October 24 2013

October 24 2013

A Chapter by dw817

Seems like everyone is getting into the spirit of Halloween this year, right ? Well, this won't just cover some photos I took at the Halloween Store me and Chris went to, but some other things too.


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Seems like everyone is getting into the spirit of Halloween this year, right ? Well, this won't just cover some photos I took at the Halloween Store me and Chris went to, but some other things too. I sometimes take a lot of pictures with my camera and forget all about them.

So to start off with, I thought I would share with you one of the most delicious soups I have ever come across. It is called Tayho Miễn Thịt Băm and it is absolutely awesome ! My sister introduced me to it last Christmas and if you want a good HOT flavorful soup this winter, then this is the one to get !

As you can see it's not your run-of-the-mill ramen noodles but comes with quite a few things. A powdered flavor packet, dried vegetables, liquid and mashed onion, and a big silver pack of ground meat.

Once you get all the ingredients mixed in, you nuke it in the microwave. I do about 3-minutes as I like to have everything thoroughly cooked. Then I let it sit in the microwave for a good half-hour so the noodles can soak up all the flavor.

You do all that and it's time for lunch ! Yep, it even comes with a SPORK. The bowls are nifty too and you can keep and collect and use them for other things.

Last time Rose visited we were waiting for the bus at the depot and the birds sure looked hungry. Rose had some crackers and gave it to them. MY, were they happy to get that !

Once she saw I was taking pictures, she gave me a nice smile and profile. I told her this week I'll bring some crushed up Nilla Wafers, two bags worth so we can both feed them.

These are some tame birds ! I got down at ground level to take this shot. I think they're gonna flip when we see them next time. Nilla Wafers should taste a lot better than regular old crackers, and I'll take more photos then.

Well with that I think we are about ready for the Halloween Store ! Me and Chris went there last time and they had all kinds of interesting things. This fellow was near the entrance, clearly a nice way of giving out Halloween candy to party guests.

Right at the front was this amazing booth. In it was a grand Madame and she would read your fortune. What was cool (and I didn't photo it), she has a nice normal looking face. But when you press the button for your fortune, it whirls around to show a new head and she cackles wickedly at you.

Neat stuff ! It was $220. I really wanted it ! But thinking about it I realized after the first 30-minutes I would get bored with it, especially since I don't hold parties in my home so - no - I guess not. I'm kind of an impulsive buyer and I have to watch that sometimes.

All kinds of creepy figures you can buy.

These were electric jumping spiders. They sense movement and then jump making a scary rasping sound like an insect.

Whoo ! Just like that !

Annt who vouldn't vant to be GRU ? He is soch a heendsom feelow !

Will you read us a bedtime story ?
Pretty please ?
The pheesical appeadance oof the 'please' meex no difforans.

Yep, you can't have Halloween (or really any Holiday) without some little insane little figure that shakes, sings, dances, walks, rolls, or glows. This particular one glowed different colors. Neat stuff !

Creepy skeletons ! Take your pick.

A large jumping spider ! This one was on the ground and like the other, sensed movement and then pounced !

WOW ! This was a NEAT laser gun ! Well yah except they totally ripped the sound effect of the Klingon Phasor from TOS Star Trek. A real trekkie would know this from the sound it made. Anyways, it had spinning lights, and animated circles and all kindsa stuff that made it look like something from a modern sci-fi movie.

However I already have a BIG gun in my closet that's several feet long that makes a whole bunch of laser sound effects - maybe I'll show you some time, well - anyways - so - I didn't need it - but I sure did want it.

Scary masks ? UBetcha. Pick whichever one you want. Not sure what that one with the eyebrows and red nightcap is. A sleepy Mario ?

And yes, Halloween also gives girls a chance to dress up in cute and provocative costumes. None would be complete without the classic Alice In Wonderland. No complaints from me !

This one looked rather interesting. Perhaps inspired from Katy Perry's California Gurls where she and her friends dress up like candy.

And, it's time to leave. But not before seeing this grim fellow on the way out.

As you know, I also got myself a one terabyte drive recently. Yah I work with lots of data. Anyways a fellow working at Best Buy was showing it to me. He lifted it out so I took a photo so I would remember the make and model later.

And, that was the one I chose. Here I am back home and you can see it is quite a bit smaller than the packaging. I think they make big boxes on expensive things so you have a greater feeling of worth for them.

I'm finding it so useful (and I've already filled it up 25% so far) that I'm gonna buy another, but maybe put a sticker or something on my first one so I don't get the two mixed up.

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