently began my day. I changed into my school uniform, put my hair up in a pony tail, then trotted down stairs for breakfast.
As I practically inhaled the eggs Aunt Hailey made for me I contimplated what I would do during the day in school. I felt like I had to make my mark. I had to let people know what kind of person I was. I would have to pull some sort of prank, but what?

I thought about this the entire bus ride, even as Laina talked to me. I thought about getting her involved, but decided against it. Pulling a prank on my own was hard enough, I didn't want to feel like I was replacing Fiona.
And she probably wouldn't go along with it anyway. I thought.

As had happened the day before, Beck was surrounded by girls who were giggling and flipping their hair annoyingly. I pushed right past him when the bus came to a stop, heading into the school. I had my plan all figured out. I decided on something a little simpler, but still quite effective. I would remove all the toilet paper rolls in the school. See, a prank like that is always perfect. Not only is it simple because it requires no tools or props, but it if it's done on a mass scale it will have a great effect. If no one in the school can find any toilet paper, then there's a massive problem that needs to be addressed, and someone has to be responsible. But I would have to do it at the right time. So I waited for my first class to start, then asked to be excused to use the bathroom. Mr. Fitcher kindly granted me a hall pass and I was off on my mission.
I emptied my backpack and took it along with me. The girl's rooms were easy enough. I was able to walk in and do what I needed to do. If there was someone in there, I just pretended to use the bathroom or fix my hair, no problem. I just waited for them to leave. But the boy's rooms were tough. I couldn't just walk in. What if there was someone in there? So I would call out before going in, pretending I was looking for someone.

"Is Dan in here?" I asked. A few times someone was inside and responded that there was no Dan. But most of the time no one answered and I was able to walk in. I had to be fast to remove each roll from every bathroom in the school, but it still took me all of English to do it. To stash the toilet paper I couldn't just stick it in my own locker. So I decided to make the prank even better. I peeked into Mrs. Fletcher's office and noticed she wasn't inside. So I made trips back and forth from my locker, tossing the toilet paper into her office. I had pulled a prank like this in 6th grade, throwing the rolls into Ms. Honeycutt's room during lunch. It went off amazing, though I got cought and was given a week's detention.
Uh oh. I thought. I already have detention... What's gonna happen now?
I smiled a little to myself, feeling good to feel myself. I quickly walked to Mr. Fitcher's room to drop off the hall pass.

"You were gone the entire lesson." he said. "The lesson is 45 minutes long." I shook my head.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Fitcher." I said in a sweet voice. "I was having some toilet paper issues." Mr. Fitcher sighed.
"Don't let it happen again, young lady." he warned. I smiled and nodded.
"It wont, I promise." I assured him. I turned back around and left his room. When I entered the hall everyone was looking around all confused. I heard lots of people's conversations.

"It's all gone?"
"There isn't any?"
"Someone must have taken them."
"Are you sure?"
"Who took it?"
"I can't believe there isn't a roll in any bathroom!"
"I heard they're all in Mrs. Fletcher's office."
"They're covering her floor."
"Well I need some!"

I laughed to myself, feeling proud. I leaned against my locker and folded my arms, looking on at my work and feeling proud.

"You seem far too happy for someone who's just found out they can't use the bathroom if they need to." came Beck's voice from beside me. I turned my head to look at him.

"I have a bladder of steal." I explained, looking out at the kids. "I'm fine."
Beck shook his head. "You really are a piece of work." he said, folding his arms. "How did you do it?"
I looked at him again. "Hm?"
"How did you do it?" he asked again. "How did you get every single roll into Mrs. Fletcher's office?"
"Well, I'm sure I have no idea what you mean." I said with a smile. Beck ran his hand through his dark hair and sighed, leaning against the locker beside me.
"You're really gonna get it, Cody." he said. "This school does not take too kindly to stuff like this. You already got three days of detention for being rude to people."
I shook my head and faced Beck, turning my eyebrows up.
"Oh, simple minded little Beck." I said. "Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?" I shrugged my shoulders. "And I have no idea what happened here." I hiked my backpack up higher onto my shoulder and went to walk past Beck. But as I did he grabbed my backpack, making me stop.
"Then why are you walking around with an empty backpack?" he asked.
I paused.
Crap. I thought. I'll have to get this thing in my locker before anyone else notices...
I tugged my backpack out of his hand and decided not to respond to him.

© 2012 Elizabeth Reed

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Elizabeth Reed
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