Who Woulda Guessed?

Who Woulda Guessed?

A Chapter by NeonWolves

   I have alot of scars and cuts..Mostly cuts I prevent them from healing. They cover my legs, two on my left foot from a stressed night that I left my house, one scar that goes up my right hand starting at my knuckles and up to my forearm, five cuts on my left arm and a big messed up X across my shoulder blades that stream down my back. I feel like they make me ugly but also, I wouldn't be me without em. Ya know what I mean? The cut on my side is from accidently gripping myself too hard when I was trying to block out the yelling.

   My family is going through...troubles yet again. My parents are divorced and are convinced the other is the one who 'currupted me.' Yea...sure. My mom got remarried after a few whoring outs and, shocker, now their divorced and I have a baby half brother. My dad finally is engaged but to a total b***h. I would squeel for joy if I saw her dead on my doorstep.

    I live with my dad and the hyena laughing b***h. Our house is always too clean because she is a germaphobe. I enjoy spending my evenings coming home and torturing her by not washing my hands as I step through the doorway so she flips out. She raves about germs and bugs so I grab all her stuff and she goes on a fit. She tries to get my dad to back her up but he is too busy laughing his tattoos off. They always fight too. What's with my parents and fighting?

    If they had any sense of mind, they would find out neither of them really did a big job in 'currupted me' because they both did equally..

© 2011 NeonWolves

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Gaha my parents constantly fight too. I can relate

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

if u are showing truth in this i know how u feel my parents are divorced when they were 2gether they would yell and hit each other and i would git in the way to make them stop.... they didnt always stop..... and they both say that the other made me like i am

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

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