Volleyball B*****S!

Volleyball B*****S!

A Chapter by NeonWolves

   The coach barks orders between calling names and explains what were going to do. Come on. It's volleyball. Split us up, give us a net, a volleyball and pop a helmet on the retards. There ya go, problem solved. We split up and me, Kage and Sky are on the same team. Sweet. I get in the middle, Sky is behind me on the left with Kage on my right. The other people on our team just kinda stare for a minute confused at how all three of us don't exactly seem....capable of sports. Yea, that sounds better then the fact were all scrawny f***s.

   Anyway, I'm bouncing in place and I am pumped. Sky laughs and Kage just grins. With every move I make, a chime follows. I find it amusing actually. The other team stands awkwardly as the coach blows the whistle again telling everyone to start. At the same time, he hits the on button to the big stereo in the cornor for 'motivation'. The other team serves the ball and Sky volleys it just over the net and we all feel just oh, so special. It hits the floor right infront of the short boy in the front and he blinks down at it. Sky grins proudly and I can't help but laugh.

   The boy picks it up and doesn't look like he really knows what to do with it.

"PPPSSTT. Your supposed to hit it like this.." I go through the motions of hitting it and he blinks. I raise an eyebrow and put my hands on my hips.

"Anytime now..."

   The boy nods and jumps a bit, taking a crack at hitting it. It goes lightly in the air, coming back down on his head. Both sides break out laughing and he looks disgruntled. Hehe. I love that word. Disgruntled. A girl on his team huffs and picks up the ball, bending over on purpose because her shorts aren't even shorts. Their more like underwear. I turn to Kage and vomit air. He laughs and the girl whips her head up to try and glare at me. I find it amusing when they try to do that too.

I grin at her. "Yes?"

She mumbles some preppy b***h talk and serves the ball just over the net.

"Congrats! Your worse then Sky!" I move to where the ball would land and volley it back as hard, and perfectly as I can. Another pastime I have is pissing off girls.

   The ball goes over the net towards the farthest line as preppy b***h number 2 squeels and runs out of the way. Our team laughs, rather hard at that, and the girls make those distressed sounds they do when they don't get their way. I high five the guys and grin at her. She picks up the ball and tries to chuck it at me. I catch it about midwaist and grin.

"THAT'S how you want to play, eh?"

Sky's eyes widen. "Zero. Don't."

I turn halfway to him with an innocent look, "But Sky, she wants to play." I practically purr out play as I roll the ball in my hands. Kage watches, grinning, as it incases with smooth ice.

   The girl looks at me and gives me one of those 'What you got' looks. I turn back to the net, raise an eyebrow and start to serve. As I move, the ice half melts and I grin. I love doing this. Oh so much.

   I serve the ball and it lands directly at b***h 1. I smile at her and wait. As she tries to set the ball back, pure ice slaps her hands. She screams and tries to shoo it away but the slightly melted part is at her hands. I put a hand up and flick one finger to the air. The ice refreezes. And her skin is in the way, so it forms over her hand. She screams again and my eyes are wild with grey. I'm going to lose control.

   Sky and Kage are on control duty and move to my sides to watch my eyes and the flailing w***e. The ice sneaks up her arms as my finger moves down the air. The other team players just kind of laugh.  The coach finally can't stand the high pitched screams so she walks over.

"COACH!! THAT B***H JUST TRIED TO KILL ME!!" The ball drops to the ground and her finger shoots towards me.

I raise an eyebrow and so does the coach. "What on earth are you talking about?" His voice booms through the gym, like usual.


"Stop yelling! Please!"

I step forward gracefully, "Coach, I assure you, all I did was volley it. And isn't that kinda the point of volleyball?"

The coach nods because he knows they can't play for their lives. "Alright. Be on your toes if you don't want to get hit. Continue."

   Her face is scrunched up in anger, Kage and Sky sigh in relief and I grin wickedly. I could of gotten in big trouble...if I didn't melt that ice the second the couch stepped foot on our court and had the water evaporate. The school forbids using out powers so I love being able to do hand motions without anyone noticing. I grin more and my eyes dance with grey as I turn my back on the court since it's time to change.

© 2011 NeonWolves

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I'm not sure I understand. Is this high school particularly for people with weird powers? Or just Zero and his *cough* sorry HER friends seem to have them?

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Posted 10 Years Ago

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Omigod loves. Literally can't wait to read everything else you write. SO funny!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

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