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A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Official Hadean writes a letter to his sister on Earth.




The Elo Game Begins


Caitlin LeBegue







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Dear Halea,


    How long has it been now, since we landed on Aregeon? Since Earth’s ecosystems crumbled? Since the Milky Way was all but destroyed? Thirteen years? It seems like so much longer. Why did you have to stay with that suicidal group of yours? You can’t save Earth! It’s gone, and it’s Victor Elo’s fault!

 Aregeon is so much different from Earth, there is almost no comparison. The years here consist of only twenty-six days and the days are as long as four days are back on Earth. Winter, spring, summer, and fall all pass in one Aregeon day. The dates are hard to understand, much more so to write; the day is represented by one of our twenty-six letter followed by this mark:~ and an a, b, c, or d to represent which season was passing in the day, then the number of trils from when we left Earth and how many years have passed in that tril.

The seasons change so quickly because of the four small stars that circle this planet, the one known as A is the hottest and the weakest is known as C. The one standing for fall is B and spring is D.

Age works the same though. Instead of saying however many years old you are one would say however many trils. A tril is a period of three Aregeon years and the equivalent of one earth year.

This planet is perfectly rounded like earth but there is no water. The native humans get their water from tablets of solidified moisture of Aregeon’s air that never condenses; it’s always there drifting about in the wind.

There are merely two settled cities on Aregeon, you know how few had the chance to escape on those megaships. The first and largest is where everyone lives and works, isolated from the world.

 The second is like a children’s boot camp; Elo has this insane theory that those born on Aregeon or having been very young upon arrival have a better chance of finding ways for humanity to adapt and survive the environment. He brain washed children’s parents into thinking it’s what is best for them and has over a thousand kids 16 or under in his ‘academy’ where he has his officials train them to the extreme, mentally and physically.

Every year he carts of a group of them and puts them through a series of vigorous test that he calls ‘the Elo game’ to try to find some capable of carrying out his dirty work.

He has yet to find the right group.

I know you wanted to stay on Earth, Halea, but I want you to be here, to help me. Your my big sister, I need you, and I have no idea if you’ll get this letter or any of the others I sent to you through the many attempted rescue missions Elo has sent to Earth.

                                            Your brother,


                                   Official of Victor Elo

© 2012 Dark Butterfly

Author's Note

Dark Butterfly
i love my big fonts lol

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You have a great imagination! Good job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

whoa!!!!!!!!!!!! epicness, this is excellent. Interesting.

Posted 8 Years Ago

where you get your ideas i don't know, but....you have a wonderful mind, full of terrific ideas and fantasy....wonderful!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

thanks so much! it really means allot to me!
Oh my God... Earth dies, people evacuate the planet and settle another. Crazy person takes control and throws up a dystopian society. I FREAKING LOVE IT. I am a huge sci fi fan and love reading what people can create. I would love to hear more of this place. Are the animals different, I guess they would have to be, are there any natives? How old is the planet? How far is it from Earth? So many questions... 0.O Write more please.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

you have no idea how happy this comment (and all the others) make me feel!
okay ummm ive been.. read more
I loved the big font too...haha. inspiring work and I can see you put a lot of effort to tell us more about Aregeon. Still, I enjoyed reading it. Write on!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

thanks so much, J. write!
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Dark Butterfly, I am intrigued by the picture you're painting here, the first paragraph set the scene nicely and immediately put me in the right frame of mind, but reading on it felt like a lot of information all at once. Perhaps there is a way to simply allude to teasers for some of this info, just give us a little bit at first - what we need to be carried along in the beginning before telling us all of the differences between Earth and Aregeon, right now it feels more like you're listing what it is you want us to know instead of having it come to life perhaps through some character interaction or some flashbacks...that said I think you're doing an amazing job and your writing is clear, I wish I'd had the courage to share my work when I was your age!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

thanks so much!
yeah, i did cram alot of info in there, i wanted to get the back ground out of.. read more
my formatting messed up at the first part where the date is and where his name is, please ignore that

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Dark Butterfly
Dark Butterfly

home sweet home, SC

Im thirteen, ive been writing since i can remember but ive just recently gotten verry serious about my novels. I can be a really fun person to be around or a verry quiet, serious person. I work best b.. more..


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