Cry for Help

Cry for Help

A Poem by AaronFreitas

Here is something I wrote about 8 years ago... originally written to be a song back in the day but made a few adjustments to share.


Nothing but my shadow staring back at me

I walk alone down these empty streets

A child nearby asks for change

To buy his fix, what a f*****g shame


Down the street… a w***e for sale

Searching for love, you couldn’t tell

Sex for crack is her way of life

Life’s clock is ticking waiting for her to die


And no one cares enough to try

To solve these problems which suffocate life


A thieving bum worn to his destined domicile

Begs for forgiveness, yet lives in denial

No room for him in our over populated jails

He’s left to slowly descend into hell


A mother walks this forlorn street

Disappointed and crumbled in defeat

And even though she tries to hide her pain

You hear her cries bleed out in vain


And no one cares enough to try

To solve these problems which suffocate life


Destructive behavior that will never be fixed

To these evil streets you are affixed

You take everything for granted like you do

What would you do if it happened to you?

© 2015 AaronFreitas

Author's Note

Please share your thoughts :)

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It's a great write, about something we either change, or better get.used to it.
Since not everyone wants to do anything, other than point fingers, and wait for someone else to do something... I don't know what to do. let's not forget, that nothing, and no one forced these people to do what they do. (other than the prostitutes).
Whatever they go through, is just a simple consequence of their choices, and actions. Though i think we would need to help them. But then again, you, or i cannot do much on our own.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

You make a good point... in all honesty without a boatload of money the only things we really can do.. read more
Dani The Unreviewed

5 Years Ago

you're welcome. :)
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I for one know addiction first hand and so much other problem in my society in my town. to know life is to understand living people.

Posted 4 Years Ago

This. Is. F*****g. Amazing.
How can I express how this piece made me feel?
You approached every taboo stereotype there really is. You ask the question, I think most of ask, Why doesn't anyone do anything about this? Why do we suffocate the cries, pleas, and needs of those not as privileged as we?
It evoked feelings, I haven't felt in a while, all the while being this sorrowful, yet beautiful piece of art.
You are a genius, my dear friend.

Posted 4 Years Ago

I use to be homeless, and it was very hard to deal with. Many people were not kind...and many terrible things happened. It' s sad that the world is being pulled apart at the seams. I just keep praying things will get better. Thanks,for the read.Look forward to reading more. Eva

Posted 4 Years Ago

Very moving and emotional write.
Quite an eye opener and very REAL once again.
I love how you write so honestly, in that way you remind me of myself.
Amazing rhyme scheme you have going on here, pretty perfect.
This is so true some people have it so so hard, allot of us have it tons better then others, yet no one is happy, everyone complains.
Noone ever really takes the time to be greatful for what we do have.
Pretty inspiring poem.
Loved it.
Keep on writing as you are quite talented.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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" Nothing but my shadow staring back at me
I walk alone down these empty streets" immediately brought up iron maidens song "fear of the dark " then I've read some truth in this one. Enjoyed it. well penned.

Posted 5 Years Ago

A thought provoking piece Aaron. You describe the reality for the many at the margins who the politicians wish to 'air brush' out and whom we all want to feel less guilt and responsibility about.

Posted 5 Years Ago

I feel like we always seem to quickly criticize these types of people untile we end up like them...I believe destructive behavior is more than able to be fixed if we had the correct types of resources. It's sad that we pass people like this on a daily basis & just turn the other cheek. In a way, we ALL need a certain kind of help in this world, be in financially or mentally. We all have our own struggles that we go through & it's only up to us to fix them. We grow up to depend on ourselves, we can't depend on others to help us live, we must pay our own bills & stuff. We can't afford to be selfish throughout our entire lives,..

Posted 5 Years Ago

the best i could do would be trust in GODS direction of my life'
and keep hoping that he would love and care for my soul

Posted 5 Years Ago

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These 'streets' remind me of an old album title by Sweet, "Desolation Boulevard." Most of these street people have no one (family?) willing or able to help them; those lost in drug-induced loneliness have mostly lost hope and are resigned to supporting their habits and are counting the days till death takes them. There are some social programs who reach out to help but they only have the resources to help the tip of the iceberg. But most people see this as a self-inflicted problem and those lost souls deserve what they have.
A very sad and powerful write, Aaron. Well done. take care...dan

Posted 5 Years Ago

this is a very raw and sad view of the realities some people unfortunately face

Posted 5 Years Ago

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I love to write, most my work tends to be on the darker side. I write from my heart and tend not to mess with it too much. I guess sometimes I write and post without focusing on what everyone else w.. more..

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