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Cursed With A Sprinkle of Love

Cursed With A Sprinkle of Love

A Chapter by NeonWolves

   I get my stuff quick and almost run out the door, trying not to slip on the water. I get to my locker and punch the wall next to it as Kana walks up and blinks.

"Someone seems cranky...'

I look up and sigh, "I'm sorry..I just hate.." I look down and open my locker slowly.

"What's wrong Zero?" She tilts her had and looks at me worried.

"I hate this.." I grab my locker door and it almost immediatly get incases in jagged and sharp ice. My eyes darken as I let go, looking back at one of my best friends. The ice drops into a pool of water under our feet.

"I-I'm sorry. I gues you just have to try and embrace it. It's your girft." She hugs me tight and smiles, "Your very good with it."

I smile back a bit and hug back tight. "Thanks Kana. I loves you."

She smiles again and giggles. "I loves ya too."

   Kana is one of the only girls in our grade I can really stand. She's the one who talks to animals. That damned bell rings and I growl. Gym.

Kana jumps, "I gotta go! Seeya after school, Zero!" I nod and she goes off to her class.

I put my stuff away and close my locker. I walk away slowly and I hear someone yell.

"ZERRROOOOOO!" Not long after the voice jumps on my back then bounces to my side. It's Kage.

"Someone's happy today.." I grumble and run a hand through my hair to straighten it out.

He grins wide, "I guess yea. Ready for gym??"

"Ready as I'll ever be I guess." I sigh.

   We get to the locker room doors and part ways. I walk in the one that reads 'Girls' and open my gym locker. I change quickly from my jeans to long, red basketball shorts. I put my cellular device in my pocket and dont bother taking off my collar or bracelets. As I walk into the gym, my face lights up. Yes. Volleyball.

   I look past the nets and the baskets filled with volleyballs to see Kage and Sky. Sky is another one of my close friends I failed to mention in my big rant of friends. He has the magic ability to put up with me in large amounts of time. Oh yea, and he can bend his bones to come out like armor and such without losing his skeletal frame. Forgot to mention that too.

   Sky waves and Kage motions for me to come over. It's kinda hard to miss his neon green skater hair. I smile and nod at them as I walk up.

"Someone seems a bit more cheery." Kage grins and pats my head.

"It's volleyball. Of course I'm cheery, It IS my favorite gym thingy.'' I brush some bangs from my eyes and my collar chimes a bit.

Sky pokes my side that way that makes you twitch and I jump. He grins a bit, 'What are ya doin after that last, what do you call it..." He throws up air qoutes, "'evil red f****r' rings?" His grin widens and Kage laughs.

My grin broadens too, "I dunno. Most likely just gonna hang with Jayce"

They both nod, "What are you guys even gonna do?" Kage asks, tilting his head slightly.

Sky scratches his dark bronw hair. "Yea. What will you do? This town is so...blah."

I shrug and the coach blows his whistle for us all to line up for attendance. Now that I think about it..what are we really gonna do?

© 2011 NeonWolves

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So. Not going to lie. I thought Zero was a guy up until this chapter. And now I'm a bit disappointed

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

its cool

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

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