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A Chapter by Dark Butterfly

Halo couldn’t help but smile at her determination, Lelo and Lalo -a personal friend of his- had allot in common; their determination, sense of humor, easy-going temperament, and the color blue(they were both partial to it, Lelo loving light blue and Lalo loving dark blue).

Lelo played with the little glowing metal ball that was lodged in the corner of four tiles. These lights were stuck in indents of the four-way intersections all over the room, each casting a dim yellowy light over whoever it was near, filling the room with the illusion of starlight.

Halo’s younger brother Relo came in through the open archway to his left and sat down in mid-air between the two of them.

“Hi Relo!” Lelo said a little too loudly.

“Hey bro” Halo said, wishing someone his own age would join them.

“Hey!” Relo replied to both of them. Relo was thirteen trils with shiny purple hair and purple eyes that usually got him teased because purple was widely considered a girly color. Halo thought that was weird because girls never got teased for having hair that was green or orange or red.

“Hey there’s Colo” Relo said to Halo pointing out a girl covered in hot pink. Colo was not just Lalo’s best friend; she was everyone’s best friend, but aside from for halo and Relo her temper was very short, and fielders learned to watch what they said around her, less their social status be squandered.

“Hey! Colo! Over here!” Halo called.

Colo turned and saw them. She leaped up from where she was sitting in-between a girl with black and purple striped hair and a girl with emerald green hair and dashed over to them. The Girl with green hair twisted around and scowled at Halo for steeling away Colo.

“Hey! Oh mah Gowsh I was looking all over for you guys, have you seen Lalo?” the hyper-active hot-pink fourteen tril-old girl asked in a rush squeezing between Halo and Relo.

“Hey Colo! I was just about to ask you the same thing!” Lelo answered for him.

“Hi Colo!” Relo said.

“Yay! My armrest!” Colo said to Relo, who was a tril younger and a full head shorter, and rested her arm on his head.

All four laughed at their on-running inside joke.

Colo was tall and elegant; her thick straight hot-pink hair cascaded over her slim shoulders. Her lips were a bright sparkly pink, her eyes matched her hair, and somehow she had worked little shinning crystals into her extremely long luxurious eye lashes. She wore a V-necked sparkly pink dress that ended in a layer of ruffles just above tennis shoe-boots similar to Lelo’s.

“Weren’t you all-mint-green yesterday?” Relo asked, he had only met Colo a few weeks ago and wasn’t used to her constant changes yet.

“Yes, but it just wasn’t me, but I think the hot-pink look is a keeper” Colo replied evenly, which is exactly what she had said about the mint green the previous day.

“Hot pink for hot girls right?” Lelo chimed, “maybe I should tell Lalo to go all pink” Lelo had a thing where she always thought her older sister was prettier, smarter, nicer, and more popular than her, but Lelo was never jealous, she was happy for her stunning older sister.

© 2012 Dark Butterfly

Author's Note

Dark Butterfly
i based lelo and lalo after me and my sister, but my sister has nothing near my level of awesomeness when it comes to writing lol(im not even that good so she is rully bad)

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an upbeat and delightful write. well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

lol i love how all your characters use exclamation points alot. continue this it's good!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

lol thanks
okay so Halo is the center piece of the day/chapter [email protected]~3, you guys can vote on who is the main character of the next chapter as a commen t on this!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love how you use colours to get the imagery across and even define the characters to some extent...having an affinity for blue myself, I was immersed in this piece from the first paragraph onwards lol

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

No problem :)
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I like the creativity and your ability to create your own language and vocab ("tril"). I used to enjoy creative writing in this more phantasmal style. Enjoy your imagination, and keep up the good work.


Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Butterfly

8 Years Ago

thanks so much!

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Dark Butterfly

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