chapter four

chapter four

A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Chapter Four



Charcley dumped Mercer down against a tree, hidden from the town’s view. Forests around Rivendor were thick because the town was near the heart of Stailleon.

“Was all that really necessary?” Mercer asked, standing up.

“Yes” Charcley laughed.

“Are you sure everyone’s going to think I’m dead?”


“Why did you have to make up that story about me killing people?”

“So that they would be happy that they killed you”

Mercer stopped asking questions and thought about being dead. He concluded that he didn’t feel any different and it was only to other people that he was dead.

Charcley looked up at the sky, “We really need to get a move on, it’s already past noon and it’s a long ride to Cenred’s hut”

Charcley stuck a hand into one of her pockets thoughtfully feeling the amount of gold she had, “Maybe we could speed it up by-“

She froze and withdrew her hand “Mercer?”

“Yes?” He asked.

“You wouldn’t happen to happen to know where my gold is, would you?” she said slowly

“Honestly? You think I pickpocketed you?” Mercer laughed, “Did you think you could be in a town at the heart of Stailleon and not get pickpocketed?”

Charcley laughed, getting a new idea, “Your right,” she said and grinned mischievously “have you ever stolen a horse before?”

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Dark Butterfly
Dark Butterfly

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