July 14th 2013

July 14th 2013

A Chapter by dw817

Anyways the singing consisted of two girls, two guys, one guy dressed up country, and an average fellow, but MAN could he sing well and LOUD, he really put his heart into it, he was kinna cute too !


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Rose as you know (or should) comes to visit me once every 3-weeks from Arlington. We watched Iron Man 3, Despicable Me 2, and that new Superman movie and they were all awesome !

If you haven't seen the new Superman movie, you oughta cause it's right up there with that Avengers from 2012.

Anyways, we did some shopping, bought over $100 of groceries, mostly stuff she could take home and stuff I could heat up without the stove as I only cook with the microwave and then she headed out Sunday evening.

I then called up Chris and we got together. And it was raining pretty good outside but it was pleasant - very nice to break up the over 100 degree heat days we've been having.

We went on over to Del Taco for a late dinner, then headed on over to his Dad's place. He said the computer there was giving trouble.

I messed for a bit on the electronic keyboard he has, trying to remember some songs I wrote years ago. Anyways, it was a Windows Vista and apparently had a hardware error. He asked if I could get a system disk put together for him, I said I think I can as I'm pretty good about finding files on the Internet.

Well, his Dad called then and said he wanted some chicken soup so Chris made some, then we went to visit him at the nursing home (he is out of the hospital thank goodness). Arrived, heated up the soup there at the cafeteria microwave, then gave him the soup, talked for a bit then headed out.

I told Chris I'd like to do something afores we headed back so he asked what. I said how about a night club ?

He said that would be fine and suggested Reflections, that nice downtown nightclub near where Magnolia Station used to be, but they are full of laser lights and loud good music, like Lady Gaga. I smiled that would be really nice. He said don't get your hopes up, there may not be too many people there cause of the rain.

Well, if we thought the rain was keeping the people away we were WRONG, the place was filled with people all over ! The music was loud, Chris already had his foam earplugs in place. Me - I like music, loud or otherwise so I never wear them.

Anyways the Karaoke consisted of two girls, two guys, one guy all dressed up country, and an average fellow, really a lot like me but MAN could he sing well and LOUD, he really put his heart into it, and he was kinna cute too !

The country guy sang sorta like Kirk does, where it's notta tune and he just says stuff. There was one called Convoy I think and it was a neat story about all these trucks trying to avoid running into the police cause they were overweight or something and he spoke in the microphone like it was a CB, it was a pretty neat effect he did with that.

Then two girls sang country songs as a duet, really pretty, and then it was two guys. Both kinna danced, one did break dancing, did a backflip and twirled around and stuff and me and Chris just grinned at the whole show.

And Chris took a photo of me having my drink.

Anyways Chris treated me to more Cola with lime and he got more rum. After 3-glasses for each of us it was just before midnight and he wanted to head out. So wee went on over to Albertson's close to where I live, I got some candy, him a bit of soda, then got home and said he was gonna see his Dad again tomorrow.

I got in, took my meds, watched a few episodes of Gumball, then finally headed in for bed - at 1am !

And that was my weekend adventure this time around !

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How was your weekend ?

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nice description of your weekend adventure.....

best wishes

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

you are welcome :)

7 Years Ago

Real photos I mean instead of clipart. Sometimes my brain goes faster than my text. :7

7 Years Ago

:) i got it

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