Chapter two.

Chapter two.

A Chapter by Brittt

really intresting chapter.

Kylie came home a few hours later with Ryan and Haleigh didnt look to happy. "we are going upstairs. bye." Kylie said and took him upstairs to watch a movie. "so what do you want to watch?" Kylie asked. Ryan turned her around so kylie was facing him. "how about you in the shower?" Ryan teased. Kylie giggled and moved closer to him. Ryan leaned in and kissed her lightly. Kylie smiled and kisssed him back. Then Kylie sat down and Ryan sat down next to her. Ryan moved closer to her and started to kiss her neck. Kaylie moved so she was on his lap and pressed her lips against his. Ryan began to kiss her back wtih a lot of force.  Eventually they pulled away and Kylie moved back so she was next to him and curled up next to him. Ryan held her close and they eventually fell asleep. They woke up the next morning to haleigh screaming at them. "what the f**k?" Kylie mumbled still half asleep. "you f*****g slept with him?" Haleigh screamed. "what the f**k? me and Ryan didnt do s**t. we just fell asleep watching a movie. not that big of a deal." Kylie said now wide awake. "you dont f*****g understand though." Haleigh said. "i dont understand? your the one over reacting over cuddling." Kylie said getting up and going over to her closet to get something to wear. Ryan was just sitting there of unsure what to do. "honestly kylie, your a f*****g w***e." Haleigh said and walked out of the room. Kylie collapsed on her bed and started crying. that comment really hit hard and she didnt do anything. "aww babygurl, its alright. im here and thats all that matters." Ryan whispered holding her close. "but shes like my best friend and she overreacted for no reason." Kylie whispered shaking with sobs. "well maybe she's just overprotective of you and doesnt wanna see you hurt." Ryan said. "i know but your not gonna hurt me." Kylie said. "id never hurt you and thats a promise. I will always be here when you need me." Ryan said. Kyle smiled through her tears and leaned in and kissed ryan. "come on babygurl, lets go for a walk." Ryan said. Kylie stood up and they went downstairs. Haleigh was watching dear john. "wanna take my fourwheeler out?" Kylie asked Ryan. "sure." Ryan said. Kylie got dressed in her fox outfit and let ryan borrow some of her clothes that belonged to her brother. Ryan came out a few mins later. "hey you look sexy." Kylie said with a smile. "not as sexy as you." Ryan said with a smirk kissing her. Kylie giggled and they got on hr four wheeler and took offf.

© 2010 Brittt

Author's Note

kinda short. sorry.

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Added on August 27, 2010
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